Dan COMPLETELY BLOWS IT!!* - Links Awakening
*By "it," we mean a chipmunk that he found on the side of the road. Because he's a furry.

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  • BCSD Studios
    BCSD Studios

    I remember the claw game on gameboy. I would spend hours gathering the cash I needed for the bow.

  • Johnathon O'Rourke
    Johnathon O'Rourke

    Game Grumps forgot to put this episode in their playlist

  • Ray Sullivan
    Ray Sullivan

    I shall forever call them the Pig Ass Boots, Thank you, Arin

  • Bruzzun Ath'tuch
    Bruzzun Ath'tuch

    You guys forgot to put this in the links awakening playlist- This was supposed to be episode 5, Also, damn! that chipmunk was so lucky to be blown by Dan Avidan!

  • High Priest of Kicking
    High Priest of Kicking

    No it's prounced Slime You :V DUH

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    I have a fear of tiny holes, and unnatural holes in places there shouldn't be holes.

  • Walker Ward
    Walker Ward

    This episode is missing or in the wrong order in the playlist.

  • Sasquatch PJs
    Sasquatch PJs

    This episode is missing from the Playlist.

  • Lava Wizard
    Lava Wizard

    Missing from the playlist

  • Zack Long
    Zack Long

    This is missing from the 2021 Link's Awakening playlist

  • Warkite88

    This episode should be on the Game Grump's playlist for Link's Awakening because it is not!

  • Allen Drake
    Allen Drake

    That moment at 6:00 made me guffaw like an idiot.

  • Equ3strianGam3r

    The only thing different about the no death ending is you see Marin in the sky at the end of the Ending Cutscene.

  • Mandragonna

    21:26 the, uhm, peg - ass - sus boots? ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

  • Feathertusk

    All they had to do was charge the dude with the boots, you know the item they got in the last dungeon. Also its easy to buy the bow by farming the trendy game. If I remember after all the extra stuff you can get 70 rupees netting you a gain of 50 each time. A little tedious, but you avoid becoming THIEF.

  • Garrett

    Arin is such a terrible influence....and a THIEF

  • Stressedfiend

    This episode isn't in the playlist

  • Rhinogradentian

    The Dodongos look like Vermicious Knids.

  • John Cook
    John Cook

    Arin is much better at these games when he isn’t the one playing them.

  • Micah Revenant
    Micah Revenant

    Also, Arin: Ewe better not fudge up spelling "eye" again. I know how you get with Cyclops Zelda bosses. 😄

  • Micah Revenant
    Micah Revenant

    Ah, another 30 minute adventure of me watching Squackle: The Lawn-mower's Awakening. 😊 Also, you know how when you put too much air into a balloon, and it's about to pop? That's what a Link's Awakening Dodongo looks like after it eats its last bomb. 😄 Or I imagine they're full of ink and they turn into an inkblot test after they die.

  • MaddestMike

    Dan: It's a warp point!! *enters warp point but gets piledrived* Warp Point: You didn't turn on the other ones!!

  • Max Koeller
    Max Koeller

    If dan doesnt FUCKING STEAL SOMETHING I am in fact unsubscribing. Crime is SEXY, don't be a little bitch.

  • JohnRedWolf87

    9:44 - "It's over, Squackle! I have the high ground!"

  • Jacob Gaeth
    Jacob Gaeth

    I'm almost certain that they could have just turned the game off and the save would have deposited danny at the entrance without the death.

  • Joshua Duffy
    Joshua Duffy

    i think the villages place rupees in the grass for link to find and give him false boosts of confidence, all as an elaborate plan to get link to mow their lawns... 'ohh wooow.. you found rupeees?? goood forr yoouu don't spend it all at once' or something...

  • Gyarretto7

    It's hilarious how hard Arin is pushing Dan into stealing from the store XD. Dan deserves a medal if he gets through all of Link's Awakening without giving into Arin's temptations.

  • Necole Johnston
    Necole Johnston

    At 27:04 there is a heart piece in the deep part of the water.

  • Bunny

    Poor Dan! He doesn't want to be a bad guy! Love the spoiler owl, too

  • Eric Layhe
    Eric Layhe

    I love seeing them enjoying a game

  • amber rocheleau
    amber rocheleau

    This video isn’t in this series playlist for some reason.

