We are smol bean with DANGEROUS GOO! - It Takes Two
It takes two to shoot the goo! Woohoo!

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  • Christian Work
    Christian Work

    I hope they continue this game

  • ZefkaTerran


  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice

    Another dead series... :(

  • Doktor Vem
    Doktor Vem

    Welp, I guess rip this series. I really liked this one, aswell :c

  • HunterBoi40

    Do moreeeee

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • ♡PotatoDrawz♡

    Anybody else see the hashtags and see " #gagaforgoogoogrumps "

  • firefist x
    firefist x

    ImGine buying a oid this game for their 2nd christmas

  • Liz Kratky
    Liz Kratky

    1:31 intro

  • ExtremeManner

    Dan consistently claiming that they're both clay, and Arin correcting him every time with increasing levels of exasperation is one of my favorite little bit from this

  • Lizzie Smith
    Lizzie Smith

    I love watching you guys play this!!!!

  • Infernis Inferno
    Infernis Inferno

    Danny Sprint

  • Hunter Hagen
    Hunter Hagen

    I can’t wait until they meet the princess elephant

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    The fact people care to much about how many likes they get on social media is depressing. It shouldn't matter how many people like your stupid photo, put your freaking phone down and go outside

  • Tracy Ski
    Tracy Ski

    EDITOR: Stop with the "previously on" and NUMBER THE EPISODES!!!

    • Kailyn P
      Kailyn P


  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    20:12 "what a sizzler" MEMORIIIIIIEEEES

  • Akhil Madhunlall
    Akhil Madhunlall

    Do they finish this game or is it still on going?

  • Connor Compeau
    Connor Compeau

    They really forgot about the “first few minutes” of UZmilk rule where there’s no swearing

  • Rabbit Photo
    Rabbit Photo

    Day 1 on asking to change the Last time on game grumps intro

  • Martin

    "Goof troop, and we'll always stick together!" oh that takes me back

  • LeeTbeats

    Their playlist is missing this episode and it's also out of order and I don't know which order bc none of the episodes are numbered and youtube removed the upload dates on the descriptions. It's so hard to watch Game Grumps these days

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Explodin' the goo

  • T. W. MacKay
    T. W. MacKay

    3:48 It DOES LOOK like the Great Henge!

  • TheUberDork

    Day number 69,420 of Dan being completely lost in a video game: “Lost sight of Arin for 1 second, may not reach the summit, all hope is lost. We’ll never-Oh, hi Arin! Want me to shoot my goo?”

  • Travis McClellan
    Travis McClellan

    My god Dan, put down the literary classics and pick up a fuckin controller every once in a while.

  • Princess Kenny
    Princess Kenny

    3:07 my imagination goes wild 🤤

  • Brea Reilly
    Brea Reilly

    Keep playing this game! It's so fun to watch and it's absolutely adorable listening to the two of you play together. You have to finish it. We beg you.

  • Coolidge Dollar
    Coolidge Dollar

    No matter their age or how many UK viewers they have, it seems no American entertainers can resist doing terrible British accents.

  • LuckySnowy441

    4:26 Does anyone else think about Ratchet & Clank when they grind the rails? Or am I the only one?

  • RoseofSharon

    The mechanics of this reminds me of Portal 2, except no messing around with space/time and potential vertigo for Dan.

  • Trevor Hay
    Trevor Hay

    Mr book guy voiced by cheech marin 👍🏻

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H

    “They’ll rip your legs off and eat em!” In the insect world says Dan, while I’ve flashed back to Bobs fate in the walking dead 😰💀

  • Ryan Moser
    Ryan Moser

    "You got auto aim?" Dan asked incredulously, as his goo-gun locked on automatically.

  • MayaPearance _
    MayaPearance _

    If there are multiple endings I think they're gonna get the one where they stay married. I'd like to see one end in divorce

  • Samuel May-bird
    Samuel May-bird


  • Michael Hairston
    Michael Hairston

    Ohh-- GOO ON MY BEES--FuuuAAAA

  • Michael Hairston
    Michael Hairston

    No I'M the videogame boy

  • Kit Mountaincat
    Kit Mountaincat

    Anything sounds terrible out of context, even talking about being wet, as in it was raining outside not the other context.

