Fake sponsors but they're ANIMATED! ANOTHER Game Grumps Animated Collab
0:00 Intro! Check description for animator links!
0:02 Animated by ► AlgreenMoya
AlgreenMoya's Twitter► twitter.com/AlGreenMoya
0:32 Animated by ► Marie-Ève Lacelle (@Zebirdbrain)
Zebirdbrain's UZmilk ► uzmilk.info
Zebirdbrain's Twitter ► twitter.com/Zebirdbrain
Zebirdbrain's Website ► sites.google.com/view/zebirdb...
0:50 Animated by ► Off Brand Brando
Off Brand Brando's Twitter ► twitter.com/0ffbrandbrando
Off Brand Brando's Instagram ► instagram.com/off_brand_b...
1:06 Animated by ► Alyse "Washue" McMiller
Washue's LinkTree ► uzmilk.info/limo/I_Yq207...
Washue's UZmilk ► linktr.ee/washue
1:33 Animated by ► Moonlitravenart
Moonlitravenart Twitter ► twitter.com/MoonlitRavenart
Moonlitravenart Instagram ► instagram.com/moonlitrave...
1:52 Animated by ► IkuzoJosh
IkuzoJosh Twitter ► twitter.com/Iku_Josh
IkuzoJosh Twitch ► www.twitch.tv/ikuzojosh IkuzoJosh UZmilk ► uzmilk.info/limo/dXz...
2:23 Outro \u0026 Credits

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  • Tony Poopyoni
    Tony Poopyoni

    Wouldn’t this just be interdimensional cable

  • BG the Robit
    BG the Robit

    I love how i got a kraft ad after this-

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Im not sorry!

  • Daniel Huneke
    Daniel Huneke

    dOwNlOaD tOmOrRoW eVeN.

  • Maniac4Bricks_More

    1:18 that Danny pop-up gives me the will to see through another day. Thank you Alyse 🥰

  • CPL Noodle
    CPL Noodle

    barrackmaphobic 😂😂😂 hory shet

  • Sammy Green
    Sammy Green

    I miss the Carvel M&M ice cream cake because one it looked like the yellow peanut M&M and it was filled with M&M candy with the cookie crunch part.

  • Sabian Velez
    Sabian Velez

    But the sumo sacks was a real sponsorship I think

  • Henrique Claro
    Henrique Claro

    The better the animations become, the worse Arin's moustache is portrayed. 😂

  • Nikki Tenbrink
    Nikki Tenbrink

    Okey but the real question is, is coming on Arin's face STILL on the table

  • agiar2000

    Dang, Snickers is _smokin'!_

  • Milkteeth

    I replayed 1:18 wayyyyyyyy too many times. *tiny dan* ok

  • SevDex

    Washue really blew it away with this one, so good

  • Jo Jojoma
    Jo Jojoma

    The last animated segment looks as if they thought the whole thing was a group project and at the last second had to throw together a presentation or not get credit for the assignment

  • Kailey Mo Becker
    Kailey Mo Becker

    Snickers is a whole snack.... wait

  • Elijah Swanson
    Elijah Swanson

    hehe tiny arin punch da controller

  • Battleax

    Dan and Aaron are the best salesman ever 🤣 as John Tron one said “I’lL TaKe YoUr EnTiRe StOcK!”

    • Battleax

      @Johnny Norris, Jr. I’d like to say that, but I’m actually just a terrible speller

    • Johnny Norris, Jr.
      Johnny Norris, Jr.

      "Arin" "salesmen" "JonTron" "once" "You misspelled this stuff on purpose didn't you" and "I am such a huge nerd that I could not stop myself from commenting on it"

  • Golly God
    Golly God

    Oh my god i completely forgot about Ross's Baraknophobic joke-

  • Artlyssa72000 G
    Artlyssa72000 G

    Omg the new pjs! They amaze

  • Stewy

    Ross was definitely lying there thinking about the Baracknophobic bit for far too long.

  • Neosho

    Not sure if this qualifies but my favorite bit is when Arin shills Prilosec as Larry the Cable Guy.

  • Composer Diratia
    Composer Diratia

    Marie cest la best

  • JC Holmanation
    JC Holmanation

    Baskin Robbins just sweating...

  • Arc Ray
    Arc Ray

    its cool that Ross had an Among Us blanket before the game ever existed.