  • predcon1

    Does anyone else start to feel a little bit like a third wheel when Dan starts getting sappy?

  • T. W. MacKay
    T. W. MacKay

    14:38 I mean... Slime Ewe was RIGHT THERE

  • Richard Dakazo
    Richard Dakazo

    17:25 Arin said "Fuck it, you're on Sneak 100, press X to steal"

  • Talis Evolvere
    Talis Evolvere

    This episode is not in the playlist

  • Patricia Clausen
    Patricia Clausen

    @13:30 It looks like the Veridian Gym, with the moving floor tiles.

  • Alden Rogers
    Alden Rogers

    took a while for the nostalgia for the original to hit, but i had completely forgot about that little jingle that the compass makes and boy did that do it

  • Ice Wolf 2
    Ice Wolf 2

    I stole from the shop keeper and lemme tell you I WAS NOT READY-


    Dan: "You only have one shot, do not miss your chance to blow." Also Dan: "FUCK!"

  • TXF

    Wow, this game just tells you exactly where to go, doesn't it? I swear the GBC version didn't do it that much.

  • Ghoulie Thousand Trouser
    Ghoulie Thousand Trouser

    03:30 They look like a mysterious thing I coughed up once. It was completely black and it oozed blood. Still got a photo of it somewhere.

  • Emir

    holy shit that spoiler owl really startled me

  • Pudgy Buns
    Pudgy Buns

    The audio is faster than the show by about a half second or something and it's kinda confusing heh.

  • Null / An?ma
    Null / An?ma

    As someone who has trypophobia I can confirm


    arin trying to get dan to steal gives me vibes from arins dropout story

  • Mechadyne

    Just FYI, this episode is missing from your Link’s Awakening playlist. 🤙

  • Nick Macon
    Nick Macon

    I'm a simple man. I see Spoiler Owl, I hit like button.


    16:11 i love how squackle/link looks around to see if that boring ass owl is anywhere so he can make a run for it then the owls like "ha HA wernt expecting from behind now didja?"

  • Blake Tracy
    Blake Tracy

    Yes. I don't like the holes in this game.

  • gojikranz

    I was there that time they were in Sacramento!

  • Ruby Snow
    Ruby Snow

    Let this be a lesson to you Dan. If you don't steal things, you die.

  • markus church
    markus church

    Spoiler owl scared the shit outta me

  • XwarslayerX meme channel
    XwarslayerX meme channel

    parents always walk in at the worst possible time: 14:40

  • RocksRockMySox

    Random thought, but I'm so glad Danny had Ashley through this whole quarantine and he didn't have to spend it alone

  • Zombri Stoel
    Zombri Stoel

    Fun fact: my trypophobia is not triggered by this game yet lol

  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox

    Isn’t the hole thing called triptophobia

  • DJGamingSmash

    Speaking of South Park, I was playing The Stick of Truth and Butters was bitching about me doing the side-quests and exploring and not doing the main quests, it's like JUST LET ME PLAY THE GAME AT MY OWN PACE AND JUST HAVE FUN!

  • Роман Жолобов
    Роман Жолобов

    Pigasses boots, lol.

  • Braeden Fleck
    Braeden Fleck

    I wonder, an owl is supposed to reflect wisdom. And Zelda has the triforce of wisdom. Are the owls in the Zelda franchise agents of Princess Zelda? Gannon has his monsters, wouldn’t it make sense that Zelda also has familiars to do her will?

  • nitedewfairy

    I feel dead inside that Dan doesn't use the whirly twirly attacks...also love the editor adding them random notifications in this series

  • Jezix Hylus
    Jezix Hylus

    You should be able to save&quit from the menu if you get stuck.

  • Christopher Mabbitt
    Christopher Mabbitt

    i love how link just stands there watching Tarin get torn up by bees like "WOW!!" LOL

  • My Life For Hire
    My Life For Hire

    "Oh, you're like a bad kid.... I don't want me hanging out with that Arin Hanson kid anymore" - Things we never thought we would hear Dan say

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    It's funny that after passing by like 3 different warp points, the first one dan activates is a "secret" one

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    Link got the bell... DING DING DING TOP OF MORNINGG

  • Over Toasted
    Over Toasted

    The dodangos in this game give me Abstract Daddy vibes..

