Ugh, I can't get any flipping SPATULAGE - It Takes Two
I even bought the expanded paddle package.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Alundrem

    Why do these boss fights feel like FFXIV raids lol

  • Merk

    "Alright, now you.. Ah you got it. You're a fuckin genius- OH GOD OH LORD"

  • ScizzlyBizzly

    When Dan says “Marriage is voluntary,” I’m immediately reminded of the “But Doom is Eternal” meme. XD

  • Fateful 83
    Fateful 83

    Finally they understand that we have to burn their witch of a daughter.

  • L L
    L L

    i like to imagine dan and arin grew up together from birth. arin liked puzzles and was really good at it from a young age. dan liked to play catch but always forgot how to put his hands up and watched as the ball hit him square in the mouth. his excuse is theres so much to take in with this game of catch. dan never learned how to grab dem balls with his hands only with his face. hes over 40 now.

  • Bryan A
    Bryan A

    kind of painful to watch and hilarious

  • Dakota Bazhaw
    Dakota Bazhaw

    You missed a minigame...

  • drink my soup bitch
    drink my soup bitch

    14:13 Bench mark

  • Liz Kratky
    Liz Kratky

    is that arin doing the voice at the beginning 0:00 last time on game grumps? its adorable xD

  • Fae Gentry
    Fae Gentry

    "It's okay I won't die"is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. He says it so calmly too jjhhhhhhhh

  • SuperSnoobles

    Can't they number these ugh

  • Anton Hartman
    Anton Hartman

    "You nail that hole and I'll knock it up" Arin Hanson 2021

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    26:39 oh shit is the book gonna be the final boss

  • 🪐 Tay 🪐
    🪐 Tay 🪐

    I hope in later sessions they can make the game audio louder, I can't read the tiny subtitles very well but Arin and Dan's audio is so loud that if I turn it up higher I'll go deaf

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    I'd much rather hear arin say "Feeling good on a Wednesday" then Mommy Milkers. Secretly the book is the main villian

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    "You're a fucking genius, whatamI- OH GOD! OH LORD!! OH GOD!!!"

  • TheDanishGuyReviews

    "Do we keep our nuts in a mesh bag?" Sure, Arin. They're called bird balls.

  • anime dumpster fire
    anime dumpster fire

    "So your going through a divorce and your daughter is a witch"

  • Korbin Rear
    Korbin Rear

    Man i hate how quiet the game volume is but I love the videos

  • PhaciaLovesKakashi

    Didn't occur to me that this is pretty much Shaggy Dog until thebinoculars said that Rose was crying

  • CEO Crossbow demon
    CEO Crossbow demon

    I love it when (not sure who did the book impression) when he said "it is also a door construct" and "i cant throw I'm merely a book"

  • zoetr0pe

    Did I miss something? 90% of that last time on gg didn't happen last time on gg.

  • TheHolyKnight501

    through the entire video i cought myself holding my hands against my face while saying "Dan, i swear to GOD!"

  • Jeffrey Caliedo
    Jeffrey Caliedo

    Dan absolutely carried during the boss fight

  • Randi Riley
    Randi Riley

    “fUcK hEr aNd hEr wItCh tEaRs”

  • James S.
    James S.

    I think this game is going for a Little Big Planet vibe. Which could explain the tonal issue and brutal/horrifying set pieces.

  • The Bass is Loaded
    The Bass is Loaded

    You mean at least they're not....elephANTS? Mmm?

  • NoahisSader

    Jeez Dan took way longer to get the mechanics than me, and I'm a child.

  • Sum1'z DaD
    Sum1'z DaD

    Arin: OK, we gotta go at the same time. Ready? Let's go. Dan: OK. (Arin goes.) One. Two. (Dan jumps to the same track as Arin...) Arin, you're like miles ahead of me. Dan, Dan, Danny boy, Daniel...

    • Sum1'z DaD
      Sum1'z DaD

      Never change.

  • Cyberman 232
    Cyberman 232

    Watching Dan play this is very frustrating

  • Sean Finley
    Sean Finley

    I like how "make the daughter cry" is their joke suggestion that's way too dumb and mean to be real dialogue and then the characters resolve to do that exact thing.

