Birds of Koholint Island: A Field Guide - Links Awakening
Be prepared and bring your 'nocs. It's hard to tell the owls from eagles.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Spoofy Media
    Spoofy Media

    Chicken Stairway to shenanigans

  • Will Stein
    Will Stein

    wishing dan didn't trade away the shovel :(

  • Minzkaffee

    What? No! Roosters are so lovely. You ever gave one some food? They often take it and put it on the ground for their girls to eat. They take care of their hens, like the loud gentlemen they are.

  • Modern Medusa
    Modern Medusa

    I clicked on this purely for the thumbnail. Don't care I'm not watching it in order 🤣

  • Onyx Oblivion
    Onyx Oblivion


  • Feathertusk

    For the love of all that is Uluru use the boomerang it kills 99% of everything in the game.

  • Feathertusk

    I don't know if the tricked worked on this version, but if you throw the boomerang then grab the rooster you turn into a helicopter of death.

    • Feathertusk

      Also works in the bedroom.

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus

    To learn about animal immorality on-par to humans', read about dolphins. Those sickos >:[

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus

    For my personal reference: "chicken singing" 13:50 -14:55

  • Michael Sinister
    Michael Sinister

    They make it sound like Young Dampé is the Butthole-Sniffing Adventurer

  • classoforion


  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Dru Bryan
    Dru Bryan

    Programming a Zelda game on a TRS-80? A CoCo 2? From Radio Shack? That's a reference to some heckin' arcane technology; gg Arin.

  • Dane Flitton
    Dane Flitton

    Am I the only one who noticed the Chicken Shenanigans happening in the top left at 21:03 ?

  • Danny Abraham
    Danny Abraham

    Is dan placist?

  • neiru

    39:42 They call me... Barry Ballhead.

  • Bradley Dixon
    Bradley Dixon

    6:44 Omg I want this animated so badly. Just imagining a hotty version of link playing the ocarina and then smash cut to just the ugliest skydiving, wind blown face is too funny

  • John

    "You are givin me all kinds of unavoidable sauce today!" And he's gonna do the sauce move! UNAVOIDABLE SAUCE MOVE! UN-A-VOID-ABLE SAUCE MOOOOOVE! OOOOOOOOOH! AAAAAGH! OOH Zelda! OOH Zelda! BEST Game! Best game 2016!

  • Bird

    I love when Dan beatboxes because he has one go-to beat

  • BuildRBlock

    Dan Aviarydan lol i see what you did there

  • Jaxon Steed
    Jaxon Steed

    21:03 - look in the top left corner... CHICKEN • Stairway to shenanigans As they're talking about shenaniganners and they have a chicken going down a stairway... That was shenanigans for sure!

  • FuzzMustard

    missed opportunity: Arin, "How do you get past that huge hole?" Dan, "With my cock." *lifts rooster*

  • EXU

    10:34 Dan turned on my Siri

  • Overtly Critical Dork
    Overtly Critical Dork


  • Pron Joffitt
    Pron Joffitt

    "whats your favorite episode of game grumps, billy?" Billy: "i like the one where they talk cluck like chickens for a lonnnnnnnng time"

  • Christopher Sawchuk
    Christopher Sawchuk

    Dampes stones are gonna be the biggest transfer of wealth in history. Please moar dampé voices

  • raekuul


  • Xcycobob56X

    Yes! "Shenaniganery" is working it's way into the public lexicon.

  • BilboFraggins2

    Arin aka "Backseat Barry" jesus christ man

  • Toastility

    21:00 _Chicken - Stairway to Shenanigans_

  • CloudsGirl7

    Arin: "Hey Dan, you should steal from the shop." Also Arin: "That's Kirby! That's copyright infringement - they can't do that!"

  • Laughing Skull
    Laughing Skull

    "They can do that that's copyright enfringement" two words and I'll end it at that smash bros


    Where the hell is that "that's a staircase" voice from?

  • lebutzki


  • Danimation Max
    Danimation Max

    21:02 top left

  • InlustriusGhost

    21:03 Anyone notice the Chicken playing Stairway to Shenanigans?

  • Sean Mattson
    Sean Mattson

    They’re all chickens, man.

  • EngRos

    The fucking fake Nintendo friend online pop up, got me way more than it should have

  • ryukun481
    ryukun481 the friend notification as 21:03 real, or an edit? I really want it to be an edit, because thats funny

  • Nice!

    The chicken version of the Beetlejuice theme is something I'd never thought I'd need

  • Lonely Ocean
    Lonely Ocean

    Please play "Don't Blink" please? Not now of course but sometime in the near future? I think it'd be a hit on the channel but your gonna have to kill it in one go since there is only like 70 minutes of gameplay so maybe a stream? Idk what kind of limitations the BSBRT would put on that because I know you guys just started this series.

  • Lizzy Shadows
    Lizzy Shadows

    So, I'm under the influence of the electric lettuce, and dan "chicken boking" the mario l-2 theme is literally killing me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Always 0 Tired
    Always 0 Tired

    Eagle cave because it’s confusing and you gotta be as smart as an eagle

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan

    21:50 - Hahahaha 31:19 - Holy shit, what is wrong with this title?

  • Nae Rey
    Nae Rey

    Honestly, all of their bawk-bawking with the rooster 14:03 onwards is endearing LOL the lil guy is too cute hopping and flying around.

  • UmbreonMessiah

    Danny would have solved this 100x faster if he didn't have Arin around.

  • Curtis Lawson jr
    Curtis Lawson jr

    The notification that chicken was online and playing stairway to shenanigans at 21:02 really did me in

  • Sean Finley
    Sean Finley

    But if the rooster has sex with the hen, who has sex with the chicken?

