At long sweet last, a demonic creature of epic proportions! - Link's Awakening
We finally fulfill our lifelong dream of attacking Face from Nick Jr. with explosives!

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Aaron Newbury
    Aaron Newbury

    I didn't know it was a dream till Dan spoiled it lol

  • Leeman Harrington
    Leeman Harrington

    "The only thing you hate more than playing the games is not playing the games" is quite possibly the most accurate thing anyone has ever said about Arin "just wants this to be over" Hanson

  • OsirisLord

    Is Arin on the verge of a mental breakdown.

  • Joshua Mootilal
    Joshua Mootilal

    .......but the shovel is sick.......

  • Jeremy Deehr
    Jeremy Deehr

    Dan missing the obvious gimme with face bawk. Smh

  • kakeoflight

    dang 1,2 switch is 49.99 and its over 4 years old

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    Arin's like me when I get too ADHD. All restless n stuff.

  • Ara Mahar
    Ara Mahar

    I agree with Arin, Dan totally spoiled it. I had no idea the world was a dream.

  • Andrex [145]
    Andrex [145]

    Arin accidentally gaslighting Dan is my new favorite

  • Kenny Zeman
    Kenny Zeman

    lol aw dan, you spoiled the game this time!

  • Johannes Lyngby
    Johannes Lyngby

    3:55 I do agree that iconic characters should be called "Johannes". I'm totally unbiased here.

  • LG Sweets
    LG Sweets


  • classoforion


  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • endlessnight19

    I guess Face had to get a new job after he left Nick Jr.

  • Kristof Kramar-Hendrickson
    Kristof Kramar-Hendrickson

    AARON FOR The love of GOD stop back seat gaming

  • N Christy
    N Christy

    Arin: you know like Ted or something cool

  • Aimee Shigematsu
    Aimee Shigematsu

    My husband: what are you watching? Me: Game Grumps. Him: really? I didn't think so, it's so quiet. Me: there is just less yelling because Arin isn't playing.

  • Quin somnia
    Quin somnia

    Arin's adhd compilation, cuz same bruh

  • Ryan Kerrigan
    Ryan Kerrigan

    Y'all realize you're about to see Arin and Dan go through Hell with those Vaccines right? Media won't cover the fallout and disasterous side effects that are permenant in a lot of cases. Emergency approval by anyone does not equate to long term human testing. Arin and Dan and the rest of you vaccine takers are morons. The news is starting to leak, the vaccines are more of a threat to your health than the virus is. Like mice in a trap. I'm really worried about Dan and Arin's health now. You're all fools for supporting Dems, FAUCI and lying media. :( Mark my words: Comments like these will come back to haunt you one day, gurantee it. Sincerely, A local pharmacist.

  • Phred

    What I do with the markers is use the same marker twice to indicate how pairs of stairs connect

  • arthurpprado

    Arin "E-W-E" Handleson strikes back

  • Spinejackel

    i used the markers to label which stairs were connected. it helped a lot

  • ValensBellator

    “John” is like the most common hero name I can think of, and that’s not even including the nickname “Jack” version of it... what’s your beef with it Arin? 😂

  • wyatt armijo
    wyatt armijo

    Arin managed to sound like the biggest idiot ever this episode

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia

    I ams buzzed and i am hearing them talk like me rn like we all buzzed!! Dont drink and game guys

  • Jamie Russell
    Jamie Russell

    For the love of god, number your thumbnails

  • Jake Jordan
    Jake Jordan

    22:54 I audibly went “no...”

  • CallMeKes

    I actually agree with Arin that it wasn't clear that it was the Windfish's dream and Danny kind of spoiled her.

  • Kylie Stamey
    Kylie Stamey

    I will not stand for this 1-2 Switch slander

  • BilboFraggins2

    11:40 Arin the facade literally says its gonna wake up, implying its a dream world....

  • Ryan Pruske
    Ryan Pruske

    huh... in the recap, dan asked if arin needs meds, but i don't remember that response and i literally just watched that episode before this one. do i need the medz!?