  • Andrew Tafolla
    Andrew Tafolla

    This play through is infuriating

  • VermilionLotus

    Sooo, I'm guessing this game isn't playable unless you actually have a second person to play with. I don't think I've seen that before.

  • Psychroclasm

    Marriage? Repaired. House? Destroyed. Hotel? Trivago.

  • luca bombardiere
    luca bombardiere

    Dan really did drink his stupid juice for this let’s play

  • Dillon Higham
    Dillon Higham

    gOOD GOD dan makes this boring.

  • Tolwrath

    25:20 I really wish Dan had responded with "Thanks, Ohms" instead.

  • animanya

    Nuts are for birds

  • Jayde Coler
    Jayde Coler

    Arin: “aww you’re a lil sleepy” Dan: “That’s you.” Arin: “I said ‘we’re’” Dan: *accepts gaslighting*

  • Jayde Coler
    Jayde Coler

    Yeah I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to make it through this whole game. I’m already yelling at my tv way too much.

  • Slyfoxforever

    Holy shit i would hate to play this with Dan, so slow on the uptake

  • Nightmaricvision

    Did Arin, Video Game Boy Animation Man Hansen just say that Wreck-It Ralph is ALRIGHT??? I feel so betrayed

  • Pop McPop
    Pop McPop

    Make Dan play more platformers 2021

  • Agent Smith : Retro Gamer
    Agent Smith : Retro Gamer

    The ants are human sized in Grounded

  • Morantau

    I feel either Dan is hamin' it up, or he is hitting the "I'm an old man and i don't understand these darn video games anymore"-age.

  • my boi dat logic doh
    my boi dat logic doh

    9:07 Yea marriage is temporary But Doom is eternal

  • LegendaryOnii

    Skunk moment was a little awkward

  • WTBGold

    Anyone else a little worried why there are SO MANY empty liquor bottles in the toolshed? Game has some dark subtext.

  • Seth Derby
    Seth Derby

    dan i love you bro. but god damn this is painful

  • godshouldsmitemedown

    Love it by the end of the game they find the book when they're human and just fuckin burn it

  • aslindehecate

    The premise of this game is interesting. I was thinking the opposite of this game would be fun too, play as the girl trying to get back to her parents but she ends up witnessing how unhappy they were together, and realizes divorce won't mean they'll love her less, but that they can still be a family.

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • D G
    D G

    Here I am wondering why they are playing this game with basically no sound and then Dan brags about thinking ahead. It's waaay too quiet. I'd love to hear the game as well.

  • Kira Clear
    Kira Clear

    I wish they stop talking over the game

  • MoeChicken

    I agree with Arin about the tone issue thing. I think someone earlier in the series described it as a Pixar movie that's a little off; that seems accurate. A lot of things seem just a bit darker than they would be otherwise, like when they had to suck the vacuum cleaner's eyes out while he pleaded for mercy. It just feels a little demented at times.

  • Pompous Bastard
    Pompous Bastard

    Haven't seen coop puzzle platforming this good since Portal 2

  • XZdemo

    "Why am the one who is always the die?" -Arin Hanson 2021

  • XZdemo

    Dan: "I used to play video games all the time growing up, I know what I'm doing." Also Dan: "I haven't played a single video game since college, so it's gonna take me a while to get used to this." Don't ever change, Mr. Sexbang.

  • Ixelhaine

    So if the Dolls where animated when the daughter stole the souls of living people and imprisoned them in the dolls, how many other souls has the daughter stolen to animate all the tools?

  • Mary Lara
    Mary Lara

    "I don't believe in spells" Because there is CLEARLY an explanation that doesn't involve magic here

  • Aloe Rayne
    Aloe Rayne

    14:22 when dan curses, he sounds SO different like omg

  • armyofpoo entertainment
    armyofpoo entertainment

    Loving this play through

  • BenJoe72

    Me an hour ago: "hey, let's watch Dan and Arin play a videogame together, I love them when they do that" Me now: "ok, I'm gonna have to schedule another therapy appointment because this makes me unreasonably angry that Dan is this fucking dumb..."

