Goo Grumps enter the Squirrel Cave of Wonders! - It Takes Two
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  • Gunner070

    @14:54 Arin: "We had 2. What did we get hit by?" Dan, internally: (I ran the beetle into a barricade) Dan: "......I don't know" lol

  • Luc_YT

    Please don’t end this series!!

  • Just Samantics
    Just Samantics

    Really hope you guys will finish this series, this game is so good, I want you to get to enjoy it all!

  • Kaidance Johnson
    Kaidance Johnson

    If yall dont finish this game I swear- boiiiss if you don't 😤

  • Elaina Enchanted
    Elaina Enchanted

    Please finish! Love watching you guys play this!!💖💖

  • LRNZ Edits
    LRNZ Edits


  • AMetalWorld

    Beeroshima and Waspasaki was a whole ass bar. I’ve come to expect no less from the comedic master that is Dan

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    what happen to this game?

  • Lee

    Aw I hope they finish

  • 仙崎リュウガ

    Is this game really abandoned? What a shame......

  • Christopher Jimenez
    Christopher Jimenez

    Duuuuuuuudes finish this series 👀👀👀

  • Merk

    We want more!

  • Music Maker
    Music Maker

    When are we going to see this series again?

  • Kurixta

    When I finally enjoy a new series, it ends before they finish it

  • Speedrobo

    I guess this game's just not going to get finished then.

  • Encadenado Azul
    Encadenado Azul

    The grumps was the real treasure all along!

  • Fateful 83
    Fateful 83

    CAN YALL STOP DOING THIS?!? CAN YALL FINISH THE GAMES YOU START?!? I mean come on, we like watching y’all finish games. We also don’t like being left on cliff hangers. 😥

  • Mariah Joy
    Mariah Joy

    i’m remaining hopeful this will continue

  • Leanne Mustafa
    Leanne Mustafa

    just like cutie the elephant, this series died so young :c

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

    • AkameGaKillfan777

      They never intended to get to World Crown

    • L G
      L G

      LOL that was like 5 years ago

  • Jacob Evertson
    Jacob Evertson

    Please don’t leave us hanging. A finale would be greatly appreciated

  • Jeorge Degagne
    Jeorge Degagne

    I'm enjoying this series so much. I think it is because this games type of hilarious shenanigan's perfectly matches theirs. The perfect Grumps co-op game.

    • Jeorge Degagne
      Jeorge Degagne

      Is anyone getting a Bad Fur Day vibe from these military squirrels, because I definitely am.

  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    For the love of god PLEASE finish this one!

  • Dani G
    Dani G

    1. PLEASE finish the game :) 2. I'd love it if you played Brothers 3. I'd also love it if you played Planet Alpha, it isn't unreasonably difficult but it'll be amusingly stressful, and it's gorgeous to look at and beatable in two hours (though it took me closer to four lol)

    • CmPuke101

      They already played brothers

  • discreet wolf
    discreet wolf

    When will you pick this game back up? I'm enjoying this story

  • Savannah Rogos
    Savannah Rogos

    In the words of Arin "MORE!"

  • William James
    William James

    Dear Grump's please keep playing this! This is so good and its only going to get better.

  • XxEndlessSarcasmxX


  • Reddit Account
    Reddit Account

    Don’t abandon Cody and May like they abandoned their child!

  • The Soldier of Equestria
    The Soldier of Equestria

    Arin:"Oh my god dude tye squi4ls were EXCORSIZED by the construction vehicles" Me:...what pffft?

  • Mama Astra
    Mama Astra

    Next time on Game Grumps! *proceeds to not touch*

  • Wolfgang Beck
    Wolfgang Beck

    When are they going to pick this game back up to play

    • Wolfgang Beck
      Wolfgang Beck

      That's what it seems like

    • L G
      L G


  • Alexia Crystal
    Alexia Crystal

    please finish this 🥺 i nEED IT 😫

  • stine

    Where is the last bit 😭 Zelda is great but this hits different

  • The_Mike_Mike

    please come out with more of these i really want to see yall finish this game

    • Tory Provenzano
      Tory Provenzano

      Welcome to game grumps

  • Coolay Dunno
    Coolay Dunno

    Is this series abandoned? Cause I really like watching this!! Hope they make more episodes (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • Michael H
    Michael H

    Rule of Grumps #1: Newly released popular games get at most 8 episodes on this channel. Rule of Grumps #2: Super old Nintendo games get at least 100 episodes spanned over the course of numerous months and possibly years.

