DAN AVIDAN begins a brand new quest - Links Awakening
With trusty Squackle at his side, Dan sets off to cross a threshold, meet a goddess, and return changed, but still the same.

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  • Just Turner
    Just Turner

    Your dogs voice is the voice of lumpy space princesses friend

  • TealFlight

    Watching this to keep myself comfy after nearly having a panic attack, thanks for sharing this with us, guys ^^

  • churro

    Pls put the episode number back in the thumbnail! It makes it harder to find the correct order in mobile :/

  • Katapila J
    Katapila J

    Wait is the wind fish watching or is the winter sleeping?

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee

    I saw that sick dongle flick on that mush.

  • Qopzeep

    Link is definitely wearing a thing.

  • thatsimonpeter

    “Pap paap pap paaap”

  • cfsGAMER13

    28:43 Nice throwback to the mickey mousecapade video 😂

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Steampunk Ninja
    Steampunk Ninja

    oh boy! a new LoZ t shirt!!

  • Andrew Wallach
    Andrew Wallach

    grumps play yakuza: like a dragon TRUST ME YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED

  • Corwyn

    Arin: This is the only Zelda game you can use jump Minish Cap: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • Evan Keith
    Evan Keith

    Hey Dan, an easy way to learn west and east that I made for myself is "WE are between North and South." Where WE is west and east in the order of the letters of the word. Give it a try!

  • ACuppaTea

    I assume it's something to do with the algorithm but does anyone know why the Grumps don't number their series entries anymore? I don't usually have time to watch stuff as it comes out so I go back and binge. Not having new play-through episodes numbered makes it much much harder to find the start and means I miss out on a lot of content. Is there a youtube-y reason they started doing that?

  • ArtsieFrog

    Dude, the blocks in this dungeon look like graham cracker chocolates. I want to eat that bro

  • DecepticonMecha

    So fucking stoked that they're in the same room together again.

  • JakeSomnia

    Arin talking about how this is the only Zelda game where you trigger a jump by pushing a button....almost made a vein in my head explode.

  • Sarah Weiler
    Sarah Weiler

    Fun fact: owls are scrawny as shit under their feathers so they look fat but they’re actually just wearing more layers than a girl in 2007

  • MikeJF85

    Arin just give dan the joycons-in-a-grip controller so he knows what buttons to press.

  • JuSan

    I know it's tradition by this point but, it always weirds me out that you get keys inside treasure chests. It's like a paradox that makes sense only in video games.

  • firefist x
    firefist x


  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    Fun fact, the butterflies were in the original game

  • TopGoose

    Love the grumps and all but, uh, nothin quite like poop jokes and fart noises to make you not laugh

  • Nathan Nichols
    Nathan Nichols

    "Solidarity? With *Mario?"* Arin sounded like he was disgusted at the idea of it XD

  • •audrey•

    everyday i pray they will play a Link game and use "Lumpkin" as the character name

  • Mpencett

    i like it when dan playes

  • Otku Corner
    Otku Corner

    Also, Mabe Village. It's mabe (maybe) a village.

  • Ace Wolf456
    Ace Wolf456

    8:19 Na, he wears a thong. He likes how it feels.

  • Novice Hammer
    Novice Hammer

    Now that the backstreet boys have stopped touring i can finally watch game grumps again

  • Brianna Pilarski
    Brianna Pilarski

    Pls finish It Takes Two! :)

  • Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
    Just an Otaku and a Single Mom

    Oh geez. Dan sucks at rpgs. He just leaves money and important items behind because he wants to hurry through.

  • Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
    Just an Otaku and a Single Mom

    11:47 No, its a Tanuki, that's just a bad, English translation.

  • Otku Corner
    Otku Corner

    Ahh a perfect way to celebrate me finally progressing threw my 3DS ver. of ocarina of time. Yes I never actually got to the temple of time I'm a lame gamer MOM!

  • Yobin

    Arin tryna school Dan on blocking like he didn't rage quit Sonic and the Black Knight in it's entirety because he couldn't learn to block.

