don't @ me, i'm ghostly fappin - Links Awakening
Ah man, my new boots got some goofin on it.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Janet Geiger
    Janet Geiger

    getting the flippers was literally the equivalent of killing a man and stealing his shoes XD

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    I never paid much attention, mainly cause I didn't care, but what was all the issue with gamestop

  • Wesley Boyer
    Wesley Boyer

    #GrumpClips 12:33 Dan's voice for Camilla kills me.

  • classoforion


  • Chase E. Snarr
    Chase E. Snarr

    Alternatively, you shoot the coyote, cut off its jaw and ears, then give them to bigg papa government for monies.

  • Railuge

    My friend's dog killed up to 6 coyotes so far

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • JakeSomnia

    I found myself saying in a dejected tone....."Dan".... during this episode.

  • Veghead Cat
    Veghead Cat

    I encountered a coyote on one of my hiking trails at like 5:30 in the morning and we just stared at each other for a couple minutes and I raised my arms and screeched like a banshee and the coyote noped the fuck out. I felt bad scaring it but I know how clever they are and didn't trust it as far as I could throw it

  • Becca

    I love that camillas voice is now canon, and this is what it will be for the rest of her life

  • Kate Hucks
    Kate Hucks

    Arin, the spiders ran for you because they don’t want to be stuck on a pole surrounded by water and you’re the first thing they’ve come into contact with since getting stuck there.

  • meme meee
    meme meee

    Does the fappin ghost also say catchy

  • Otku Corner
    Otku Corner

    4:43 This boss battle gives a new meaning to the phrase "I wanna tap dat ass"

  • Salvidrim

    21:24 "Is that closest to Manbae Prison" -- Arin how tired are you

  • Hypobeam

    The crab reminds me of the one in oot

  • TheWitcherWiggle


  • MetalMario1231

    Oh yeah Mario feels inferior....meanwhile Mario can obliterate cheep cheeps with fire he shoots from his hands underwater....but you know inferior right?

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • OsirisLord

    Coyotes are the bad boys, from the tough side of town.

  • Dekhay

    I did not expect a Hunchback of Notre Dame reference. Was pleasantly surprised.

  • Missy

    Fun fact, Angler fishes are are all female. Every big fish with an antenna are female, the males latch onto the female and will (essentially) become ballsacks and that's how an angler fish will produce more angler fish.

  • Vedeskaja

    Is it just me or do some of the fainter background noises in the dungeon sound like the dial-up tone? Like, very short beeps.

  • Andrew Jenkins
    Andrew Jenkins

    "I am Arin, son of the Hanson!" Arin, your surname literally means Son of Han.

  • RoundCube

    Only Dan has the childlike innocence the be able to gleefully proclaim how we will capture fairies using some dead guys goop jar.

  • Toastility

    5:27 I thought that was an actual switch notification that's amazing

  • Shih Tzu Posting
    Shih Tzu Posting

    That singing fish looks like a tik toker

  • Israel M
    Israel M

    Haven’t watched game grumps in like 2 years and they’re still using the don’t @ me joke? They’ve really phoned it in huh?

  • lilja yen
    lilja yen

    Glad to see they found the ghost side quest just as emotional as I did

    • Jiffy Jef
      Jiffy Jef

      @lilja yen ah yeah i see, yeah i missed the sarcasm lol

    • lilja yen
      lilja yen

      No that's exactly what I meant though! I guess my sarcasm didn't come through

    • Jiffy Jef
      Jiffy Jef

      aw, i thought the ghost was sweet tho! I like that the house is just There and you can explore it early and think nothing of it, then later on see it in a new emotional light

  • Dinomatrix21

    They're the bad kids! Bad Kid Cannibals! (Even though coyote's eating dogs isn't actually cannibalism)

  • 24railwaycuttings

    "The angler of the dangler is directly proportional to the heat of the meat" Now, using the mass of the ass and the angle of the dangle, calculate the measure of the pleasure.

  • Kamala LSB
    Kamala LSB

    The shrinking in the jump thing is actually a trick nintendo have used before! Because of the size of Link's head, a flip would look weird on his character model! So his head shrinks a bit to make the animation fit in a more circular shape. Similarly in Mario 64, when Mario sinks under the sand and his hand pokes out before being buried, his head shrinks to allow for this without like, a hat or a nose peeking out. Nintendo likes using characters with big heads to make them more expressive, and then uses clever little shrinking animations whenever the proportions aren't convenient!