    • Henry Bloodborne
      Henry Bloodborne

      @Evangel Tepes what? They said they are going to play Ace Attorney 2 sometime in the near future and considering the fact they have finally caught on to the fact that people really like watching them play Visual Novels its pretty much a given Ps. Dan straight up said that they going to make us choose the next big Visual Novel dive and one of the options was Ace Attorney

    • Evangel Tepes
      Evangel Tepes

      Gotta get a consisten 500K-views-per-video or they drop it like a baby giraffe lol. They did this on Ace Attorney Trilogy, I was so disappointed.)

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    When I hear the "last time on Game Grumps!" intro, all I can think of is Danganronpa. And when I saw a young girl with a Danganronpa shirt at the mall (I was goin to get mah shot), all I could think of was the Grumps!

  • Artisan Noteworthy
    Artisan Noteworthy

    Keep going, guys. Just see this through to the end. (Ans watch after the credits)

  • Anique Zafar
    Anique Zafar


  • Prince Thunderflare
    Prince Thunderflare no one going to question why the wasps had nectar? Wasps don't eat nectar. They eat fruit and meat.


    Can you guys do more of this please

  • Eric James
    Eric James

    It's going to take two years+ to get back to this one probably....

    • AkameGaKillfan777

      You were so close to having the game title in your comment

    • R3conciled


  • Steam Queen
    Steam Queen

    I hope they come back to this series!

  • averythesuperhero

    Well, I hope they get back to it after Link's Awakening I guess? Hopefully? Edit: Well, I guess not. Maybe they'll pick it up again in like 2 years

  • Alpha Vex Studios
    Alpha Vex Studios

    remember when Dan and arin played this game... that was nice

  • Ellie Wertheimer
    Ellie Wertheimer

    I hope they continue this. It's such a great game.

  • Tooties_clout._.862

    Rip i guess i can find a UZmilk to end this for me I've never seen this play through :((

  • Akhil Madhunlall
    Akhil Madhunlall

    Will this come back?

  • Mac Crowe
    Mac Crowe

    Rip this series 🙏😔

  • nicole pritchard
    nicole pritchard

    please continue this game, i'll give you partially consumed banana baby food

  • nsdoap

    Really hoping they don’t abandon this all together for link’s awakening.. I was really loving this series so far! ;;

  • Shih Tzu Posting
    Shih Tzu Posting

    They made that beetle their Yoshi bitch

  • Tooties_clout._.862

    Guys please i can't take this

  • Michelle Cheng
    Michelle Cheng

    I really hope they continue this series. At least until they meet cutie the elephant.

  • drago2drago

    Well another playthrough lost to the wastebasket of time

    • Kobe Dogg
      Kobe Dogg

      Too many people were criticizing Dan’s skills. I was enjoying the series smh

  • Aaron Rattley
    Aaron Rattley

    A beetles terminal velocity is not high enough to he deadly. The beetles is fine

  • your-pseudo-boyfie

    Well I mean like wasps are technically pollenators too..........

  • Mary Fuentes
    Mary Fuentes

    did they end the series....?

    • doodles15

      Probably since the trend of views declining normally makes them end series if they’re not doing as well as other series (such as the new Zelda one they announced)

  • D G
    D G


  • MNX


  • spoonuvu

    gimme MORE where you hidding the rest >o>

  • Naruto -kun
    Naruto -kun

    They Yoshi'd the poor beetle!

  • Mariana Carrasco
    Mariana Carrasco

    Please finish the game it's so good and you guys are the best 😭♥️♥️♥️

  • Jake Weiland
    Jake Weiland

    please don't give up on the series

  • Aaron Reece
    Aaron Reece

    Hope they finish this one... I want to see how it ends!

