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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Lboy165

    This brings back good memories from the original playthrough and the game grump animated

  • Orion41


  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    The "AirBnB" bit is about as stupid as the Back Street Boys Reunion Tour

  • AnuxeL

    Dad piss is totally a thing

  • sandra bullcock
    sandra bullcock

    18:50 We made so far and go progress but in the end it doesn't even matter.

  • DioLT

    No one: Absolutely no one: The Grumps: GET A NEW TEMPLATE, SHEEPLE

  • HD

    Heated floors 😂

  • RPG Sul'Side
    RPG Sul'Side

    It would be really cool if you could include the link to the playlist in the compilations video descriptions, should we want to transition into watching the whole thing!! Thanks :D

  • inSTASIS

    This might actually be one of the best 'Best ofs' ever, ngl

  • Shmaw Gaming
    Shmaw Gaming

    Wait, I feel like I've seen and heard this all before.... Hmmm....

  • Marcia Quill
    Marcia Quill

    I was waiting for a playthrough for awhile

  • Ori Cardomay
    Ori Cardomay

    When Arin mentioned he was coughing and Suzy joked that he "got tickets" I had a mini-breakdown because I remember this playthrough being like years ago.

  • Luke Stump
    Luke Stump

    I am one of 205k + gamers who watched this video for a good laugh!

  • Luke Stump
    Luke Stump

    Can someone tell me how Zelda went from Yuga to Yiga?!

  • ntog

    "It's not the amount of liquid, It's the power of it" - Zach Hadel

  • Adam Block
    Adam Block

    I am glad they lost the audio xD it's so funny

  • JonnyDarko602

    I gotta say arin and dan always come off a bit pretentious when they talk about their diet

  • Raccoon Boi
    Raccoon Boi

    My favorite one is Arin: Yoshi's island is probably my favorite game of all time. Also Arin: never knew he could aim Yoshi's tongue upward (Or was it that he didn't know he could lock the aiming so he wouldn't have to get the timing of the aim right?)

  • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
    Socially Responsible Xenomorph

    after this video, if you type professional in youtube it auto fills to that very video lol


    Omgod 39:00 is so fucking funny xD

  • Mark

    Arin's Zelda voice is pretty much canon now

  • Silver Sentinel
    Silver Sentinel

    Absolutely nobody: Dan: "Stop meme-ing me!" Also Dan: [does meme-able sh*t]

  • BlackWinds

    I know arin's the videogame boy, but I do enjoy it when dan gets to be in the driver's seat too. I wish they'd at least go back and forth a little more often.

  • Jigsaw Into Space
    Jigsaw Into Space

    The edits where Loafus walks through one door and ends up somewhere different are a nice touch

  • Richard Latimer
    Richard Latimer

    How many Zelda playthroughs have they called Link 'young and supple' now?

  • Mike Hab
    Mike Hab

    But we made so far go progress!

  • Aidan Casias
    Aidan Casias

    No one Actually no one Arin MIlK ME

  • JobiwanUK

    Love the energy in this. So much fun, love the fly through replay.

  • InfamousBanana

    That airbnb/realtor bit is so fucking funny. Kills me everytime 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JessEGames

    For so long I actually thought they were just really excited about back street boys

  • IceSpectre

    yo you guys plan on playing another pokemon game soon? like sword and shield or maybe the hoenn remakes? I just want to see more pokemon tbh :)

  • HalcyonSerenade

    The "heated floors" as a sort of "used car marketing" line for lava _really_ gets me lol

  • Dan Shimandle
    Dan Shimandle

    I am upset that we didn’t get to hear Danny’s reaction to the ending, but I do love hearing them react to watching themselves like we do every video.

  • Seiuchi (セイウチ) Compositions
    Seiuchi (セイウチ) Compositions

    We made so far ago progress will forever be my favorite dan moment

  • [HRG] Dr. Dro
    [HRG] Dr. Dro

    It's pretty lazy to take someones comp they edited, whole rip it, and put it on your channel. Sadge

  • M. S.
    M. S.

    "Why do I have a much more authoritative voice than the captain?" *exact same voice* "Morning, Loafus!"

  • VladTheBreaker

    The ending bit about bnb is genius tho

  • shadowsental

    why aren't these videos called "Game Grumpilations"?

  • agentorangecb1

    The lumberjack slam sounds like a full English breakfast with the beans, tomato and fried mushrooms replaced by pancakes? Maybe the 'vegetables' were deemed too healthy?

  • Mike Pettit
    Mike Pettit

    Play Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks!

