We made up a story and these animators ANIMATED IT! - A Porcupine Animated Collab
That's right! We put the boys on the spot with a microphone and forced them to improv a bit... and they started talking about a porcupine? Give it up to our amazing animators for taking this story and making it art! Show them some love!!

0:00 Animated by ► @yesthisisbingo
► instagram.com/yesthisisbi...
► linktr.ee/yesthisisbingo
0:13 Animated by ► Cameron "West" Jones
► twitter.com/Prunadia_
0:25 Animated by ► IkuzoJosh
► twitter.com/Iku_Josh
► www.twitch.tv/ikuzojosh
► uzmilk.info/limo/dXz...
0:38 Animated by ► SmashToons
► twitter.com/TheSmashToons
► uzmilk.info
0:51 Animated by ► MissRiah
1:03 Animated by ► Lauren W
► twitter.com/adobe_dark
► instagram.com/darkadobe1/
1:19 Animated by ► DragonBeak
► twitter.com/DragonBeak
► uzmilk.info
1:32 Animated by ► Joey A. Morgan
► uzmilk.info
► twitter.com/MongooseMinion
► instagram.com/mongoosemin...
1:45 Animated by ► Zebirdbrain (Marie-Ève Lacelle)
► twitter.com/Zebirdbrain
► uzmilk.info
► sites.google.com/view/zebirdb...
1:54 Outro

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  • S'wit

    This is exactly what I needed

  • existencedefined

    65 people would've preferred a hedgehog.

  • Henrique Claro
    Henrique Claro

    When Dan offers you a porcupine, you take the porcupine, _capisce?!_

  • Jo Jojoma
    Jo Jojoma

    @1:03 So everybody did great but did Lauren W just kinda phone it in and sent only key frames?

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Lauren did great!! They were beautiful Keyframes! Very expressive :) Not everyone have the same time to allocate to these collabs either, but everyone does it with passion!

  • freeshooter72

    What episode is this from?

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • KeileyLane

    0:38 Can I have that as my text message sound?🤔

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Why DOES he do that? Such a heckin' rude.

  • olivia ingledue
    olivia ingledue

    i love that porcupine sounds like PORKY PINE. porky is such a good name for a porcupine or hedgehog.

  • ZyphyxR

    Just. Do this more it's such a great idea for a thing

  • Buffy


  • Synonym Dave
    Synonym Dave

    Porcupine eating Arins hair is the best thing

  • Zynthio

    We need more of this improv stuff where their not distracted by a game and just going off on some strange topic

  • Keira Cross
    Keira Cross

    Everytime an animated anything game grumps comes out I get so excited And I watch it And it's always great And delightful And makes me happy ............ Edit : hey Arin I found this guy on the ground I think he likes you, he IS enthusiastically pointing at you 🦔 ✨

  • Doodles Malarky
    Doodles Malarky

    Is it sad that porcupines are my absolute favorite animal?

    • Doodles Malarky
      Doodles Malarky

      @TheChangeling13 I know right, porcupines are truly underrated creatures, I mena they dont even shoot their quills, their quills are just so light that they look they are shooting out

    • TheChangeling13

      Of course not, porcupines are freaking adorable! Everyone thinks their bad just cause they got quills for self defense and stuff, but their such cute animals. They love getting pet! Their just quilled puppies, how could anyone hate them?

    • Ezra the Mage
      Ezra the Mage

      No. Porcupines are wonderful.

  • Loui Larson
    Loui Larson

    Love the Harold and the purple crayon bit

  • Justin Flores
    Justin Flores

    What episode!!!

  • Anthony Sobiech
    Anthony Sobiech

    I am now forever scarred after seeing pregnant sonic

  • Monkeys Man
    Monkeys Man

    I’m in love with zebirdbrains facial expressions they’re so stylish and beautiful

  • Charlie Vaggie
    Charlie Vaggie

    The last animation was very funny!

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Thank you !

  • PrincessXDahlia

    I love this!!! I hope there are more improve bits like this. :3

  • Lonely Ocean
    Lonely Ocean

    Please play "Don't Blink" please? Not now of course but sometime in the near future? I think it'd be a hit on the channel but your gonna have to kill it in one go since there is only like 70 minutes of gameplay so maybe a stream? Idk what kind of limitations the BSBRT would put on that because I know you guys just started this series.