  • Sully TheTroll
    Sully TheTroll

    And they never played it again :(

  • MeeshMellow

    swear to god if i ever find out who does the "last time on gamegrumps" voice i'm going to put a metaphorical sock in their lips

    • AkameGaKillfan777

      Pretty sure it's Arin

  • zoetr0pe

    Keep playing please. Also I really thought in the thumbnails the goo was cheetos

  • FluffyXai

    XD "Wrecked 'em" has made it to game grumps now? Good ol' Westaway

  • MManVnz

    Hey guys, I was a away for a little bit. How's my favorite character, mercenary beattle doin?

  • ValensBellator

    I always get nervous as I watch the views steadily decline on a game I love. Sub 200k might get this one abandoned 😬

  • Kim E
    Kim E

    Ooh, is this like a game for couple's counseling? Because it feels like it is. I can't imagine trying to play this with an ex. 😂


    And they never played this game again... THE END

  • trinity31409

    Great reference to Lit in the beginning. My Own Worst Enemy is one of their better known songs. And then there is Zip-Lock and I enjoy Miserable. Saw them is a smaller university tour way back when. Still have my signed copy of A Place in the Sun from after the show. Pretty nice guys.

  • MavenDeo

    9:50 And Dan summarizes the entirety Game Grumps in one lyric…

  • Marcia Quill
    Marcia Quill

    Finish it!

  • Jack Rowe
    Jack Rowe

    Cant wait for more!!! Love this

  • Princess Kenny
    Princess Kenny

    I wonder if they know that “Hay” is pollen.

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    This episode doesn't have the episode number in the tags... Why?..... god damnit guys I can take it not being on the title but fucking come on...

  • Vinny Gothika
    Vinny Gothika

    I can't ha ha this game is so weird

  • RoseofSharon

    Technically bumblebees are male, but I'll give the designers a pass on that. The underwear plane section reminded me of a very obscure Sega CD game called Sewer Shark.

  • Tooties_clout._.862

    We absolutely need this game to be finisheddd

  • Alex Lucsky
    Alex Lucsky

    "That's not Nectar, it's NEECTAR!" This really got me

  • H Grey
    H Grey

    Please don't leave this series. We're having such a great time watching you play this game. Please don't let it end just like this, it's so cool and entertaining

  • Jessica Dodge
    Jessica Dodge

    Please please please finish this game! It is so awesome seeing you both have fun and this game is so awesome! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rémi Beaulieu
    Rémi Beaulieu

    in the latest zelda, the grumps said "we don't know if people are gonna like this" well the only reason I haven't watched it is because I wanna play it first so I can go in fresh. :O after I'm totally watching this. so uh.. count the numbers as if there's a +1, okay? okay~

  • Okay Snek
    Okay Snek

    I really hope they continue this series, it is so fun and entertaining to watch!

  • Xander

    Please come back and play this more 🥺🥺

  • Stray_joshy

    i hope they dont stop playing this gamr for zelda cuz this series is so funny

  • Juju

    Honestly, I'm kinda bored of Zelda at this point in my life lol I love it, but I've played/ watched so many let's plays of the series, it's kinda tired. I hope they finish this game instead of moving it to the side for Zelda.

  • Rachel T
    Rachel T

    Please don't drop this game!!! You have to finish it!!

  • Anime King
    Anime King

    So are we not going to complete this game?

  • Riley Henry
    Riley Henry

    Desperately need y’all to finish this series

  • lor

    they are not gonna finish this...are they

  • Christina A.
    Christina A.

    Where is the next video??!!!

  • t1sfgw2

    Is that Flight of the Bumblebee?

  • Matthew Bullion
    Matthew Bullion

    I want to watch this series so bad but I haven't played the game yet and don't want it spoiled arrrgh!

  • Caliginous Kitsune
    Caliginous Kitsune

    More of this pretty please!

  • Okami Edits
    Okami Edits

    This is an amazing game