A goo-shootin' good time! - It Takes Two
Would you trust a squirrel if it stole your underwear? Sound off in the comments below!!!

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  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice

    How did this game go from Divorce, Sucking up hoovers eyeballs, Ripping open a tool box To super agent squirrels

  • beccaS_7

    them forgetting the yellow paint is so painful every time XD

  • Merk

    Dan.. Dan, I'm sorry. I really am. But listen.. You're gonna have to learn to play video games at some point on this video game-based internet show.

  • Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt

    as a floridian i can confirm tha f#cking ants is the only thing to do here

  • Fateful 83
    Fateful 83

    Watching them trying to figure out what to do is torture omg

  • L L
    L L

    *may* IM NOT GONNA LET YOU GET AWAY WITH MAKING ME A GUINEA PIG *husband whats his face* head full of welps from the whack a mole torture from day one

  • L L
    L L

    *arin* if i saw this game as an adult cmon arin dont imply your like 20, thats just bad form. your clearly a poopie doopie diapee boi

  • WillIsCool

    This is kinda like a cute portal combined with Homey I Shrunk the Kids

  • jakcspellgoodful

    I'm super proud of Arin he's solvin all the dang puzzles.

  • Always 0 Tired
    Always 0 Tired

    Could you imagine if her parents grounded her over this

  • Alexis Maceira
    Alexis Maceira

    "Imbued with the goo" sounds like a weird way of saying Down With the Sickness

  • SirLordJustinian

    2:57 nice

  • Infernis Inferno
    Infernis Inferno

    Danny keeps forgetting to sprint

  • DeepShadedGlassesGuy

    The daughter asking if her dad wants to borrow a book on forgiving actually kills me😭😭

  • Donovan Simmons
    Donovan Simmons

    Arin's intro DID sounds like a fake Swedish text-to-speech voice for some reason...

  • Artlyssa72000 G
    Artlyssa72000 G

    Get you a goo boo like dandoo

  • sirkreuab

    One of the best games I’ve played in years almost perfect for a grumps play too lovin seeing their reacts

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    This playthough is equal parts pleasing, aggravating, and hilarious.

  • Wat .-.
    Wat .-.


  • Terrakinetic

    It's goo'shootin' time, it's goo-collecting money time.

  • Robby Breedlove
    Robby Breedlove

    I see why Arin is usually playing. 😂 Dan is so bad

  • anime dumpster fire
    anime dumpster fire

    Dan.... Dan.... Oh Dan...

  • Coolidge Dollar
    Coolidge Dollar

    Y'know, divorce or no, a truly toxic couple would include one or both members demanding to control both squirrel weapons because the other "can't do it right" or something.

  • Noel Torres
    Noel Torres

    Narrator: Hey Timmy what is your favorite episode of Game Grumps? Timmy: I like the one when they talk about Goo for a Loooooooooong Time.

  • YB

    You guys should try a D&D series with Dan as the DM I feel like it'd be really cool and chaotic

  • Keith Amidon
    Keith Amidon

    Dan look up, Dan, look, Daniel, look, look up, look...Dan...


    I really love Dan... he sure would navigate video games easier if he was better at orienting the camera.

  • Sabrina Marie
    Sabrina Marie

    I love these people so much.

  • Makayla Bader
    Makayla Bader

    24:37 I was so sure he said “Nice boobs babe!”

  • Bluemilk92

    This is why Arin plays the games. Dans charming, funny, talented, and I love him to death, but can't read context clues to save his life. I cry a single tear when 100 people say "Dan should play" on any random solo series.

  • Jayde Coler
    Jayde Coler

    Dan has better be hamming it up for the show cuz otherwise I am concerned for his ability to function in society generally

  • Jenmi Kekse
    Jenmi Kekse

    oh man... Danny please xD

  • Taiylor Wallace
    Taiylor Wallace

    Some folks seem really surprised by Arin's patience. He may he the grump, but he is also bro. Impatience has always seemed like an act for him for as long as I've watched him and even if he's the rage guy, he very rarely loses his patience or gets genuinely mad. If he does end up a Dad someday, he's gonna be great on so many fronts from his comfort with femininity to his patience to his dedication to self-improvement.