    • Ryan Pruske
      Ryan Pruske

      i thumb'sed this up.

  • Ted Raymond
    Ted Raymond

    I enjoy how Arin's brain works when he's not focused on playing the game. Signed, Ted Rambo.

  • Laughing Skull
    Laughing Skull

    God Aarin was insufferable this episode

  • tweisel309

    *Arin and Danny arguing about it being a dream* My Wife: “Its called Link’s Awakening…”

  • Unmei

    You could just use the symbols in order and then that would let you know which stairs are connected...

  • Boiled Tea
    Boiled Tea

    So basically the Windfish is a nerfed Azathoth

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson

    Arin never unlocked all the 1-2-Switch minigames and thinks the starting 10 are the only ones, what a fool.

  • blackshrapnel

    Arin’s whiney backseating is driving me insane...

  • Justanotherpretzel

    Could we see a picture of the controller Dan’s playing with?

  • Yozeh

    10:18 Another Arin's Ewe moment

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens

    I really hope Dan's playing on the pro controller because on the joy-cons the home button is definitely not anywhere near the plus button

  • June Thea
    June Thea

    I think, much like a lot of us, lockdown broke Arin's brain

  • Brando Ferg
    Brando Ferg

    Dan you spoiled it for me.

  • Bryson Fournier
    Bryson Fournier

    Rip dan increasing magic powder cap and not bombs or arrows. >.>''

  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake

    "Why don't you like fun?" Is this the most real thing Dan has ever said to Arin?

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Face aide

  • Pickles, Nathanael
    Pickles, Nathanael

    They change the title?

  • Dalton Jayd
    Dalton Jayd

    Okay I definitely read the title in Arin’s kooky announcer voice. Y’all know which one.

  • Justin McCourt
    Justin McCourt

    There was a lot more going on in the first Rambo than most people realize, the original ending of the first movie had him kill himself. You can see this scene actually, it was released on some special edition. Fuego Danger or some other silly name would have really brought the intended meaning down (much like the following 4 movies in the series did)

  • CmPuke101

    32:28 super mega? From Matt Watson?

  • Ellen Clarke
    Ellen Clarke

    What a sizzler is absolutely my favorite call back and I’m so glad Dan explained it so that everyone can enjoy it with me 😄

  • thepreciousthing

    the SECOND zelda villain named Facade... the first was in the 80's cartoon

  • Jase Poag
    Jase Poag

    Super Ultra Mega Chicken? Shhh, no, it is legend!

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones

    i love how punchy arin gets when he's not the one playing the game. gets antsy so he's gotta cause problems

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller

    I never wanna hear Arin complain about backseating again. Jiminy fuckin christmas, dude.

  • Iris x
    Iris x

    i think arin went insane over the lockdown.. or atleast because of seeing dan again

  • Lauren Mahoney
    Lauren Mahoney

    Arin forgetting what he’s saying is literally me all day, every day, battling dissociation

  • Shotflame

    12:56 The wind fish gives off poison farts

  • Coral Reef
    Coral Reef

    i was drinking boba and immediately started choking when arin started being mocking game reviews around 14:17

  • Josh Manuel
    Josh Manuel

    "The stairs all go places!"

  • Manny Manito
    Manny Manito

    Arin, 1-2-Switch has many games, you just have to unlock them (they still suck tho)

  • Arosukir6

    Danny not realizing that he can use the markers to tell him which stairs go where makes me so sad! Just mark the entrance and exit with the same symbol, ya sillies! So the map would have two of each symbol.

  • Shiro The Hero
    Shiro The Hero

    I love the fact that Dan is always referencing Arins Sequalitis skits

  • Branden Barnalaby
    Branden Barnalaby

    I too, cherish how funny the "oh boy what a sizzler " moment in SH shattered memories lmao

  • CutCutCutsman

    9:00 "Dang dude, I" Pokemom Sun continued playthrough confirmed.