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness

    That Among Us blanket is great, they should make that and sell it.

    • Andrew Jenkins
      Andrew Jenkins

      I think they do. Ross actually does have that blanket.

  • CobaltTJ

    I love how feminine Moonlitravenart makes them look, they're blending more with Game Gyaru every day...

  • Winter Windle
    Winter Windle

    everybody’s animation looks wonderful, but that sugar mama-esque Snickers lady… ohhh she made me feel something. maybe i’ll go out and get a Snickers and think about it.

  • W GoNerd
    W GoNerd

    I love how the last one really leans into the "People draw Arin shorter than Dan even though they'er about the same height."

    • Andrew Jenkins
      Andrew Jenkins

      Too human-shaped though, forgot to draw Arin as just a clump of Silly Putty.

  • Gage is Me333
    Gage is Me333

    1:58 OK this is taking Arin’s height compared to Dan by a bit much, why is he so tiny!?😝

  • BigBoyBlaster

    Watching this without any audio and trying to guess the sponsors is a strange experience

  • Good Guy Bjorn
    Good Guy Bjorn

    tiny arin

  • KingToast

    0:33 I like how Dan looks 14 and Arin Looks 35

    • ZeBirdBrain

      probably because of Dan's unicorn essence. Nah kidding, it's the mustache, defenetly the mustache.

  • RossDog

    If you're here watching Grumps Animations and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • Ms. Rose
    Ms. Rose

    Who tf made snickers sexy, I just wanna talk.

  • Chopstick Cunt
    Chopstick Cunt

    I love how Ross says "You think if someone was afraid of Obama, they'd be called Barackophobic" instead of going "What time is it...?" 🤣

  • Kirbie

    i love ross' amogus blanket

  • Chainlink 2
    Chainlink 2

    Can't believe they asked to get sponsored by Vevo but not Spoofy. *_Where the hell else are we supposed to listen to Ninja Gender Party?_*

  • Legohon

    its no calories no artificial sweeteners notaste what was that last one? no artificial sweeteners

  • Jonas Weijer
    Jonas Weijer

    They put in Ross’s Among Us blanket! I love the attention to detail

  • Hexagonal Pineapple
    Hexagonal Pineapple

    Amazing work from all the animators as always :D

  • Op4teen

    I wanna be in a collab

  • MegapiemanPHD

    Never thought a personification of Snickers could make me feel things.

  • Mr. Unfinished
    Mr. Unfinished

    i literally watched the compilation of mario maker yesterday

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki

    The last one about Obama

  • Dragonmore Gaming
    Dragonmore Gaming

    I love Arin's sparkling La Croix anime eyes. That is pure love right there.

  • SuperIchi

    I can't believe you left out the best part, where Arin actually talks about Baskin-Robbins coming on his face. XD

  • Sierra Davis
    Sierra Davis

    The writing on Arin’s hand at 1:40 is such a nice touch!

  • Aislin Kageno
    Aislin Kageno

    My favorite detail is Ross sleeping in his Among Us blanket. That's a real blanket, he occasionally has it wrapped around him while Twitch streaming.

    • Andrew Jenkins
      Andrew Jenkins

      I was coming to the comments to say that too! It's especially fun when he has it during Among Us games, for obvious reasons. 😆

  • Vincent N. Sandro
    Vincent N. Sandro

    All these jokes about sponsorships, meanwhile their sons Matt and Ryan got an actual deal with NASCAR

  • RMD Cade
    RMD Cade

    the writing on the hand slew me

  • Pendragon

    Cookie puss is an eldtrich demon, wtf is that?? 👁👄👁

  • The Witchcraft Owl
    The Witchcraft Owl

    My god, how have they not actually gotten sponsored by anyone yet?

    • Grace Mangum
      Grace Mangum

      .....raycon? And nord vpn? And skillshare?

  • Just Samantics
    Just Samantics

    TINY ARIN!! I'm screaming 1:53

  • Draven gamin
    Draven gamin

    2:08 ammugus

  • Caleb Wrege
    Caleb Wrege

    Listen. Just listen. Never. I mean never. Have I come across a channel that has literally made me laugh out loud. Game Grumps is my brand of humor and I look forward to every upload. Keep on keeping on with the funnys.

