Potential new Chad story REVEALED! - Link's Awakening
You're gonna want to tune in for this one folks!!! This new Chad story is one that's going to be remembered FOR ALL TIME!!!!!!!

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  • Max Grafe
    Max Grafe

    Only the finest discussions of timbre and acoustics here on Game Grumps

  • T. W. MacKay
    T. W. MacKay

    22:30 The potential Chad story REVEALED

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Fatboy_Mike

    Even though most of us have seen the RE8 story and stuff, a GG playthrough would be dope.

  • Peter H
    Peter H

    OMG HOW? HOW is Dan so stupid that he can't see nor solve the simplest of puzzles while it's his JOB???

  • Ranger76

    Who else heard it phenomena doo doo doo doo doo Edit phenomena doo doo doo doo

  • Jenna Huh
    Jenna Huh

    20:37, are they meant to move like knights do in chess? Like 2 up, one across?? If so i love that!!!

  • Hayley Belle
    Hayley Belle

    please. please, finish it takes two

  • Kevin Sochia
    Kevin Sochia

    You should still play RE8

  • Magazine Kirby
    Magazine Kirby

    I’m getting actually concerned about Arin XD

  • redninjakitty14 Neko
    redninjakitty14 Neko


  • Moteki Raphael
    Moteki Raphael

    5:16 That's PRECISELY how I used to sing that song...when I was *6 years old*

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    Is Arin okay????

  • Brutus B. Martins
    Brutus B. Martins

    Remember the days when they didn't have to "pause the episode"?

  • Alicia Ann
    Alicia Ann

    Watch The Abyss, you doofuses.

  • NoizEKricket

    “I always like it when I don’t have to play.” Arin, do more where Dan plays!! I find the best series to watch unless you like watching Arin freak out other ones were they’re playing together or Dan‘s playing.

  • Noëlle Anthony
    Noëlle Anthony

    Are you Pro-Skub or Anti-Skub?

  • SoundTrax

    I loved phenomenon. It was a great movie.

  • Little_Lavender_Hen

    I’d watch you play fallout 4. Don’t ever worry about it being old. I watch for your commentary, not for the game.

  • Michaela Martinelli
    Michaela Martinelli

    Dan: “I know my arin” I am a sobbing mess

  • Estelene Provance
    Estelene Provance

    I would love it if he finished Resident Evil 7 and played Resident Evil 8. Obviously he shouldn't use the VR for 7 if he doesn't want to but him playing both would be hilarious!

  • LooseCo

    Omg that item DOES look like Skub

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    how the fuck is the hallway baby a gag, arin is your brain ok? I feel like your wires got connected all crossed lol

  • Mordekai Horowitz
    Mordekai Horowitz

    Phenomenon, ba-daaaaaa ba-da-dam

  • inuko15

    Arin, Dan, I would watch you play that game even if it’s 2 years old.

  • classoforion


  • CerealNMilk

    23:13 The buildup was worth it. I completely agree that Spotify's car mode is messed up and confusing.

  • Keanu H
    Keanu H

    "He's got a ham radio, anyways he dies"

  • John Cook
    John Cook

    Love how when Arin corrects Dan’s playing he is basically re-enacting all the comments ever on GameGrumps when he is the one playing.

  • Otku Corner
    Otku Corner

    whenever Dan said "Taking weird stair routs" I thought he was gunna say "Taking weird steiroids"

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Leo Mountford
    Leo Mountford

    PLEASE play resi 8! even if it comes out late i'm sure people will still watch it. (If it doesn't make you too sick)

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson

    Arin, I have a degree in music and I have to say, you explained sound physics for notes and instruments very well

  • Noah Dillon
    Noah Dillon

    the joy of knowing you went down the bonus path first is one I feel often, im just compelled to take a peek and find stuff, i paid for the whole game im gonna see the whole game

  • Anthony Winchester
    Anthony Winchester

    Oh God please play resident evil 8 🙌

  • Pop McPop
    Pop McPop

    If RE Village isn't scary will we get a VR playthrough?

  • Nicholas Ziemba
    Nicholas Ziemba

    Takeshi's Challenge uses the Famicon microphone

  • PizzaTime

    5:01 this looks a bit too much like a Swastika…

  • 999

    I stopped watching walking dead after glen got his poor face smashed to ah pulp also the show jus don’t hit da same way it used to

  • Quin somnia
    Quin somnia

    Ngl Arins Chad stories are like monokuma theatre sometimes

  • Phred

    17:10 it’s a shame they aren’t able to appreciate that in the original gb game there’s no knight movement or any real target to the chess pieces, so there’s no rhyme or reason to what makes them both stand up.