  • goblinounours

    Yeah, it would sound pretty regal to have Arin say "I am Arin, son of Han". :P

  • David Lee
    David Lee

    Arin: Mentions GME Me: 😮🌑🚀🦍💎❓

  • Game Grumps Compilations
    Game Grumps Compilations

    my little compiler's heart is filled with joy on this day 3:15...

    • pixmma

      Hey look! It's my sleep therapist!


      A legend among legends ☆

  • AshKetchum442

    Danny’s Camilla Voice reminds me of Henry Zebrowski from Last Podcast On The Left

  • TXF

    Censors "Fuck" but not "Pissed" that was about 3 words later. HMmMMm

  • June Thea
    June Thea

    That ass got hit-box for days

  • RedVIII

    Sim City guy (Mr. Write) is named after Will Wright. The creator of Sim City.

  • Jan Rupert Alfeche
    Jan Rupert Alfeche

    Arin, no, you're "Arin, son of Han." 😂

  • BeyondEcho

    Spiders are assholes. It's as simple as that.

  • The meme bird
    The meme bird

    “You’re supposed to make yourself appear bigger than you are” Well, Dan, you have the perfect hair for that!

  • FuzzMustard

    "Arin, son of Hanson" made me think of the first Thor movie cause his name is Thor Odinson and he calls Coulson "Son of Coul" xD

  • gruthakhul100

    Dan did not once load up his attack to do the swing attack right?

  • Nintendo Born
    Nintendo Born

    Dan hit the miniboss in the way I never knew could be hit

  • XZdemo

    I'm just gonna say it, Selecting a different song while equipping the ocarina in Link's Awakening is WAY easier than trying to memorize 15 different button combinations in OoT and MM.

  • _illiterature_

    4:01 This, Dan is a great guy, but not that grumpy

  • David Gaffe
    David Gaffe

    And these are my pots of bisquick and jizz-oooooooo um.

  • Em Night
    Em Night

    Suzy: This is my husband Arin, and his man-bae Dan

  • Josh Willcox
    Josh Willcox

    "they're not dogs! They'll kill you!" "... But... Daddy!" Killed me

  • Reem Hijaz
    Reem Hijaz

    11:31 i cant be the only one who knows that clip by heart

  • The Comfy Geek
    The Comfy Geek

    17:33 - Oh, a chocobo appeared!

  • Crow

    "Arin, son of Hanson" Who's going to tell him what the name "Hanson" means?

  • Rommie Lee
    Rommie Lee

    I always found it strange how this ghost side quest comes out of nowhere and is over just as fast as it came. Perhaps it was cut short from some longer content, but it will always stick in my mind as an interesting thought.

  • Nudge

    Arin could have easily just said “I am Arin, Son of Han” that’s way more regal

  • tangy tablets
    tangy tablets

    That "beetle" is an octo?

  • Howard denaven
    Howard denaven

    12:12 Camilla nO!

  • Tsumagi

    from around 3:00 in, can confirm, there is a video titled "Dan Says "Arin" Like a Disappointed Mother". It is half an hour. this makes so much sense.

  • Casey Taylor
    Casey Taylor

    Listens to them talk about spiders as I play miles morales

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    When I fought this boss, I took longer... but only because I fully expected something /more/ to happen. All that weak ass trash was feeling mighty trap-like.

  • Mercury Gray
    Mercury Gray

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but Dan, the coyotes aren’t trying to lure your dog away to kill them, that’s a common misconception. When coyotes engage in that kind of behavior it’s because they’re under the assumption your dog is after their young and they’re luring them away.

  • Googie Gress
    Googie Gress

    "Arin, son of ... the Hanson" Really dude? Not "Arin, son of Han?"

  • mustache mike
    mustache mike

    Gets warping song...... walks to warp pad. #dan

  • Christopher Arendt
    Christopher Arendt

    Excuse me princess but Link can talk.