  • Lindzee SouperOCD
    Lindzee SouperOCD

    Lol I came on my face watching this video.

  • lemon x bolt
    lemon x bolt

    Dear game grumps can I do a pixel animation for you

  • Evan P
    Evan P

    Short blob Arin: broke Tiny Arin: woke

  • cheezemonkeyeater

    Kraft singles? really? If you're gonna sell your soul for cheese, why not get real cheese? Not Real Cheese (TM), but actual real cheese?

    • ZeBirdBrain


  • Algreen Moya
    Algreen Moya

    My life has now a new meaning now that I know that Cookie Puss exist. I need to try it some day! Animating this was fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Exceptionally Quiet
    Exceptionally Quiet

    nice (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (⌐■_■)ノ♪ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • Zeacorzeppelin10


  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox

    Are the game grumps a bad company? I like arin and Danny but I miss Barry, Suzy, Ross, the supermega boys Matt and Ryan, even Kevin. What is this malarkey? I know some of them are doing their own channels but this used to be a team channel

  • Ah, well Y’know
    Ah, well Y’know

    I aint watched game grumps for like 5 years and erin straight up looks like Big Boss now wtf

  • ZeroNzxt

    I could only Imation if one of these Sponsors were to come up in here and inquire based off of the content that is in the Fake Sponsors Animated Section. I think that they would have some really good content within just the lines that exist within the demographic of the Video itself. Would you even guess how if Sponsors were to go PG13 or even Rated M... Like for example: towards the end... Arin: "Baskin- Robbins, Cumming on my face is still on the table!" Could you see Arin laying sexly on a table and laying across it in a very sexy manor... Then Baskin-Robbins comes in with some Ice cream and places it near him, and Arin does the rost thing Imaginable... (I'll leave that up to the readers Imagination) As a Multiride of men come in and whip their Sausage out only to start and Finish Ejaculating over whatever Arin was doing to their Ice Cream... and Arin says "now thats how you make it EXTRA CREAMY!" Ad finishes with Baskin-Robbins Logo saying "well c0m to you!" with the Zero with a line though it... I don't think anyone would buy this, or it would work, but I would pay just to see someone's idea of what may happen. Anyways enjoy the nightmare! have a good day Gentleman.

  • Eliza Bleu
    Eliza Bleu

    The last story reminds me so much of my cousin, who woke up from her sleep at 2 am to tell me that "the poop is on the inside", and went back to sleep.

  • I am Satire
    I am Satire

    Ikuzo Josh has my favorite representation of the height difference between Danny and Arnold at 1:52

  • Sarah

    Sponsored by Skittles

  • abraxas365

    Aaron should be in Sonic jammies.

  • Beatle4 -11
    Beatle4 -11

    I absolutely love the tiny Arin in the last one

  • exxor9108

    Oh my god, imagine if Nintendo in some other universe created a shrine-themed convenience store. XD

  • NoiseDay


  • Joseph McFarland
    Joseph McFarland

    Man worst thing for them is that most big companies if they are gonna sponsor them have rules about language. Think Jacksepticeye tried to get sponsored by Coca Cola but they said no because he swore too much.

  • Bekah Ehart
    Bekah Ehart

    My mom pronounces la croix as la CWAA she’s like that’s how the french pronounce that!! And I was like mom...it’s la CROY!!

    • Johnny Norris, Jr.
      Johnny Norris, Jr.

      She is both correct and incorrect, however. "La Croix" (la cwaa) means "The Cross" in French, as in, the instrument which Christ was crucified on. It is the name of a small Parisian newsletter about the Roman Catholic faith. However, "La Croix" the fizzy almost-flavored water, was first manufactured in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and there is a large river there called the St. Croix river, which Midwesterners of course have pronounced "Croy," for hundreds of years, similar to how the town of "Milan" in Illinois is pronounced "MY lan" and not "me LAHN" as the Italian City's name is pronounced by foreigners (the Italians themselves actually call it "Milano," btw). So, tell her that if she went to the brewery in La Crosse, WI where they first made La Croix, they'd tell her "It's La Croy."

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat

    Moonlitraven draws the Grumps better than the actual Grumps. Arin if you are not overweight anymore good for you, otherwise Arin.... you're overweight.

    • Cyberlivion

      Wait, does Arin not know that?