  • Michael Sinister
    Michael Sinister

    I didn't think that Danny was PRO-Skub

  • aron Smashcraft
    aron Smashcraft

    Oh my god, Arin was actually making me frustrated like, holy shit.. shut.. the fuck... up.. Holy shit XD

  • Tristan Bryan
    Tristan Bryan

    Wait what this whole time I was waiting for them to play Re2, does Arin know we don't care about when the game come out and we just want to see them play it?

  • xVICExNightmare

    That sick feeling is from the fov

  • Cheeky Birb
    Cheeky Birb

    hallway baby is giving too much to someone who has being seeing the different ways others have tried to dance around that part. which each vague descripter, photos and mosaic I get more context clues for a game i haven't played yet, can't afford to yet. and now i know what it is, lmfao...

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia

    When arin is like no one gives a fuck about the secret seashells when it upgrades your sword

  • Human Incense 🍃💨
    Human Incense 🍃💨

    22:30 Is where Arin remembers what he wanted to talk from about 2 episodes ago.

  • Dingelle

    I think Dan should play Resident Evil 8 that'd be awesome!

  • Ilikesilver1

    Aron finds the hallway baby funny? That was the scariest gaming experience in my life, and many people agree

  • Dylan Jessamine
    Dylan Jessamine

    I agree with Arin, car mode is disastrous

  • Danny Abraham
    Danny Abraham

    Truth is subjective. Fact is not

  • syd arnold
    syd arnold

    I would watch you guys play Re8 even if it was late. Also when I downloaded it for PC it also made me sick bc it's locked on a low fov(I think that's why anyway). Once I refunded it and got it on PS4 it was much better (and I'm naturally prone to motion sickness, so if it worked for me it'll probably work for you).

  • Retro Crypt
    Retro Crypt

    Why is Kelsey Grammer in the thumbnail?

  • Brice Krispees
    Brice Krispees

    release the grump cut of re8

  • CloudsGirl7

    I agree with Dan's initial comment on the "living my truth" thing - just sounds a bit too much like "alternative facts".

  • wafflnator

    Save RE 8 for Halloween maybe?

  • Reisen

    I agree with Dan's sentiment on "living my truth" sounding iffy. Arin is right on what it's meant to mean, but it does give a loooot of leeway to maybe use it how Dan said... 6:05

  • Ramze Cochran
    Ramze Cochran

    24:30 "It's every day bro with that DIEsney channel flow" I'll be here all week

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee

    "I've seen it" moment is It Takes Two. Ive seen all youtubers and twitchers play this then quit mid game.

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy

    Just saying square and saw tooth are simple to create but actually have lots of harmonics and are definitely not simple in the frequency spectrum

  • Colleen Demboske
    Colleen Demboske

    I actually TOTALLY agree with Arin on the Spotify thing!!! Really good point and I’m glad he brought it up!

  • Matthew Daye
    Matthew Daye

    Dan hasn't realized that truth is subjective ,there is no "the truth" because everything is filtered through people perspective and biases.

  • Matthew Daye
    Matthew Daye

    Arin over here quoting slappy the cable guy

  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam

    I don't want no scub, a scub is a guy that can't get no love from me

  • firegodessreiko

    Eff that hallway baby!!! Scared me out of my MIND the first time after being in that P.T.-ass hallway full of dolls....-shudders-

  • Sawyer Says
    Sawyer Says

    Can we please get more passion playthroughs instead of whatever is good for the algorithm? I would love to see RE8, I don't care how "late to the game"

  • Lynad Narcof
    Lynad Narcof

    Scub Should be a future link

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott

    Fuckin love all the meme throwback nostalgia in this series!

  • Skeletor The skeleton
    Skeletor The skeleton

    Hollow knight continuation plz

  • a.j. m
    a.j. m

    @6:08 Dan confirmed based

  • Chaotic Charlie Gaming
    Chaotic Charlie Gaming

    I would watch an RE 8 play through by the Grumps just because its still gonna be funny or fun to watch in a different way than watching Markiplier play RE 8. You guys could play whatever you want and you'd still have watchers. The only difference in these games is the type of audio commentary or silliness that happens on screen. Play what you want Arin. Edit: I love that Arin is the wife in Dan's running old married couple gag.

