Maleficent Simping - Kingdom Hearts III
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I mean, I was gonna do it any way.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • GameGrumps

    The Epic MEGA Sale is happening now! Get 33% off KINGDOM HEARTS III & three free months of Disney+

    • Justin Carson
      Justin Carson


    • SwiftStylus

      Holy shit Arin, that Goofy impersonation near the start was spot on.

    • Blue Aizu
      Blue Aizu

      ​@Stewart Moyer GamePass games don't stay on GamePass forever, and the Kingdom Hearts series' days on it are coming to an end

    • Right Wing
      Right Wing

      Fuck Epic.

    • Grimson Green
      Grimson Green

      @EB -the-GAMER thats why I said usually.

  • Максим Муравьев
    Максим Муравьев

    Love KH, but KH3 looks unfinished, I think, too many questions after beating the game

  • ctopher909

    I’d love to watch you guys play the whole game. Especially since Arin loves it so.

  • mchawk315

    If Dan really wants an explanation of the story of the series he should just watch the video that Barry did explaining it.

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown

    Man, they can spend 30 episodes playing Mario maker and not this?

  • MezzaTheHyena

    Please just play the full series with Dan. I REALLY want to see his genuine reactions.

  • Zenn_

    I come back to this almost daily for a shred of hope they comeback and finish the game.

  • Stephanie O
    Stephanie O

    Sadness and sorrow for this being the only video

  • blackghostcat

    I love how most of this was just cutscenes

  • WeakLinkle

    Arins explanation in the beginning already makes me want to see a full series of this. Dans reactions to things and arin trying to explain it all would be hilarious. But sadly I know if they tried to do a full series of this they would never finish it.

  • Tyler Hodson
    Tyler Hodson

    I've wanted KH for a series for so looong 😭 if you guys can play half the damn Zelda games in existence you can totally play Kh3 as a series!!

  • Prandall

    7:52 I can’t tell if Arin really can’t remember names and places but dear god… it hurts to listen to lol

  • Prandall

    4 minutes in… And Arin calls Xehanort… “Ansem” *shudders* it’s fine… hold it together. It can only get wors..better from here.

  • Priscilla Mariani
    Priscilla Mariani

    Please keep playing!!

  • MJ Adams
    MJ Adams

    Dan, "The Black Cauldron" isn't original, it's based on the book series by Lloyd Alexander. The first book is called "The Book of Three."

  • Lizade

    I feel like I'm listening to a 5 year old tell me a story they made up, and it's delightful.

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M.

    The fact that Aris was trying to spout info is both cringey and hilarious but it turned me off from watching the rest and not being able to hear the music.

  • Sarah Jay
    Sarah Jay

    I seriously love and prefer hearing Arin and Dan gush over a game they really value and enjoy vs games they play bcos of fans who enjoy their anger lol.

  • leahciM

    "xehanort is ansem's nobody"

  • Strife Cypher
    Strife Cypher

    I want no one else but Arin to describe the KH storyline for the rest of time. KH 4 should just have a recap with Arin doing it. You can't change my mind.

  • Space Out Tunes
    Space Out Tunes

    Please make a part two I really enjoyed this playthrough

  • Daniel Crandall
    Daniel Crandall

    Arin is totally butching the story holy shit was giving me cancer thru the whole thing, very few things he got right lol

  • kaiju lord
    kaiju lord

    Do one more vid please 🥺☺️

  • Wikloe

    Xehanort is Ansem's nobody... whelp made it about 10 mins in before I went from being sad this wasn't a full series, to very happy. I would like Arin to just admit that he doesn't quite remember it all before hand and not explain it or maybe google it before hand, because as Axel has stated in this game "this is an insane amount to get memorized" so I can't blame him for forgetting. But I'd rather that than him try and rapidly tell Dan everything incorrectly, and as a result I'm glad this is just a one off.

  • Cmdr Brannick
    Cmdr Brannick

    Guys, please do the whole series of Kingdom Hearts. You could even do it as a stream series, but if you did it as a regular series, at around 48mins a video, it's take you about 36 episodes per game. It wouldn't be that bad and a lot shorter than some other games you've played. I just wanna hear Arin get so excited and I wanna hear Dan's first impressions and confusion.

  • TheGnomechomp

    The only thing I care about regarding KH3, is if there is Stitch and/or Baymax. If no, then no to you KH3. Good day sir.

  • Chuzbe

    I didnt know Arin was snaggleback! What the hell!

  • Miss Zee xx
    Miss Zee xx

    AQUA GOT NORTED!!! OK all I know about this game is from prozd

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Tuber Clips
    Tuber Clips

    No shame in crying my dude. I cry literally every time I hear Zelda's lullaby.