  • Crazy Hotdog
    Crazy Hotdog

    who the fuck is nobody and why does he have so many questions

  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare
    Drakkenmensch Silverflare

    10:20 he totally looks like a hamburger with googly eyes! Wait... is THAT where Mayor McCheese went when he stopped appearing in commercials?

  • Alex Dana
    Alex Dana

    I remember I worked at walmart when this came out, and we got the stuff like a month or two before they came out, and let's just say I was able to acquire it early. 🤣 only time I ever did it though

  • Deavin Volkers
    Deavin Volkers

    I'm glad you lads got to finish this! I'm also grateful that you're doing better, Dan!

  • Bartholomew Thundercat III
    Bartholomew Thundercat III

    “Heated floors”

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright

    Can't wait for them to be able to do the show in person again. The remote method works well, but nothing comes close to their comedic chemistry when together.

  • Safebox Gaming
    Safebox Gaming

    Damn, it's a shame none of the OG series is in this. Cause that bra skit was teh best.

  • gary_something_else

    12:40 lol Wha- What kind of guy are you are?

  • Cole Sebert
    Cole Sebert

    "We made so fargoprogress..." Quite possibly my favorite line ever.

  • Kyle Dare
    Kyle Dare

    I always enjoy the rare times Dan is the one to actually play the game :)

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    Arin roasting Dan while he's going to the bathroom is one of the funniest things

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson

    The BSB reunion tour was in full swing during a Link Between Worlds? Good lord, this feels like a lifetime ago.

  • betasector

    You know, the way you pronounce Loafus, it means Horsedick in Hungarian.

  • Akolade

    the day these two stop making videos is the day i fall into a deep depression

    • Charles

      Well, as this compilation shows, they're still funny the second time around. They have a huge back catalogue which is well-worth watching even if you've already seen some of it.

  • Zaga Studios
    Zaga Studios

    I loved this gameplay, Gamegrump's finest

  • SlightlyLost

    Hearing Arin's descent into madness with Magic all over again is like a fine wine.

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    I’m using this video as a timer for my bread 😅

  • Tymme Zinni
    Tymme Zinni

    21:10 Hello martyr, hello farter...

  • Isaiah Ocasio
    Isaiah Ocasio

    The sad thing is I love the Lumberjack at Denny's.

  • Jakori

    I wanna see dan play zelda minish cap or links awakening

    • Jakori

      @Charles Its there :D Not minish cap tho :(

    • Charles

      You're in luck! They're doing Link's Awakening soon when they can meet up again, with Dan playing. Most likely the Switch version. Minish Cap would be great too.

  • Martin Atze Jensen
    Martin Atze Jensen

    Yey, more Zelda stuff! Love it

  • Kirby Otaku
    Kirby Otaku

    Ohhh, interesting that this comes out while I'm working on a sequel video about a certain loaf 👀

    • Sib's Art
      Sib's Art

      Ooo I’ll be looking forward to that

    • Sean of the Dead
      Sean of the Dead

      Hmmmm. Interesting indeed.

    • z flat
      z flat


    • Azure Balmung
      Azure Balmung

      I cannot WAIT until the day, many months from now (if not longer, given that they might take a break) until we've got a Kirby Otaku animated about the Adventures of Squackle.

    • delacruise666

      Can’t wait for my day to be filled with adorable animations!~ ❤️❤️❤️

  • Roger Thoman
    Roger Thoman

    “It’s like watching a monkey piss into its own face” is such a pure Grump energy

  • San XD
    San XD

    Thunder! Thunder! Thunder Cats! **Paingasm**

  • Torgo The Grey
    Torgo The Grey

    Arin, after Dan gets hit by several arrows in a row: "What are you, me?"

  • Kknewkles Wildwision
    Kknewkles Wildwision

    While watching the series I never appreciated just how much Danny MURDERED Arin

  • Gosh Darn
    Gosh Darn

    This series has so much potential for animated’s

  • Hiroshu

    HELL YEAH BEST OF LINK BETWEEN WORLDS!! 40 minutes long? Welp, I’ll just rewatch the Game Grumps playing it instead

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    8:53 Because I've got a happy swingin' foot!

  • Misfit Ledoux
    Misfit Ledoux

    Sounds like Topher Grace 😆

  • A FreshPepper
    A FreshPepper

    I have recently become a father, and my piss has gotten louder.

  • alldayagain

    And here I was thinking Danny's disdain for this game was due to his *huge* thumbs on the controllers

  • niku5an

    I loved this playthrough! Thanks for making an official comp for it! 😁 I feel like Dan would love to play Link's Awakening for Switch!