  • Asdf Asdf
    Asdf Asdf

    Loved this XD

  • Gary V
    Gary V

    You can tell it’s all acting beacuase arin isn’t yelling

  • Spunky Spoon
    Spunky Spoon

    I would love to see more of these

  • Benjamin Flagg
    Benjamin Flagg

    When you wanted a Hedgehog, but you’re ok with what you got; You got yourself a Porcu-fine.

  • Cptn. Penguin
    Cptn. Penguin

    So this is like, an original bit they improved specifically for the collab? That's awesome, I really love that idea!

  • john aplin
    john aplin

    The porcupine was fucking adorable

  • Tommy Casual
    Tommy Casual

    Laureeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn GOOD FRIEND DOING GOOD WORKKKKKKK 1:03

  • Cj _Crisi
    Cj _Crisi

    I feel like they did this in one take, and the thought of them trying not to laugh, makes me laugh even harder

  • Jake Munozé
    Jake Munozé

    Yes. :)

  • Cryptic Corgi
    Cryptic Corgi

    That is some porcupine.

  • im_livegolf

    Always glad to se a FunHaus cameo

  • Pyre Dynasty
    Pyre Dynasty

    I'm so full of quills right now!

  • Glorious counterfiet
    Glorious counterfiet

    The most wonderful porcupine in all the land messing Arin’s hair is the cutest thing ever.

  • Sydney Ravine
    Sydney Ravine

    Is the audio from something or was this a half scripted bit because ITS AMAZING

  • Kcatristine

    "Well he does all 3 of those things" I really liked that part

  • Lucas Pego
    Lucas Pego


  • Liam

    Man all the porcupines were so cute

  • zelos1826

    I LOVE MissRiah's art style! They make our boys so adorable~ ♥

    • MissRiah


  • SodaFrizz

    Pregnant Sonic said trans rights

  • Adam Doyon
    Adam Doyon

    I just watched Mother Simulator the other day. I’d love to see absolutely ANY part of that gameplay to become animated!

  • Texasaurus Rex
    Texasaurus Rex

    Ok I love this, please more random improved stories specifically for GG Animated!

  • Grabnok

    look up "Happy Porcupine" and you'll find very good porcupine stuff. highly recommend.

  • Temp

    These improv bits are really weak. Why not game clips as usual? This feels more like it should be in The Grumps, not Game Grumps...

  • gina Festa
    gina Festa

    wtf is sonic pregnaut

  • Kierra Leonard
    Kierra Leonard

    Getting this AND the new NSP video was the best gift I could have ever asked for

  • Undead Loyal
    Undead Loyal

    Oh your Gods at the end Danny with a devious smile

    • ZeBirdBrain

      He He He

  • CooperGal24

    Why haven't these guys played Sam and Max yet? I think it's perfect for Dan and Arin, they both have the friendship vibes like Sam and Max! XD

  • Chelsey Angel
    Chelsey Angel

    I loved every second of this.

  • Animation Destination
    Animation Destination

    Oh no

  • Fuzzy Little Spider
    Fuzzy Little Spider

    What episode/game is this from?

  • Stephsaguudefan

    Arin looking underneath the porcupine at 1:16 actually made me laugh out loud. And the porcupine knawing on his hair a few seconds later made me very happy.

  • arī the samurai
    arī the samurai

    I have no idea why but the "why do you do that." absolutely killed me 💀

    • ZeBirdBrain

      it's my favorite part!

  • Leia s
    Leia s

    which video is this from?

  • JC Holmanation
    JC Holmanation

    I love how Dan can't even pretend to be angry at Arin for very long, he always just starts laughing.

  • Believe in Steve
    Believe in Steve

    Awesome ! Just awesome !!

  • Epic Style
    Epic Style

    That porcupine is so consistently cute throughout each animation

    • ZeBirdBrain

      everyone did an amazing job

  • Iruvata Voisine
    Iruvata Voisine

    When Arin said "..he could be shiny, and poop gold.." I totally thought at first he meant it could be the COLOR poop gold, and Im like wtf Ive never heard of poop gold. 💩💫

  • Jared Simpson
    Jared Simpson

    I like how devious the last animators made Dan look.

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Oh mai oh mai!!!

  • LorD of Nerds
    LorD of Nerds

    This was wonderful.

  • coolcat Ali
    coolcat Ali

    oh my goodness miss riah animation is so cute and adorable.

    • MissRiah


    • ZeBirdBrain

      It is!!!!!!

  • Rogues Gallery
    Rogues Gallery

    That was rad! Fun little animated improv jam!