  • Minitrain

    arin really tryna get the new super secret super white 32nd flavour of baskin robins if ya know what i mean...

  • Rubbybandz

    Play zhu zhu pets

  • Logan Seydel
    Logan Seydel

    Being a cashier, I FEEL like a shriveled old Shiekah monk too

    • Christy Tina
      Christy Tina


  • Geoffrey Winn
    Geoffrey Winn

    Cool animation!

  • anime dumpster fire
    anime dumpster fire

    y commments no work

  • The Sharkinator
    The Sharkinator

    K, but like for real. A Snickers sponsorship would make soooo much sense, I can already picture the commercial; Arin's all grumpy playing some hard game and then Dan comes in and gives him a Snickers, he's not himself when he's hungry after all ;)

    • Johnny Norris, Jr.
      Johnny Norris, Jr.

      Yes but this is Game Grumps we're talking about, so Dan comes in and says "Arin, here's a Snickers!" and he starts hurling bags full of Snickers bars at Arin, killing him

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer

    The non brand deal bits are some of my favorites 🤣

  • Rubbybandz

    Play zhu zhu pets

    • Rubbybandz

      @Googie Gress it’s meme content

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress

      Nobody wants to play or see or even think about that sour-ass disappointment machine.

  • JeskidoYT

    Couldn't be bothered to fully animate the sponsors or products. Okay now

  • JeskidoYT

    Couldn't be bothered to fully animate the sponsors or products. Okay now

  • Xion Nation
    Xion Nation


  • Jamie A2Z83
    Jamie A2Z83

    cookiepuss is a real thing?

  • Totalingearth 4
    Totalingearth 4

    2:14 AMOGUS!

  • Sherwin

    I want like 15 to 20 minutes of animation collabs

  • RanMouri82

    Wait, did the Baskin Robbins moment precede Arin ranting at Dan about how a 14-year-old girl could've made the level? Because in a "WTF Arin?" comp, the guys are playing Mario Maker, and Dan retorts by asking Arin if he's getting a lesson in morality from a guy who just asked a corporation to jizz on his face.

  • Hem Rainsford
    Hem Rainsford

    You know, I'd buy a shirt of Arin in a Link outfit, posing for a camera with a Snickers bar and their catch phrase around. I'd buy it in a heartbeat

  • Ci Turmoil
    Ci Turmoil

    Why was Arin so tiny🤣

  • Jones Crimson
    Jones Crimson

    Inaccurate, Kraft Singles cannot legally be marketed as cheese.

    • ZeBirdBrain



    2:15 Michelle, get in here! I made it into another GG animation! Danny and Arnold, love those two guys

    • MARKO

      @Do The Do damn dude, that sounds like a rollercoaster of confusion

    • Do The Do
      Do The Do

      Wow your comment made me go on a wild 5 second ride of confusion for some reason. I thought Michelle was the name of one of the animators so I thought you were saying "get in here, you made it in!" then I saw the "I" and thought you were one of the animators and you were calling a friend to come see your glory, so I looked at your name to check, saw it was my brother's name, then spent the last two seconds simultaneously reading the comment again (all of it this time), "remembering" my brother does not use his name online as has a super old username he uses for every goddamn thing, reassuring myself that my brother does not watch Game Grumps, and would not write a comment like that. How about that for some useless information?

    • Jon Mercano
      Jon Mercano

      The Angry Gamers!

  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson

    I feel like these animation collabs are building up to a point where eventually we're going to have an entire video of Wendy's fake sponsors as the climactic finale.

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress

      And then reveal that Wendy's isn't interested in sponsoring them but sends Arin a Wendy body pillow instead.

  • Magdalena Dul
    Magdalena Dul

    Dan's cute little head coming up over the counter 🥺💖💜✨

  • TwoBlade5

    I SO want that Among us Blanket argh

  • Rachel Fischer
    Rachel Fischer

    I love that Ross’ Among Us blanket was included. Super cute

  • shigaraki


  • Mr. Boombox
    Mr. Boombox

    The Kraft Singles one was an absolute treat. I would go as far as to compare it to a Kraft Single itself, toasted to perfection between Sara Lee White Bread for a treat everyone can get behind.

    • ZeBirdBrain

      I have no word. Your comment made my day this is exquisite poetry.

  • Green-Eyed Psycho
    Green-Eyed Psycho


11 mln