  • Nordin Reecendo
    Nordin Reecendo

    Dan: "Sorry guys, I'm lost in the mysterious woods." Arin: "They're gonna razz you a bit!" Audience: "It's okay, Dan! You're trying your best!"

  • Ryan Sims
    Ryan Sims

    I could tell immediately that you guys were back in the same room just due to the fact of the audio quality. Also due to the fact that Arin sounded a lot less depressed.

  • forslinthegamer 07
    forslinthegamer 07

    Now that everything around this pandemic is comming to a close then maby you Can finally finish Punch-out Wii

    • Just an Otaku and a Single Mom
      Just an Otaku and a Single Mom


  • Jesus Rangel
    Jesus Rangel

    Reminds me of the Charlie and the unicorn voice lol

  • Ethan Harper
    Ethan Harper

    Finally, a good series.

  • XenoLotus

    I beat the original so many times. Definitely, in my opinion, the best hand held legend of zelda game. Story was fantastic, puzzles were fun, music was great, and the ending was super sad. I would say the original is so much harder cause there were no animation tells for certain attacks, like the moblins throwing spears.

  • Rasmus Hansen Bülow-Olsen
    Rasmus Hansen Bülow-Olsen

    Ah yes. The greatest The Legend of Zelda game ever produced... that I have played.

  • Nick Kavanagh
    Nick Kavanagh

    This is the premium Grumps content I come here for!

  • Lemon


  • Cyanide

    Hope you won't die from some random toxins taken into your bodies by choice. But it's your choice

  • Genevieve Stockwell
    Genevieve Stockwell

    Please tell me they’re gonna finish it takes two

  • Cass

    Obviously link's wearing a thong

  • Lboy165

    Wow I played this game on the switch when it first came out. To see the game grumps play it reminds me of good times

  • HighFire Bois
    HighFire Bois

    This is why Game Grumps Best Ofs are about an hour long.

  • Dero

    did they ever play minish cap?

  • Dero

    where are the numbers? hello??

  • Dero

    uhm... is this episode 1 now or not?

  • Turock

    we all missed a chance to wait for the Vax Street Boys Tour

  • Sloppy Phart
    Sloppy Phart

    I haven't stuck with Game Grumps for a while now. Their content seems so half-assed now. But I'll stick around for this series at least. It takes me back to their Link to the Past series, with Dan playing Zelda and Arin just kinda chilling and being laid back. Just like old times.

  • Fated Despair
    Fated Despair

    0:07 19:26

  • Rathemighty

    Hey, Danny! Never Wheat Eat Soggy

  • Kielo__

    Please do more of it takes two

  • Henning Mahn
    Henning Mahn

    I'm looking forward to seeing how many of the same jokes the Grumps and Supermega make throughout this game

  • Evan Lobo
    Evan Lobo

    Dan was confusing the tail cave with the Cove where you get some tail.

  • Robinson Huso
    Robinson Huso

    I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't name him Smeef, since the Link from Link's Awakening is the same link from A Link to the Past.

  • Killbo Swaggins
    Killbo Swaggins

    -disappointed Dan voice- Arin…You can trigger a jump with a button in BotW

  • Zack Forbes
    Zack Forbes

    Arin is the biggest troll when he doesn't have to play while Dan is always supportive 😢 #teamDan

  • tingo wango
    tingo wango

    Actually you can side jump in other zeldas and you can jump attack so isnt that jumping in zelda

  • Alex Bottom
    Alex Bottom

    If anyone cares, the correct pronunciation of Marin's name is "marine". In the original Japanese, her name is written マリン, and it's even transliterated as Marine in French localizations. I'm sorry if this destroys your worldview to have learned.

  • Drunken Meowth
    Drunken Meowth

    Weird conversations in bathrooms " hey, hows it goin guys? Pretty hot out huh? "

  • Ruin Naked
    Ruin Naked

    Finally playing some Zelda lol

  • Aquarian Rat
    Aquarian Rat

    Arin. Firaga 3? You can be a fire 3 guy or a firaga guy. Not both.

  • AdudenamedKemp

    25:15 "When I was playing this, I was playing this on the Switch" Oh shit, are our boys EMULATIN'?!