  • Smooth

    dont remember this sory which video did they make it up in must have missed that one

  • Katie Gill
    Katie Gill

    I love all of these animations! The Grumps are a great crew for showcasing their fans' and collaborators work like this; keep spreading the love and talent!

    • ZeBirdBrain

      They really are!

  • Matthijs

    ah yes, "ourf", the classic porcupine sound!

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Haha i was like WHAT? IS That how they sound like? As i was animating it

  • Shaz Zhwan Gaming
    Shaz Zhwan Gaming

    My favourite animation style is the SmashToons segment. Good video!

    • ZeBirdBrain

      They are always a delight to stare at!

  • TipTut

    Can you apply to be part of these collabs? I reached out before but didn't hear back I'd love to participate! :)

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Heya! Sometumes they let out a form, and you can apply :3 Stay tune on their twitter!

  • Tyree Butcher-Davis
    Tyree Butcher-Davis

    Of course Sonic is pregnant.

  • Adam Mercer
    Adam Mercer

    What episode is this from?

  • Tia

    Now this... This is beautiful

  • Tomi Kuma
    Tomi Kuma

    This is the cutest Hedgehog might not love Arin, but I'm sure porcupine does

  • Mayday Redd
    Mayday Redd

    I enjoyed that a lot

  • JLove 253
    JLove 253

    This is all gold and I haven't even finished the video

  • Manny Moreno
    Manny Moreno

    The porcupine eating Arin’s hair 1:22 🤣

  • Mr_ p0p0ff
    Mr_ p0p0ff

    So their improv was just for this? That's actually pretty cool

  • Kitty

    This was so frickin cute WTF💖💖💖

  • Maxolotl

    I would love to participate in one of these

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    pregnant sonic

  • Emski Stay
    Emski Stay

    This is so good! I love all the new animators and styles!!

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Thank you!

  • Aislin Kageno
    Aislin Kageno

    I swear to Sonic, if Game Grumps somehow ended and turned into just this everyday, animations of the boys improvising random shit, I think I'd be fine with it.

  • Camron Douglas
    Camron Douglas

    I love this

  • Sorina N
    Sorina N

    what ep is this from?

  • L3 K0
    L3 K0

    Can't believe arin is still criticizing dans gift after getting the holy porcupine of the 6th generation famous for excreting solid gold bars for their owner smh

  • epic tom
    epic tom


  • Miss_Kisa94

    Wait when did this happen? Or was this a podcast thing or....I honestly don't remember this bit

  • DJ Firewolf
    DJ Firewolf

    Okay that was fun

  • PeAcEsMoKeR421

    That collab was actually really sweet.

  • ivy

    omg i want more of these

  • Nova shy
    Nova shy

    1:52 Whoa! Dan! You're lookin Hot! .. tter then usual.

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Oh mai!

  • Monkey Blade
    Monkey Blade

    Please, no. Don't impreganinate sonic. Too much.

  • Apple Dash
    Apple Dash

    Porcupines are best pet for the game grumps! Also Zebirdbrain that face on dan at the end was like oh damn! Well done to all the animators

    • Apple Dash
      Apple Dash

      @ZeBirdBrain of course!

    • ZeBirdBrain

      @Apple Dash oh no worries ! Thank you so much for the support!!! :D

    • Apple Dash
      Apple Dash

      @ZeBirdBrain I actually meant that it was very well done! Can't wait to see more of your work in the future

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Oh my!!! Everybody seems to have the hots for my dan drawing ha ha That is unexpected, but im all here for it!

  • J Dubs
    J Dubs

    The anime Dan at the end was amazing.

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Oh mai

  • Goddess Reaper
    Goddess Reaper


    • ZeBirdBrain

      Hehe thanks! I had fun drawing this fella! My friends named it Mr Kuddles!


    therapist: "pregnant Sonic isn't real, he can't hurt you" pregnant Sonic: 0:20

    • Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin
      Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin

      showing up in an animation doesn't make him real, you're still safe

  • Ci Turmoil
    Ci Turmoil

    🤣OH THEY IMPROVED! I was like whaaat!? What episode was this🤣 I hope they do more of these!


    This is the best story you guys could do?

  • Alana Garza
    Alana Garza

    I can just see Arin’s smile while this story is unfolding, Magical.

  • Golbez Harvey
    Golbez Harvey

    Something different. I like it!

  • LM

    1:05 a fantastic depiction of Dan hair Also 1:20 reminded me think of Teen Girl Squad in the best way 😍

    • ZeBirdBrain

      Everyone did an amazing job ong

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