  • Nintendo Born
    Nintendo Born

    Lovin this series and hoping they keep it up for a little bit longer, I hope it doesn’t end too soon

  • Juxtaposition Chicken
    Juxtaposition Chicken

    Lotta sauce from Arin in these episodes..

  • Cryptic Corgi
    Cryptic Corgi

    I wonder if that song that brings people back to life would bring the undead guys 25:10 & 31:41 to life or normal dead.

  • Helltech

    Million billion dollars!? Thought that was only bullet tax.

  • beesforkeeps

    Is anyone else struggling to watch these in order? Without the numbers on the thumbnail I can't tell which one came after each other

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter

    Watching them push rocks around to get to all those chests was so frustrating to watch. They reset multiple times when they didn't need to.

  • ChaosMiles07

    "It's KIRBY?!" I think I called this a few videos ago.

  • Becky

    I'm loving Arin's sass in this playthrough

  • Becky

    22:23 c o c k i n j u r e d

  • Beau Remington
    Beau Remington

    Johan Sebastian Bawk over there...

  • Beau Remington
    Beau Remington


  • Beau Remington
    Beau Remington

    Somebody animate Dan's face during the senior moment and be sure to cross his eyes and make him drool, possibly with a subtle, Disney-type boner-type bump that can be seen in his pantaloons. Lol!

  • Cronus Metentis
    Cronus Metentis

    And it is this Gamegrumps episode where both Danny and Arin forgot about hens

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    That My Name is Dampe @ 10:40 bit killed me!🤣🤣

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Bitey companion Female companion Delicious companion

  • Clara Madelaine
    Clara Madelaine

    It throws me off that the audio is like half a second ahead of the video


    I don't remember Arin being this annoying

    • AkameGaKillfan777

      Watch Paper Mario. Or don't

  • Redskinn


  • UmbreonMessiah

    The Boomerang used to be even more powerful. It is kind of sad that those days are gone.

  • BingoClamshell

    Arin: Oh my god it's next time on Game Grumps, dude. Me: Damn, he noticed.

  • lIIllIIlllIlIl

    Chicken works at nintendo and got unrelease copy of Stairway to Shenanigan D:

  • Zachary Ray
    Zachary Ray

    "That's a staircase" near the end was a Brian Regan reference. One of the funniest stand-ups I've ever seen.

  • John Samuel
    John Samuel

    I would love to know how long it took to create the bit at 21:02.

  • Avery Rose
    Avery Rose

    Is Arin okay??

  • Mumpfel

    21:02 Chicken playing Stairway to Shenanigans

  • Chris Glininiewicz
    Chris Glininiewicz

    No more recaps please.

  • Chris Glininiewicz
    Chris Glininiewicz

    No more recaps please.

  • Oliver Hervey
    Oliver Hervey

    21:03 Chicken playing Stairway to Shenanigans... While they talk about shenanigans, with a chicken

  • Samantha Gaddis
    Samantha Gaddis

    Arin has such a spicy attitude today

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones

    i'm surprised two people who have played link to the past about 100 times didn't know to wake up the rooster thing....

  • CHmLgN

    16:05 I don't often disagree with Dan, but hell no, Roosters are absolutely just a big old bunch of dicks.

  • Grimms

    Necromancy. Through song!

  • Becca Mew
    Becca Mew

    As a chicken tender (haha) chickens are the species. Hens are female, roos are males. And my rooster is a sweetheart who enjoys being cuddled. So nyeh. (Heh. I'm just being silly. I'm not mad.)

  • Iris x
    Iris x

    arin! stop slandering roosters! i had a rooster that jumped on my arm on command, he was a super sweet boy and very protective to his hens and the ducks, he would always give the best food to his ladies.. like when he found a worm hed call them over.

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    21:02 how is the chicken behind link, AND online at the same time?!

  • XenoLotus

    *Link walks in* "MAMU! I'VE COME TO BARGAIN!" *300 rupees later*

  • gunbuster718


  • mikau15

    10:37 Arin actually has a 'talking about money' voice. "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE 3 LESS DOLLARS!!!!"

  • Al Etcetera
    Al Etcetera

    1:28 They gave me flashbacks to Gamechap & Bertie from Adamzonetopmarks.

  • zeldafreak888

    Man…are they ever gonna steal?

  • Masked Rakoon
    Masked Rakoon

    This episode is pretty miscellaneous from the others. A strangely different, yet hilarious humor.

  • Robert Denniston
    Robert Denniston

    “That’s very eagle like to break columns like that.” Arin Hanson, not being salty.

  • Allpaka

    I _think_ we're in for a "check this out" compilation with Dan. It's only fair.

  • Haunt is Gaming
    Haunt is Gaming

    Danny literally had it the second time Arin said "well then you gotta start from the bottom" >:(

  • ToddyMcHotty

    I love how I just got a KFC ad just as the flying rooster is revived litterally as the soul orb goes into the skull and flash of light starts white fades into kfc

  • jomb234

    My parents once had a rooster that actually was fairly nice to the hens. He’d even play fight with me and one of the family dogs.

  • gool cuy
    gool cuy

    16:10 when arin doesn't understand you keep roosters around to protect the chickens

  • Revolsin

    13:18 dan sass on max tonight

  • Revolsin

    7:03 this rooster fail is perfect

  • MystrKnight

    This is what happens to Arin when he isn't playing the game.

  • Cameron Barton22
    Cameron Barton22

    Day 23 of asking Arin and Dan to play Sonic Unleashed HD version

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