  • happyjam92

    I think Arin is's hilarious

  • Joris Weyen
    Joris Weyen

    14:14 this is so hell on UZmilk nowadays. I'm trying to look up stuff for New Pokemon Snap and all I find are those garbage videos.

  • ClumsyGamer88

    I just love them are back in the same room. I feel their humor gets better in the same room.

  • Sam Portillo
    Sam Portillo

    22:36- 23:12 Such a Game Grumps moment, with it first starting off with a kinda "Check this out" with the boomerang thing lol (also, I'm dumb lol I can't figure out the clip feature)

  • MadamJuggernaut

    ngl i thought yall were playing the game Facade and was really sad

  • NeverNervousCreation

    Dan no! He is legend!

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell

    Is Dan purposefully lowering his perception to that of Arin just to make Arin feel better?

  • NavigatedChaos

    I wonder what Arin's memory problem actually is cause his and mine are similar and wanna learn.

  • Don-Dragmire

    1 2 Switch had 28 mini games but you have to play 4 of the early ones to unlock the rest of them.

  • Bluesgamer


  • ShreddersEdge

    Arin, "My memory is terrible!" also Arin "I am able to list all the glitches every game has in the known universe"

  • Kris P. Bacon
    Kris P. Bacon

    bro. 19:09 Arin sang perfectly with Go With The Flow by Queens of the Stone Age. But then i got a spoofy ad, so...

  • dylan carters
    dylan carters

    The only difference between Arin's backseat and Danny's backseat is that Danny's quiet Arin on the other hand "WHYAREWEPLAYINGMINIGAMES"

  • Firecat1311

    the map markers come with multiple shapes, and there are never more pairs of staircases than there are shapes, so you could always just mark two connected staircases with the same shape

  • Captain Beardly
    Captain Beardly

    I want more Solo Dan playthroughs. Or get Ross as a guest star. Arin just ruins this

  • Samantha Bostock
    Samantha Bostock

    I'm pretty sure most of us figured out it was all a dream like 4 episodes ago.

    • DasAntiNaziBroetchen

      I didn't.

  • RomulanMercy


  • TheBetterRianq

    Damn, Arin is so whiny, did Ross pee in his Lacroix?

  • Azhrei Vep
    Azhrei Vep

    FOUR colors? Man, this was a Game Boy game, Arin. It had TWO colors: Dark Pea Green and Pus yellow.

  • UmbreonMessiah


  • Lominus

    Hey Game Grumps, can you play Super Paper Mario

  • RespectThePep

    “The only thing you hate more than playing the games, is NOT playing the games”

  • Barkionbeast

    For once I agree with Arin. Dan kinda gave away the "dream" thing.

  • Neighborhood Conspiracy
    Neighborhood Conspiracy

    In the words of my favorite CL4P-TP Steward Bot, "Stairs!? I can't CLIMB stairs!"

  • Blue Makoa
    Blue Makoa

    Hearing Arin saying Facade is making me cry my ewes out lamo

  • Frank Holden
    Frank Holden

    Please upload the rest of It Takes Two..and play Psychonauts!

  • TheToxic35

    "My Arch-nemesis, stairs!" - said every Dalek ever

  • Tia Shillington
    Tia Shillington

    Dan: “It’s because the home button is right next to the plus sign” Me: *looks at joycon* uuuuuuuuh Dan?

  • Demi Viral
    Demi Viral

    if I remember the glitch right it got fixed on a second production of the game so it won't work on every copy. But if you press to go into menu as you are moving to the edge of a screen it will warp you to the other side of the next screen.

  • meganverne

    Arin: " I HAVE THE WORST MEMORY IN THE WORLD" also Arin: *remembers how to glitch through a game using a fire ball*

  • Sherwin

    is the voice over being out of sync intentional?

  • Hannah Morocco
    Hannah Morocco

    These last two episodes have diagnosed Arin with adhd

  • Revolsin

    10:18 facade

  • EnricosUt

    6:47 Then Dan would love Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks.