Legend of Mario - Links Awakening
The newest installment in the prolific Mario series, Link's Awakening will take you to new lands! Those lands will still have goombas though.

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Game Grumps are:
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  • Adam Askins
    Adam Askins

    Dan dropped a sweet "No ticket" Last Crusade reference and Arin just rolled right past it.

  • Handal Piper
    Handal Piper

    That thumbnail is hilarious =^__^=

  • MaddestMike

    I love that they made the owl sound like he's struggling to hold in his farts. XD

  • tantthetank

    What if the chain is just a long turd coming out of the chain chomps?

  • Zachary Rogers
    Zachary Rogers

    I really hate the last time on game grumps stuff. It’s not good for binge watching.

  • Haezz

    arins always funny but when dannys playing and he just commentates hes fucking hilarious

  • Corwyn

    >Link gets smooched, top left Link started playing Super Seducer Cougar Call. Wtf lol

  • Varmkorv

    27:54 nice

  • Frank Clemente
    Frank Clemente

    Dan afraid of spoiling Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc: In Paper Mario Origami King (2020) this happens.

  • James Van Dam
    James Van Dam

    Wow, could they maybe have picked a different color scheme for the genie?

  • Green Sapphire
    Green Sapphire

    With how arin and dan view the moral system in video games, I want to see them play one of the infamous games

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Mentally disturbed gamer 420
    Mentally disturbed gamer 420

    Is he cool tho?

  • Winedrops901

    I watched this to sleep for like a week now IT WORKS

  • Robert Alaniz
    Robert Alaniz

    27:53 almost didn't notice Link Super Seducer: Cougar Call

  • JamaicanMario

    Dan stop origami King and play the og one!

  • Nathan Nichols
    Nathan Nichols

    The switch 'now playing' gag never fails to kill me

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm

    i think after shadow of the colossus and the horse, dan must have gotten wise to arins attempts at getting him to do stuff that will cause him grief for laughs

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm

    chain chomp is eating out dampé's ass

  • Equ3strianGam3r

    You guys are censoring seashells now? You really should keep BowWow longer as he can do quite a bit around the map.

  • TheAceOfFIre

    27:53, That achievement in the upper left though...

  • Galaxy Laurels
    Galaxy Laurels

    Yeah carpenter bees suck, and the bees overall that we have here in NC are huge and forever being territorial.

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    Someone should tell them they should play the Mario and Luigi games, they're awesome.

  • tic tacs 4 snaccs
    tic tacs 4 snaccs

    1:50 this reminds me of "Mother, you're alive?" "Too bad it is YOU who will die" 💀

  • Little_Lavender_Hen

    So yall are just not gunna finish it takes two?

  • Ragamofin TV
    Ragamofin TV

    "Is he cool?" Me when facing a funny looking guy in an alley... "NO, he is NOT cool" After the guy robbed me

  • Corporal Cortes
    Corporal Cortes

    chuckling at how my timer for the burritos i’m making went off at exactly 27:42 right after the npc was like “how can i ever repay you? i know-“

  • audrixn

    Link playing Super Seducer: Cougar Call when speaking to Madam MeowMeow really tickled me.

  • Olivia Lissa
    Olivia Lissa


  • Joslyn Wiles
    Joslyn Wiles

    When I first read Dampe's name, I read it as "DOHMP" and laughed for like 30 minutes straight until I almost threw up :D

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez

    Why don't they number the episodes anymore?

  • XenoLotus

    If you didn't talk to Madame MeowMeow, you could've kept Bowwow for the rest of the game

  • fadadapple

    Arin, every time you fell in Sonic Heroes, it was 100% your fault

  • Matt Kiefer
    Matt Kiefer

    "Why is he a clown? it seems so arbitrary." There's actually a pretty good inferable reason as to why he's a clown. But it's a spoiler.

  • Penguiking

    You know someone at the company was definitely like, "dude, that looks like a vagina...." You can't possibly tell me no one at Nintendo acknowledge that, no one can be that oblivious

  • delta fox
    delta fox

    Dan how the fuck is it when I play paper mario origami king and links awakening at the same time, and I rediscover yalls channel, you just happen to be playing the same ones?

  • Lukethefox

    I think they made the Shoplifting more harder in this version as the Shopkeeper moves a lot faster and doesn't move away from you.