  • Cryptic Corgi
    Cryptic Corgi

    I mentally do the exact thing. I forget what I was going to say and for some reason I do not want to let it go. Because I sensed some sort of enthusiasm in it, it hurts me to let it go. XD I usually just have faith that I will eventually go down the same thought path I did before and remember. When I do, I always go "I hyped that up too much."

  • Jasper R
    Jasper R

    I enjoyed listening to Arin nerd out about sound design and waveforms and such

  • Gareth Miethe
    Gareth Miethe

    I think Doom would work for a good play too like the classic one

  • Ajay Sherwood
    Ajay Sherwood

    Play it anyway! Play re8 anyway!

  • The Midianite
    The Midianite

    Can you fire bomb arrows in this game? Did they leave that in?

  • Andrew Rosales
    Andrew Rosales

    I thought I was the only one who gets sick watching RE game plays, for me it's just the rapid quick movements. And that's the only speed it has, ughhh whenever you make Ethan turn around like a half circle, I'm done.

  • Noah Crawford
    Noah Crawford

    in this episode, arin becomes every viewer ever whenever he plays anything

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    So have you seen The Magistrar?

  • funnyscares595

    Wait... did Arin really refer to that damn giant fetus as a "fun little gag"? That thing is genuinely upsetting, unnerving, and terrifying!

  • Perposterown

    This entire playthrough Arin has made the dumbest jokes and had the weirdest tangents that I could only understand if I was high lmao

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan

    5:37 - Same 12:09 - Oh my god, Arin 16:00 - Damn....those days....

  • BriAnne Ruiz-McCarty
    BriAnne Ruiz-McCarty

    Uhhhh Takeshi's Challenge? Where you're an overworked businessman who divorces his wife, leaves his kids, and goes to a bar to drink and sing karaoke over and over like the mad man that Takeshi was?

  • Mac Burton
    Mac Burton

    I would love to see them play RE Village. I don't care if it would be too old. I'd honestly like to watch them play the whole series.

  • Aurora Stark
    Aurora Stark

    loving this playthrough but also here to comment It Takes Two and Resident Evil to appease algorithm gods and also maybe if they wanted to play more of those games.........👉👈

  • Renate Dubois
    Renate Dubois

    I would love to watch you guys play RE8, even if it's months or years from now ^_^

  • Ol Craig
    Ol Craig

    Funny how Dan nails what "my truth" means but Arin changes it completely but Dan doesn't want to argue about it so he's just like, "That's fine."

  • NamaTheNerd

    I can’t believe this was the last episode of Game Grumps.

  • Son of a Witch
    Son of a Witch

    on that resident evil 8 topics. I prefer watching you guys because I always watch lets plays when I eat breakfast or lunch. And with resident evil 8, I just couldn't. the environment is so disgusting looking that my appetite disappears. it's a cool game tho, but not combined with food.

  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake

    Arin: "Hallway baby. It's a fun little gag. It's funny." People with a crippling phobia of children, infants, and fetuses: >:T Anyone who don't find horribly disfigured fetuses "funny." Y'know, people who don't make "I'm the baby gotta love me" jokes at babies born without brains like a Mr Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson: >:T

  • Master Leni
    Master Leni

    I haven't seen any playtrough of resident evil 8 because ;-; I was waiting for them to play it....

  • brad

    AHAHA i was like "this sounds an awful lot like andrew huang's harmonics video..." and bam! hell yeah bless andrew

  • Elijah Gooley
    Elijah Gooley

    why doesnt he get the rang man? thats the best solution for wizrobes and sparks

  • Maxx XIII
    Maxx XIII

    Play the Ocarina around the Pols Voice in this game. In Zelda 1 for the NES, they should have made them weak against the whistle to make up for the NES's lack of a microphone in the controller, but here, they fix it so they're weak to musical instruments.

  • Trevor Dennis
    Trevor Dennis

    Uh, don’t you mean spoofy, Arin?

  • Watcher of YouTube
    Watcher of YouTube

    Chad story number two: electric boogaloo

  • FellaWithTheFelt

    I like how Arin knows all this shit about sound waves but never knew for 34 years of his life that racecar spelled backwards is racecar.

  • Seven

    I think whatever you want to play arin would make great videos

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris

    i really liked "phenomenon" as a movie.

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Moving On
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