  • Vinny Gothika
    Vinny Gothika

    I will always have more respect for animals an insects than I ever will for the human race. Not going to lie.

  • Chatbug Sinner
    Chatbug Sinner

    Hey Timmy, what’s your favourite episode of game grumps? I like the one where Arin and Danny talk about their goo for a looooooooooong time!

  • Kaitlin Sebbage
    Kaitlin Sebbage

    I wish they would recognize and give some attention to the voice acting. I wish I could hear the dialogue properly but they always happen to talk over it.

  • Thy

    How is this episode not titled "It Takes Goo"

  • Courtney Woodbury
    Courtney Woodbury

    "There was nothing else to do but fuck with ants." Well that, and also hanging lizards off your ears.

  • Steve Tillman
    Steve Tillman

    This episode was great to just listen to.. shoot your goo and get on top

  • Joseph MacKie
    Joseph MacKie

    Did someone tell them to stop using numbers at some point?

  • Josefine W
    Josefine W

    I think I'm having a stroke.

  • DPMusicStudio

    Dude, I wish the video editor / uploader WOULD PUT EPISODE NUMBERS ON THESE EPISODES! Why aren't they doing that? It's so frustrating.... especially since the episodes are out of order in the playlist.

  • Josh Willcox
    Josh Willcox

    The goo shooting is basically just the omnisoaker gadet from ratchet and clank: a crack in time. You can even shoot oil then set it alight

  • ZangiefGames

    I'm feeling goo'd on a Wednesday

  • Pivitrix

    I think people are too critical of this gameplay, complaining too much, honestly.

  • Spicy Wolf
    Spicy Wolf

    What it must feel as a game designer to watch TWO PEOPLE struggle figuring out a puzzle where the answer is literally painted out with yellow paint.

  • FluffyXai

    Is an 'experimental nut' when you're tryin' out a new kink you recently got into and haven't fully explored yet? XD

  • Noah Wade
    Noah Wade

    I swear if these 2 weren’t in my life everyday would be a bore

  • Nathan Goytia
    Nathan Goytia

    Dan, how do you not see the OBVIOUS FUCKING YELLOW OBJECTS placed for you! Arin even mentioned them multiple times and you guys had an argument over them being painted yellow or yellow in nature

  • PepperJack001

    We always knew Dan was a Goo-ru master, this just confirms it.

  • 42jwiener

    In this episode... Arin and Dan are the goo goo dolls

  • US Government
    US Government

    3:37 I literally just came from the "A Way Out" playthrough from 2017 and hearing him say "A couple of cards" threw me off just now.

  • MrRickles

    Watching Dan play games like this is a test in patience that I feel myself slowly losing over time

  • KinkyKluts :3
    KinkyKluts :3

    I can't watch this anymore sadly. Im to scared of bees and wasps god no nononononononono

  • juhulemand

    I really, REALLY, hope that they soon get a hang of the basic mechanics, otherwise, I don't think I'll be able to finish this playthrough.

  • Robin Spain
    Robin Spain

    I rly appreciate game groups and them being less than amazing gamers bc me too, it’s more relatable to watch and not snobby and inaccessible

  • Denise doei
    Denise doei

    This reminds me so much of the Halo playthrough and I love it!!

  • Edward .Gamble
    Edward .Gamble

    You know, I don’t trust those squirrels, they stole Dan’s underwear.

  • livierose

    This reminds me so much of the portal 2 co-op and I really love it

  • xoPoetry4Everxo

    19:36 Dan: *a r i n .* Arin: W H A D D Y A M E A N A R I N ? ? ?

  • kogababe

    "ready for the ride of your life?" *shoots goo*

  • Val Pardo
    Val Pardo

    Man the"Big Comfy Couch" sure has changed a lot since the last time I saw it as a kid.😂💀

  • GreedyK

    Dan seems to have a hard time with 3D games

  • Nadine Tyler
    Nadine Tyler

    i feel like i watched a different video than everyone else in the comments........ i truly don't understand why everyone is hating so hard on dan

  • Simon Rivera
    Simon Rivera

    I agree with Arin when he says there is nothing to do in Florida but play with ants. As someone who has lived in Florida for 22 years I can say the only thing to do here is sweat and fight off an army of bugs all day

  • Grant Kieser
    Grant Kieser

    Danny is 2 plus hours into this game and he still is ignoring yellow painted surfaces, button prompts and BASIC mechanics!