  • Emily H
    Emily H

    “I landed on some sort of triggering mechanism.” That’s a button, Dan.

  • MrMonsterGuy

    Taking this opportunity to apply my college. Angina is chest pain. There are a couple of different kinds, but essentially it's caused from lack of oxygen to the heart itself. Nitroglycerin is typically the medication taken to relieve this as it opens blood vessels in the heart, keeping the occluded vessels open to get enough oxygen to the heart. Nitroglycerin is typically taken sublingually (under the tongue) because that area is extremely vascular and meds take effect very quickly at that location, which is why patients dying are typically given morphine sublingually. Have a great day.

  • Joshua Richard
    Joshua Richard

    One could say it is. Microsoft word.

  • MugenChikara

    I know it's due to the effect the backstreet boys reunion tour had this past year, but i was hoping Dan would play Origami king on grumps. It doesn't mean they wont, but i was more hoping we would see his first reaction/impression on grumps, because it is adorable.

  • Ghoulie Thousand Trouser
    Ghoulie Thousand Trouser

    I really get the feeling the inspiration for that cyclops boss fight came from one of the devs watching their kid chasing a pet. I've still got a cool lil' scar on my cheek from when I learned not to throw cats around. Lol

  • alucard971

    18:58 "That is a great saying. It really says aww fuck I went after the heart" Profound.

  • B Fitz
    B Fitz

    Arin: "And then I ate his friends, who all had similar names!" Clyde: *Am I a joke to you??*

  • westingtyler

    24:42 "VERY COOL". this coupled with another recent sound byte make me think these guys LOVE RedletterMedia. We gotta get these guys to be on a Best of the Worst or something. Dan and Arin are a bit douchey in a loveable way, but RLM is a WHOLE other level of lovable douchey, so who knows if that collab would work out!

  • Stephen Tremblay
    Stephen Tremblay

    Arin mentioning his moms Healing Horse Therapy Centre reminded me that he never finished the Kingdom Hearts 2 livestream.

  • Monserrat Gutierrez
    Monserrat Gutierrez

    Hey guys, this may be a very picky thing, but can we go back to "PART X" at least in the name of the video? I need to go to the main channel to see which episode is next and it's nothing awful but kinda weird to do ^^U

  • Daniel Rendon
    Daniel Rendon

    I get the feeling that this confirms either that in zelda there is a dimensional rift were shit for the mario world gets through, or they are in the same world just different continents and this island is close enough that I has animals from both and some of the people kinda look like mario type humans instead of hylian.

  • Newt

    Don't mind me, just time stamping this gag for myself: 18:35.

  • Mr. Fiction
    Mr. Fiction

    I don't think Rupal is a Russian currency, I'm pretty sure that's a drag queen 🤔

  • Nicholas Ruffino
    Nicholas Ruffino

    Dan wouldn't want to go 1v1 with Michael Jordan. Arin'd do it just to pick them grapes up on the floor

  • Роман Жолобов
    Роман Жолобов



    i always thought it was (Dom-pee) like Pokémon for the pronunciation of dampé

  • Archem

    5:00 Wow, that's a subtle edit. I wonder how many people ignored the notification thinking it was a regular friend notification?

  • Maierae

    Happy to hear that Arin wasn't stung by the bee. My favourites are the furry bees, as they look like adorable flying balls of fluff 😍 I'm loving the game and looking forward to catching up to the other videos of it. 😃

  • 0SharkGuy

    omg the Switch notification on the top left at 27:52 was gold

  • Devin Cardwell
    Devin Cardwell

    27:54 In the top left corner. I like the joke that you guys made nice touch Game Grumps.👍 I haven’t seen many people notice it in the comments.

  • María Zaragoza
    María Zaragoza

    Ongina is a drag queen.

  • alaska

    link super seducer: cougar call 27:54

  • Stacey 'C0LDE' Evans
    Stacey 'C0LDE' Evans

    Play oragami king on the channel though 😐😓😞

  • PixelRex

    Omg lol, that edit at 27:52 was perfect!

  • Alexio Velasco
    Alexio Velasco

    I swear they played this already...

  • MumboMod

    Hey editors, I'm liking the occasional silly Switch notifications :)

  • TXF

    What's with the framerate in this game? I swear it's jumping between 30 and 60fps depending on what room they're in...