  • Edwin Levi
    Edwin Levi

    Dan was extra boomer-y today

  • Edwin Levi
    Edwin Levi

    I think Dan would have more luck if he didn’t constantly aim his camera at the floor

  • Jayde Coler
    Jayde Coler

    Daniel….why would you steer INTO the twisters?

  • Jayde Coler
    Jayde Coler

    I love how Arin thinks he can “win” the picture thing somehow…

  • James Keeley
    James Keeley

    I'm all here for this series but oh boy are Arin's impressions of May grinding at me

  • Alexandra

    I'm new goo goofin'

  • Micah Revenant
    Micah Revenant

    The robobee voice actor sounds like he recorded his lines in front of a rotating box fan, and was like, "Yeah, this sounds good."

  • Vinny Gothika
    Vinny Gothika

    You are so right Dan, social media really is a revolting plague

  • r3ckl3ss_sk8r

    I’m sorry arin but Disney quest is no longer an attraction if you can even call it that 🤷‍♂️ 😅

  • connor parisou
    connor parisou

    Dan: "I think we just have to run past these nests" Arin: *runs past and gets to next area* Dan: *sits there in same spot, goos up the nest* Dan: "alright! I gooed it up for you!" Arin: *already in the next area because DAN SAID "I THINK WE HAVE TO RUN PAST THEM"*

  • Tatsumaki7

    Man, I was so hype for a second arm wrestling match aka tug of war match in this game. Dan should have gone for it

  • Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera

    16:14 Omfg the wasps are Daleks from Doctor Who. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TJ Swanson
    TJ Swanson

    "oh god that might be the robot" -Dan every time he sees a new enemy

  • Rob DG
    Rob DG


  • Not Really Here
    Not Really Here

    It always takes me by surprise whenever I get another reminder of just how bad these guys are at video games? I know the draw of their videos is their dynamic and interactions, not their “pro-skills” or whatever, but I can’t help but think, even if it isn’t their selling point, that they should’ve gotten at least average at it if this is their job after all.

    • Not Really Here
      Not Really Here

      That and their weird confidence that they are, in fact, “better than your average jackass off the street”

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    Dan, going straight for the tornado "Yea man these turn with you" lol, it's fine either way but it's funny

  • Man1cK3aTon

    28:52 Dan: Oh my god, they’re turning right into us. **clearly turned into each one**

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    Man, it's astounding how many times they can fail to recognize a puzzle that boils down to "shoot the yellow thing" every single time.

  • Szkud

    11:00 now we know how easy it would be to break into Arin's house

  • Nyra Gaia
    Nyra Gaia

    Awww they got rid of the little Grump heads in the corner, they were so cute!

  • my boi dat logic doh
    my boi dat logic doh

    Wait eviscerate you mean evaporate? where have I heared this before?🌝 Super mario galaxy

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S

    Please don't do games like this with Dan again. Ruining the videos by refusing to pay attention then like a child refuses to play minigames. It was entertaining for 10 seconds and is now awful and ruins the videos.

  • The West
    The West

    anyone else think may is too good for cody?

  • Top 10 Wizard
    Top 10 Wizard

    I love bugs, but I kinda also love how goofy it is when the bee larvae explode into big goopy green mess. And the cavern river tunnel is a beautiful thing. And those rock paintings are nice too.

  • bagamingshow

    ...why are there jellyfish?

  • dokiizutea

    Those jellyfish look like moon jellies which actually arent dangerous and are very cute.

  • GreenIzzy

    I'm so sad Dan didn't want to do the Tug of War properly because the arm wresting was one of the best moments of A Way Out and I love those drawn out competitive moments

  • supernumary

    Don't act like I didn't hear that Magic reference, Arin.

  • Unmei

    28:12 I really hope Dan never goes on tour in Kansas. He's going to drive the bus straight into a tornado and not understand why he killed everyone.

  • ScratchyKay

    If you guys want to co-op so badly, you should finish Secret of Mana already!