  • FluffyXai

    I have those hand fin glove thingies! They're fun

  • Gage is Me333
    Gage is Me333


  • James Barnett
    James Barnett

    we have a much simpler splution to coyotes where im from so anyway i started blastin

  • Andrew Maulwurf
    Andrew Maulwurf

    I think Dan is confusing coyotes with wolves with some of the things he mentioned And mountain lions at one point

  • Sef boyardee
    Sef boyardee

    yeah an hour out from LA closer to the mountains we get bears, coyotes, and some different wildcats mountain lions/bobcats that'll make their way down sometime and that's not to good

  • Ethan Klee
    Ethan Klee

    I know its algorithm training, but can we please get retroactive numbers on episodes? Or like, in the first line of the description?

  • Edward Garrett
    Edward Garrett

    i love this series i hope they will play the minish cap for the next legend of zelda series

  • Anthony Bagsby
    Anthony Bagsby

    Someone tell Dan about bomb arrows

  • NightangelComedy

    Dan is probably 100% correct that those coyotes were trying to lure his small dog away to eat it. But the coyotes around my house have 100% played with my dog that is slightly bigger than them and I have even interrupted them mating.

  • TheOGB

    Please don't put faeries in the cum jar

  • Nick Romeos
    Nick Romeos

    I have those hand webbing gloves, and yes they make you like a king of the water. You move so fast with them lol

  • 1mortalkombatlover

    I like how they made jokes about the ghosts gift being a cum jar, then immediately discuss the idea of stuffing fairies in there.

  • Anthony

    the thicc beetle reminds me of Aunt Fanny from the movie Robots

  • sirkreuab

    Always thought this mini boss was an octopus google inconclusive known as the cue ball or hydrosoar wtf :/

  • Sherwin

    is the "angle of the dangle is proportional to the heat of the meat" an AvE reference or is it just a common phrase in north america?

  • EvilKittie

    Dan's voice for Camilla makes me laugh every time.

  • arthurpprado

    It makes me so happy that they acknowledged both "Getting SASSY with Dan" and "Dan Says 'Arin' Like a Disappointed Mother"

  • worldrummer

    I fucking love the Camilla voice.

  • Erin Morrison
    Erin Morrison

    Requesting a game grumps animated of Camilla asking Dan to go play with the coyotes

  • Dust djinn
    Dust djinn

    The grim reapers as they stab repeatedly "TAKE THIS, TAKE THIS, TAKE THIS..."

  • Mr. F
    Mr. F

    "Gurl that ass has hitbox for days!"

  • RomulanMercy


    • BassDemolitia

      I don't know why they've started with this 'last time on game grumps' thing. It's annoying. I watched the last episode yesterday, I KNOW what happened.

  • Kevin Lawrence
    Kevin Lawrence

    I’m dying with laughter. 9:30

  • TomBot

    Here is the Dan says "Arin" compilation they mention:

  • EpicDiggs

    Can someone help me figure out something? I seem to remember Matt Watson and Ryan Magee fighting the angler fish boss when they played this, but I swear they didn't play nearly this much of the game. Am I wrong?

  • yankeesdoodle101

    are they still filming remotely for these episodes?

  • Peronio

    Do y'all think that ghost was a Brony?

  • TimidTabby Plays
    TimidTabby Plays

    "That was it? That was Forking Nothing" says the players that had a icon of Power activated while fighting the boss practically doubling the amount of damage dealt


    Please change the last time on game grumps voice

  • Johnny Norris, Jr.
    Johnny Norris, Jr.

    I liked it, fart noises are an excellent secret message

  • spaze_cat

    I'm so glad they know about the "Dan says 'Arin...' like a disappointed mother" compilation because it's so great

  • Bluemilk92

    You'll have to trust me, but I'm not scrolling past the reply box. I'd bet a kidney that there are at least a few dozen "My Little Pony" jar jokes.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan
    Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    I prefer to call it the Fapitorium.


    Acorns taste gross. They aren't poisonous, which of course I looked up after eating one. They're really bitter.

  • FatBat

    "Now I can catch fairies." Dan, you need vodka to catch fairies. As one I know. Lol

  • Rene Buford
    Rene Buford

    Effing love this game, played it recently and I'm probably going to play it over again to completion. Love seeing the Grumps playing this wonderful game!

  • Mimmi's Art
    Mimmi's Art

    Please never stop doing the Camilla voice! It's my new favourite thing!