  • Kat

    They played this when the Backstreet tour started? Wow.

  • Sam Kittredge
    Sam Kittredge

    The most impressive thing about this play through is that Arin knows Legacy staple magic cards

  • Bones

    That "Whoops!" that Dan did while still in character was great.

  • Summ Dude
    Summ Dude

    Hearing Arin’s first curse word get censored: “Uh-oh…” Hearing the immediately following stream of “fuck”s from Dan: “Phew.”

  • mastercheifslayer300

    Thunder! THUNDER! THUNDER CATS!!! buhhh! Omg that was so funny! Almost choked on my biscuit hearing that!

  • Scubasage

    Wonder when the grumps will play the Oracle series on their quest to play every Zelda game 🤔

    • Charles

      @Scubasage They are doing Link's Awakening soon, almost certainly the Switch version. Dan has mentioned it several times that once they get immunized against the BSB tour and they can play in person again they'll play that game, and that he's doing a practice playthrough beforehand.

    • Scubasage

      @Charles I don't think they have, though there is the remake version of Link's Awakening that they can play if they wanted higher graphical fidelity. I had played the Oracle series first as a kid and could never get into Link's Awakening cause it was slower, looked worse, and had worse controls and items compared to the Oracle games.

    • Charles

      Have they ever played a Game Boy game on the show? The graphics aren't great, and I feel like those games progress really slowly. I loved Link's Awakening DX and The Minish Cap, but I could never get into the Oracle games amd never got very far into them.

  • Nogardo

    I do miss the old Yuga voice

  • maybetoby

    Arin looking up "beware of dog" had me dying lol

  • Joe Medlen
    Joe Medlen

    I would love to see a Dan and Arin talking behind eachother's backs compilation and see them react to it

  • Christian Sitzman
    Christian Sitzman


  • archaeologyBoy

    The last part of this play through with them watching back was a magical time. Honestly? They should do it again.

  • Fakenit66

    Have you guys seen Aunty Donna's Big Old House of Fun? Seems like it would be your kind of humor.

  • Bebe San
    Bebe San

    I loved this playthrough, definitely the most comfy to sit back and relax to !

  • Ronan Sail
    Ronan Sail

    I remember watching the series and thinking "it’s gonna be less authentic with new audio instead of the lost one" but instead you were so inspired, your humour went through the roof. One of the most enjoyable playthrough i’ve watched on game grumps.

  • WizardManStan

    Dan can name the album dates of any 80s band. Also Dan: rhinoceratops? What a cool name, I should write a song about it.

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma

    This is great, but I still miss the original Hilda voice.

  • SaruiRalla

    I try to draw while listening to these in the background. I dunno why I do, as I always end up devolving into laughter. xP

  • Cola Lord
    Cola Lord

    *D* *A* *D* *P* *I* *S* *S*

  • Anna Bernardo
    Anna Bernardo

    38:21 Start of AIRBNB dungeon bit! 😁

    • l0vecherrie

      doing Gods work

  • Myerk Lamb
    Myerk Lamb

    "You will find the teleportation block in the second breakfast nook" The entire Air B and B discussion is my favorite Game Grumps moment of all time

    • Meteorgun7

      I was dying of laughter that whole episode, best one I've seen in years!

    • Charles

      I legitimately woke up the following morning with a super sore stomach from laughing so hard, to the point where I couldn't sit up in bed. I'm a full-grown man, but I was in fits throughout the entire bit, with "heated floors!" being the funniest to me at the time.

  • basim Khan
    basim Khan

    I'm really confused, how do the grumps mess up their video capture/ audio so often. Like how often does this happen to other youtubers?

    • Charles

      Just not organized I guess. They record many episodes at once and release them slowly, so there's more potential for data to go missing before it's uploaded.

  • Ceramic Client
    Ceramic Client

    I wish they would play sonic colors already 😩

  • The Juiciest Lemon
    The Juiciest Lemon

    Not going to lie hate these new thumbnails they just don't feel game grumps. Also hate how the older videos are getting deleted.

  • Kevin Meeker
    Kevin Meeker

    That boss wasn't hard Thanks to all of this training It's snowing on Mt Fuji.

  • Bunny Baker
    Bunny Baker

    “Dad piss, it’s like pouring a Stella Artois in a fucking beer glass” 🙂🍺

  • Raven Wolf
    Raven Wolf

    I am glad that dan is happy bird.

  • FrancosBabyGirl

    Aww they didn't put my favorite part in where Danny screamed "BEEE!!!!" Oh well this was still awesome!

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