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung

    "Did the light, like, inspire them into luminescence?" Arin, you're talking dolls, cursed by a magic book, wielding squirrel technology to defeat a squirrel in a robot suit - we're WAY past the 'does that really make sense' stage :P

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung

    How do games like this and A Way Out work when there's only one player? Does a bot just go through the motions, or does it require 2 people to even play?

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung

    30:32 - That moment of "Wow, if we weren't hurrying back to finalize our divorce, this would be rather romantic!"

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung

    29:53 - "If we die, I still don't love you!" Same energy as "I'll never get the chance to tell him that it isn't working!"

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung

    Dan and Arin as an animated married couple for It Takes Two would be amazing. Arin going "Left, LEFT" and Dan shooting Goo into the water, going "Would you just let me drive?!"

  • Javier Ruiz
    Javier Ruiz

    The shielded wasp fight gave me flashbacks of the dead rising motorcycle boss with the molotovs

  • VikzeLink

    No Dan, that is indeed a Football

  • Eric Forsyth
    Eric Forsyth

    Dan, going straight for the tornadoes: "We're getting sucked in" "This is really hard to avoid!"

  • Eric Forsyth
    Eric Forsyth

    Stop your accent shaming, Arin, lmao. Like yours is so attractive! 😉

  • NervousNugg

    why havent they come up with ''it takes GOO'' when will their comedy reach even more elite

  • Twitchy B
    Twitchy B

    Wasps are pollinators and they eat pest insects, so it’s not a bad thing to see wasps in your garden. But why do they have to be such assholes about it?

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • DG _E
    DG _E

    I can’t wait until dan and arin have to kill each other (in game) but in the court of divorce rather than on the roof of a factory or something.

  • SykesReborn

    Shootin Goopies!

  • The Primary Antagonist
    The Primary Antagonist

    dan really is 70, huh

  • Phasomyr

    Dan... You are awful at video games...

  • Tobias Nilsson
    Tobias Nilsson

    I get absolutely livid watching Dan not seeing what he's supposed to do, and I dont know why.

  • Phasomyr

    I get that you don't like taught forearms Dan, but you're doing a show. You could stand to put yourself out just a little bit for the sake of the viewers. I was really looking forward to a part 2 of the 'A Way Out,' arm wrestle. I Love You man but that really rubbed me wrong.

  • Peters Voeuth
    Peters Voeuth

    Dan references MGMT. It almost sounded like you regretted saying it too. 😆

  • SelLillianna's Games
    SelLillianna's Games

    I know he's being comedic and all but seriously, shooting tree sap into water isn't pollution unless it's in large amounts. If anything some tree sap in water is probably good.

  • BPViridian

    This episode triggers my apiphobia. So much for sleeping xD

  • XANApwns

    6:00 Ahhh, the vault! Celebrated everywhere for its vaultiness

  • Eva Lange
    Eva Lange

    Dan's boomer card is showing

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina

    Hey! Can you guys start numbers your episodes again. Please.

  • Brigid Flynn
    Brigid Flynn

    11:00 miiiight wanna edit that one out fam....

  • Ryan Starkweather
    Ryan Starkweather


  • AlterationA

    Arin casually name dropping a 50 dollar card

  • Samanthula

    Man. All these little tidbits of misunderstandings and misplaced blame that, I'm sure, ultimately drove a wedge between them. Kind of like communication is the ultimate key to a successful relationship or something.

  • Polaris Kuiper
    Polaris Kuiper

    god i have the worst spheksophobia

    • dr_edward_richtofen 69
      dr_edward_richtofen 69

      Ugh I feel ya

  • UnPlugged Gaming
    UnPlugged Gaming

    Shootin goooooo on a Wednesday

  • Ferociousfeind

    them mistaking regular wasps for the wasp queen robot shows exactly why I like the general wasp family so much. They look like scary little robots!!

  • Jessica Valentina
    Jessica Valentina

    Dan talking about glowy mushrooms: "Whoa maybe we're like ground jellyfish" Bro you dont even know dude