  • Jesse Woolridge
    Jesse Woolridge

    What episode is this!?!? I just tried to start watching this channel again after a hiatus but wtf happened to episode numbers?!?!

  • Eric Nash
    Eric Nash

    20:15 Looks like Arin thinks he's still playing Sonic Heroes.

  • Jay Etzkorn
    Jay Etzkorn

    24:45 In later parts of this game it gets more "Sonic-y". I would say this game does "Sonic" better than more recent "Sonic" games.

  • Wann_Boy

    ngl i didn't realize they would be so bad at this

  • Frozen Eevee
    Frozen Eevee

    This made me laugh a lot 28:45

  • stonetemplepilot420

    those fake laughs after Arin's "electricites nuts" joke fucking KILLS me.

  • Mike Charecky
    Mike Charecky

    Nobody's gonna mention that it turns into a Handy Manny game for the second act?

  • hunter hymel
    hunter hymel

    This game is like the cave and alice:madness returns had a baby

  • Edwin Levi
    Edwin Levi

    Dan has the stone-cold reflexes of an actual statue

  • Arctica Frostbite
    Arctica Frostbite

    dan's perception on these games is like watching a blind man fumble down stairs.

  • Tariq Short
    Tariq Short

    32:53 ....that's a bird feeder Arin.

  • Tariq Short
    Tariq Short

    How is a boss fight with a toolbox so baddass? HOW?

  • Tariq Short
    Tariq Short

    This game is so inventive.

  • Gonzalo Cornejo
    Gonzalo Cornejo

    I think Dan is getting to old for this sh!t xd

  • MissOpinicus

    I can't waittil the elephant

  • Squimmy 0
    Squimmy 0

    it amazes me how dan is so slow to find out what arin is referring to for him to do sometimes

  • RWNetwork

    12:37 So Dan nails the hole and Arin finishes it off by knockin it up huh?

  • Matthew Revell
    Matthew Revell

    nailed it (literally)

  • Arsène Lucifer
    Arsène Lucifer

    Sebastian: yeet! Oops I missed

  • Rockett Pow
    Rockett Pow

    Me: Man the Grumps really like that one South Park joke. *Remembers it's from the second most transphobic episode of South Park* Hrrrrm.

  • Martin Barreby
    Martin Barreby

  • Aaron Harewood
    Aaron Harewood

    i'll never complain about Arin again lol

  • John Peyton
    John Peyton

    I hope we a call appreciate the name that is, “Sawbastian.”

  • Kaptn Key
    Kaptn Key

    The comment about Dan not knowing how to run is so meta

  • xDarkTrinityx

    Why no episode numbers in the title..?

  • WaffleBrothel77

    This is at least one of their best let’s plays.

  • Corvonics

    This is one of the most frustrating series to me

  • Goatman Brigance
    Goatman Brigance

    Arin beat sans and dark souls I give him bragging rightsa at being good at videogames.

  • Emma Avery
    Emma Avery

    I love that they thought sucking out the vacuum’s eyeballs was graphic and unnecessary. Wait until they get to the Princess 😂😂😂

  • Noah Nesbitt
    Noah Nesbitt

    I know for a fact that Dan would enjoy Wreck-It Ralph, purely because qbert is in it.

  • 큰놈

    From 24:46 for exactly 1 minute EVERY time Arin has fun/appreciates the game: *DIES IMMEDIATELY* When Arin talks about this game messing with him: *SUCCEEDS*

  • Cody Williams
    Cody Williams

    Is Danny smoking weed again?

  • BingoClamshell

    26:39 Hot take, they hate the book version

  • BingoClamshell

    We : Arin as Arin : Dan

    • BingoClamshell

      My point is Arin gets mad at Dan a lot, if that wasn't clear

    • BingoClamshell

      No hate or anything, but clearly Dan rarely plays video games ever... Which I have no hate towards... All I do now is watch other people play shit, lmao

  • GrimReaper23113

    by the end of this i wanna see the parents light the book on fire using their divorce papers

  • AmericanChoirboy

    grinding on rails, slinging from a rope on your arm, why is this better at being sonic boom than sonic boom?

  • tranazzi

    29:01 Arin, you most DEFINITELY said “you’re a little sleepy”