  • jjuans6

    Dan's brain still doesn't know how 3d games work

  • TokikoMima

    Today on Game Grumps, the Goo Goo Dolls!

  • Joshua Mootilal
    Joshua Mootilal

    i cant believe they have to censor "goddamn"

  • worldrummer

    This is what, the sixth episode, and the gameplay is finally audible in the mix. It's about damn time.

  • spinster

    this game is fuckin creepy lmao

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Top 10 Wizard
    Top 10 Wizard

    How does somebody intentionally write awful main characters like these? Uhh yeah I want to play a whimsical miniature adventure as an annoying, bickering, idiotic, boring divorcing couple. Sheeesh. Hard Sheesh. "Let's Drillbazz" come on...

  • Scott C
    Scott C


  • XZdemo

    Arin playing co-op with Dan normally: *teasing, joking, and shit-talking* Arin playing co-op with Dan when they have to do things separate from each other: *finishes what he has to do before gently and patiently guiding Dan forward* Dan playing co-op with Arin always: "You clever girl I would've never figured that out."

  • Unmei

    I think a go fund me should be started to help Dan with his blindness.

  • Minovsky Addict
    Minovsky Addict

    Stop lying about wasps Arin

  • Demon Slaeyer
    Demon Slaeyer

    Yeah dan and arin look up chinese bees

  • Angel Juliet
    Angel Juliet

    Trying to watch Dan is so frustrating

  • T. W. MacKay
    T. W. MacKay

    21:54 MISS Q?😆 Where's Ms. m and Mr. R😆

  • Nolan S.
    Nolan S.

    I think... I think this game is fucking stupid. And I cannot get over this overacted mocap. But I love when the boys can pay co-op games!

  • Jenna Parslow
    Jenna Parslow

    Is it just me or is this section very Portal 2?

  • Braden Little
    Braden Little

    Real missed opportunity, “Stop man! I’m new goo shootin!”

  • Camille-H. Fournier
    Camille-H. Fournier

    Hope commenters don’t forget that dan doesn’t have the audio of the game and probably misses all the audio cues...

  • Goatman Brigance
    Goatman Brigance

    Arin: "we should get remarried" Me: "Wait wha-- oh he's talking about the game."

  • PikaBro

    Whoa.. this is weird.. it is like.. Arin is Dan and Dan is Arin now! THIS IS SOME FREAKY FRIDAY SHIZ!

  • Ryan Starkweather
    Ryan Starkweather

    It takes a 2 player coop to remind me that it is in fact Dan that sucks at video games and Arin is simply too impulsive to properly showcase his skills like ever.

  • SmileySandvich

    Dan is so bad

  • Pixlboy

    I actually had to stop watching this play through on this episode, watching Dan makes my fucking blood boil omg

  • Ailsa's Classic Crafts
    Ailsa's Classic Crafts

    Someone needs to make an "Arin and Dan argue like a married couple" compilation from this series

  • Richard

    Oh my god, it isn't Arin who sucks at video games... It's Dan!

  • Matthew Revell
    Matthew Revell

    22:14 the thing on the right Can proceeds to turn left

  • Hydreigon5466

    Arin: "I think we should get remarried" Dan: "We don't NEED to, we're already married" DEFINITIVE PROOF, GUYS. THEY SAID IT

  • Dizzysadako

    shoot your goo, my dude!

  • Hydreigon5466

    Arin and Dan are so fucking chill, I love it

  • Frozen Eevee
    Frozen Eevee

    Those squirrels where the cutest solders I've ever seen!

  • Mr Sunified
    Mr Sunified

    This entire series is me yelling at the screen for dan to look at the giant bright yellow wood

  • Matt McFarlane
    Matt McFarlane

    I'm actually banging my head on my desk

  • Wolfenrose

    It Takes Goo.

  • MegasZet

    What a couple of cards