  • Desmo

    18:00 you guys are using light theme and you have lost my respect xD

  • mimimshock

    jesus that intro is very well made. i love it

  • Krystal

    Haha, the tail cave sounds like some kind of strip club.

  • Lyle Schlegel
    Lyle Schlegel

    Arin as the owl gives off big Crow vibes from Demon Slayer

  • Cernunnas

    @8:38 The bananas has gone bad

  • Gage Amaya
    Gage Amaya

    I hope the experimental vaccine doesn't kill these guys in 5 years.

  • Squack Spencer
    Squack Spencer

    Not gonna lie, when I received the mail newsletter, I honestly thought it was customizing my nickname somehow. Nice choice, though XD

  • Garrett Greene
    Garrett Greene

    Can we please change the thumbnails. It’s so jarring coming back to Game Grumps and not knowing what series or episode something is just by it’s thumbnail. I’m tired of the shitty clickbait

  • Josiah Bostic
    Josiah Bostic

    So surprised Arin didnt mention that Grape Ape is a kaiju

  • Josiah Bostic
    Josiah Bostic

    Cool to see them enjoying one of my fav zelda games lmao

  • tangy tablets
    tangy tablets

    This game is more playset-like instead of clay-like, imo

  • stalker Texas stranger
    stalker Texas stranger

    I have ligma

  • D M
    D M

    I remember way back when the grumps played paper Mario, and arin started doing that high pitched, piercing voice that everyone hated. Glad that didn't stick around...

  • Chris CreedV
    Chris CreedV

    Is this a fever dream of the link on the boat? Cos yeeeeesh that first animation was amazing

  • Travis McNasty
    Travis McNasty

    30:45 Minish Cap has a jump item. And so does a little underrated (and unheard of) gem of a Zelda game called Breath of the Wild. The latter has a jump button.

  • Zacharythefish


  • leo jeo
    leo jeo

    18:00 *do you see it*

  • connor parisou
    connor parisou

    I absolutely love the Camilla voice it makes me lol every time

  • Marveled RetroGaming12
    Marveled RetroGaming12

    honestly enough, to anyone who has seen the movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis (great movie btw), idk who is saying the owl's voice 😅 sounds exactly like the Dream Owl in the movie. Check out the movie, its a good one. good childhood memories

  • TXF

    I don't have a Switch, sadly. Can't afford it. But what I CAN afford? To play the Game Boy Color version. I've never played it, so it's fun playing through it for the first time.

  • Bud of Sharon
    Bud of Sharon


  • Jamie Vee
    Jamie Vee

    29:19 I did not realize that was supposed to be an owl. What I saw was a cartoon skull with a giant toothy smile (which is supposed to be the owls feet) and black nose. I was confused when they said owl

  • Sheo Dagana
    Sheo Dagana

    The Spoiler Owls are not what they seem.

  • Crit

    "Well I'll tell you, son?"

  • Jonathan Ferman
    Jonathan Ferman

    Love you guys! Are u going to finish It Takes Two? Keep up the good work!

  • Captain Waddles
    Captain Waddles

    I know I'm late, but i recommend the future name of "Clembottom."

  • HeadBomber2006

    I’m a dumbass I didn’t realize the Backstreet Boys was the COVID-19

  • FadeFox530 Harris
    FadeFox530 Harris

    me: wonders if Dan and Arin did a links awakening playthrough the next day: Game Grumps uploads their first links awakening video

  • Patrick Shores
    Patrick Shores

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss my favorite Zelda game

  • Looner Zoldick
    Looner Zoldick

    Dan: "there's some trading to do in this game" Arin: **disgusted internally** "ugh F E T C H Q U E S T "

  • StargazeWholly

    The new GameGrumps thumbnail and episode titling format is so confusing. It's like searching through a ball pit of random the same coloured balls. Why can't it be episode 1 or part 1 or SOMETHING to let us know which one is in order, you know?

  • Setsuna Konoe
    Setsuna Konoe

    I wonder what the vaccine will turn these two into.

  • KrisKrispies

    I legit love it when Dan plays the games. He is so wholesome and chill and Arin makes a fantastic wingman