  • burnin8able

    can't believe Dan whiffed on such a perfect opportunity to say "Actually, it's pronounced Slime Ewe."

  • T H
    T H

    I love the game grumps, but I am really annoyed about how new youtube these days censors swear words because of stupid little kids and family friendly nonsense. UZmilk should be for adults first and foremost as the default option, dammit! Brats and family friendly crap can get shoved over into secondary options.

  • The meme bird
    The meme bird

    “Mister one percenter in the Zelda universe” -Arin “fuck this side quest” Hanson

  • Amethyst Covette
    Amethyst Covette

    i didnt know about the bottle in the lake or the stealing mechanic. ill have to remember those for when i replay it

  • Pragmatik

    Dan - does not want to steal Arin - "What's wrong with you!?"

  • Brillbo Thunderstrum
    Brillbo Thunderstrum

    That fear of lots holes is called trypophobia and it fUcKiNg sUCkS. I have it. My skin crawls, I get light headed and vomit. Great stuff.

  • Cameron J. Wallace
    Cameron J. Wallace

    Me, dreamily: *whistles The Ballad of the Windfish*

  • Aubrey Boogie
    Aubrey Boogie

    Umm it's actually slim EWE

  • Tristan Wright
    Tristan Wright

    I fucking adore that fucking spoiler owl.

  • peitho blep
    peitho blep

    arins bad at video games until dan is the one playing

  • A Krug
    A Krug

    Why is arin backseating so hard this series lmao

  • JamieD

    RIP good ending it's ok though, i didn't even know about it until Dan brought it up :')

  • Toshiki Kiasaru
    Toshiki Kiasaru

    is it just me or is the audio not synced? it feels like it's 1s delayed from the video

  • darkisatari

    “It’s always good to open one of those warp points” while they’ve walked past the first one 100 times

  • Andrew

    Dan fighting the giant eye enemy: “Ewe, ewe, ewe, ewe!”

  • Matt McFarlane
    Matt McFarlane

    Arin: "I don't think you can beat him, dude. I think you have to use your arrows." Dan: "They wouldn't do that..." Dan is right, they wouldn't do that. You just need to hit it with the spin attack.

  • Jamie Thei
    Jamie Thei

    I so badly want them to do a playthrough of resident evil village. Idk if dans seen or played it, but I’d love to see how they like it

  • Matthew Daye
    Matthew Daye

    I want a seasons/ages remake.

  • [Blank] Blank
    [Blank] Blank

    I'm mad they went to get the small key for that last lock. Immediately went to get it, then forgot why they got it.

  • Deathlikesensation

    And there goes any chance of a no death ending. Dan should have saved it mid-fight then reset the switch.

  • OsirisLord

    Owl: Go to Yarna Desert. Link: Instructions unclear. Am in Yarhnam.

  • ixKismet

    This episode isn't in the playlist, that was confusing lol

  • Samantha Larson
    Samantha Larson

    The sound effects used to cover the curse words kill me

  • Demi Viral
    Demi Viral

    Hey I know yall aren't putting episode numbers into the title for algorythm reasons, but could you atleast put that on the thumbnails?

  • Gimpy Dubois
    Gimpy Dubois

    4 seconds in obvi wang is ovbi

  • chuck08113

    The dodongoes look like he us from fern gully

  • DevilsToast

    I seriously want Dan to steal as bad as Arin does. Just. Do. It.

  • Masked Rakoon
    Masked Rakoon

    It's Slime Ewe!

  • Banjo

    Its not Slim E Eye.. its Slim-You

  • ChaosMiles07

    "Go to Yarnham Desert!" Oh geez, get ready for a lot of blood and existential nightmares.

  • Ian McClendon
    Ian McClendon

    It’s actually slime you obviously arin

  • Jacob Shaer
    Jacob Shaer

    I want to see Dan steal something from the shopkeep please

  • Viennery

    PLAY ROGUE HEROES COOPERATIVELY! It’s basically 2 player link to the past with rogue-like dungeons and town building.