  • FreezerTIK

    "Why is he a clown?" Because the bosses are called nightmares and clowns freak some people out

  • Brutus B. Martins
    Brutus B. Martins

    Don't think the grumps are capable of playing puzzle oriented games without a walkthrough anymore.

  • Timmothy Hogan
    Timmothy Hogan

    Arin: "Please don't kiss me" Dan: "Nope I blew it"

  • lotrdude13

    Part of me hoped Dan would play Origami King blind on the show

  • iianbe

    Imagine my disappointment when I tabbed back to the video thinking they were talking about Crazy Drezy from DAS EFX

  • Officer Hotpants
    Officer Hotpants

    Dan must get _so much_ angina.

  • dan

    I almost forgot about Elephant larry's not that bat man!

  • MisfitOger

    All the Pac-Man ghosts have similar names; Clyde, Am i a joke to you?

  • Wesley Shafer
    Wesley Shafer

    12:23 sequalitus mode activated

  • The Jack of All Trades
    The Jack of All Trades

    "This is the bottle grotto" *dan in the video and me irl burp simultaneously* That was serendipitous...

  • Mage Nuggets
    Mage Nuggets

    " Link: Super Seducer, Cougar Call " Is all I saw on screen

  • Joolian

    That conch horn was very YONIC

  • Gabriel Shtey101
    Gabriel Shtey101

    27:52 that perfectly timed link turning while blushed and one of the friends on their switch being called link playing "super seducer: cougar call"

  • thisissparta300ful

    Did you just “simpsons did it” my life really got me

  • Kyle Moon
    Kyle Moon

    Wait Dan is playing Paper Mario....alone...... please record?

  • Aaron Snyder
    Aaron Snyder

    "Hey it's the Conch Horn!" *Musical instruments designed by Georgia O'Keefe*

  • Cole Griffiths
    Cole Griffiths

    no ones gonna talk about the notification at 27:52?

  • Don Bradman
    Don Bradman

    those fake switch notifications are pretty funny

  • SweetAHE

    I actually HATE the "last time on" crap. Edit: 1:06 to skip what you've already seen before...UGGGHHH

  • Masuda

    Are we just going to ignore the little prompt on the top-left for Super Seducer: Cougar Call at 27:53? xD

  • lil Vynom
    lil Vynom

    14:11 bless

  • lil Vynom
    lil Vynom

    AT 5:00 Is that notifcation edited? i cant even tell

  • Kidcat2

    Rupay’s BowWow’s Race?

  • The days of Jake
    The days of Jake

    Andrew Bowser did in fact get well over his goal and is shooting the movie now!!!! Onyx the fortuitous and the Talisman of souls!

  • Neptune

    You guys must of figured out it wasn’t good for views to number the videos

  • Andrew Dalton
    Andrew Dalton

    27:53 Okay, that Switch player placement in the top-left corner was genius

  • Arlette Jaramillo
    Arlette Jaramillo

    Intrigued by Arin’s carpenter bee story. No idea they were territorial! They’re so cute because they get all up in your personal space and scan you like “are you made of wood? No wood? Ok byee.”

  • Nintendo Born
    Nintendo Born

    God I hope Dan plays more games like this

  • robokou

    Dan jumping onto the spikes was totally his fault, lol. Nintendo had nothing to do with that. 😂💯

  • Xiral

    I love when they take turns playing it's fun

  • IsaTehGothicMando

    Given how old Dan is, I think the whole "Simpsons did it" wouldnt apply to him here. I think his sister might've done it first.

  • MCD evo
    MCD evo

    Watching this drunk and eating Cookout is so peaceful wow

  • Randomname 107
    Randomname 107

    I love that Arin plays dead by daylight because he definitely fits in with the rest of the community constantly swaping between loving the game and shitting on it

  • The Midianite
    The Midianite

    If you try to take Bowwow too far into the map, there will be locations you can't get past. The storyline forces you to interact with someone who refuses to talk while you have bow wow.

  • Jion Jesk
    Jion Jesk

    I love the clip they joked about at the end. Its so ridiculous, I love it. HhaAhahhAah! XD

  • Mo Kohlbeck
    Mo Kohlbeck

    Is no one going to say anything about the achievement “Super Seducer: Cougar Call” @ 27:53 ….