  • Tuber Clips
    Tuber Clips

    Going down on a seagull.

  • Tuber Clips
    Tuber Clips

    They're playing this before ff7. TF?!?

  • BuffPuff

    I'd love a complete series of this.

  • Rhapsos Productions
    Rhapsos Productions

    Whilst Arin's memory is terrible, his passion is adorable. One can love a franchise without having the full plot permanently in their brains

  • its hermit
    its hermit

    Both your ears and nose grow but your eyes stay the same. I cannot imagine baby me with a big nose like I have now. There's just no way

  • dap

    Arin, no one cares or is impress by ur knowledge of Kingdom Farts... Relax.

  • Saifuu Suri
    Saifuu Suri

    "Is there anything Disney doesn't own?" Soon Disney will be so powerful they'll own you.

  • Saifuu Suri
    Saifuu Suri

    10:26 Hehe I stole their Chess piece. They'll never be able to finish the game now.

  • Saifuu Suri
    Saifuu Suri

    My favorite Kingdom Hearts character is Vitas Varnas. You know, the evil part of Ventus?

  • James The Film Director
    James The Film Director

    Next episode of KH3, they should get Supermega Ding Dong or Julian to assist them, that would make this video series even better.

  • xXbakacoconutXx

    I would love more of this, because this game makes so little sense it'll kill Dan.

  • Mads Saucexx
    Mads Saucexx

    I cried when I found out KH3 would be on Xbox, cause I haven't had PlayStation since I played the first game... These games, as cheesey as they are, they just do something for me.

  • Poké Maniac Nick
    Poké Maniac Nick

    Arin does a really good Goofy impression.

  • Richie Rust
    Richie Rust

    Well, time to work my way up the corporate ladder, become the CEO of Epic Games, and sponsor Game Grumps for 3 consecutive years

  • damon mahoney
    damon mahoney

    Yen Sid is Disney backwards. I’m pretty sure he represents big daddy diz.

  • Always 0 Tired
    Always 0 Tired

    Imagine if they put a grave in mickeys yard

  • Ridiculous Sinner
    Ridiculous Sinner

    It sucks because they've played all 3 of these games but like in the lamest possible way.

  • Astral Syn
    Astral Syn

    I'm never getting over hearing Goofy's voice saying "GAWRSH I'M GONNA DIE IN THE FIELD"

  • Maten Friends
    Maten Friends

    YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TO DIE. i fucking spat coffee everywhere in laughter. i wish there would be more kh3 episodes.

  • SleepyBoi

    oh no, is this the Kingdom Hearts LP curse?

  • Nicholas Doyle
    Nicholas Doyle

    1. I know now how much of Kingdom Hearts weeb I am after listening to Arin TRY to explain any single part of Kingdom Hearts lore. 2. Dan: I'm more confused after hearing the plot. Careful Dan, you're entering territory the likes of which only veteran Kingdom Hearts fans/players are allowed say 3. Arin: It would be impossible to play the entire Kingdom Hearts series Says the guys that play literally every Zelda and Marion XD

  • Giovanni Magnus
    Giovanni Magnus

    There is only five minutes of actual game play in this.

  • Stitches Bunny
    Stitches Bunny

    Wow! Dan loves the black cauldron! I haven't seen that in years, and I miss it so much!

  • DalexTexas12

    Anybody want to send then Barry's redux of Kingdom Hearts? I think if they reacted to it that it would be amazing!

  • BriDaJedi

    For a "Closet Kingdom Hearts Fan" Arin sure does get almost everything he said about the story wrong lol. That being said I would love to see them go through the series. Even business wise it works, just like Phoenix Wright, Danganrompa, etc. Long story based games, just churning out content people will absolutely watch. P.S.- I have played all the KH games on my channel, if you need help explaining the game I've got you covered lol

  • Ava Quigley
    Ava Quigley

    Please! Please play a little more. I know the game is super long so maybe not the whole thing but a wee bit more?

  • Battle Bruva
    Battle Bruva


  • Madison Roberts
    Madison Roberts

    Listening to Arin badly explaining Kingdom Hearts made me laugh so hard and while constantly wanting to correct him on every detail he got wrong at the same time!

  • OrangeDude Gaming
    OrangeDude Gaming

    "I didn't see you for a while." Me: my friends didn't see me when it came out either.

  • Sophia Nicole
    Sophia Nicole

    I don't think they understand how many of the lovelies would love to watch a kingdom hearts playthrough

  • Michael Whelan
    Michael Whelan

    The one time we get a kingdom hearts episode they don't make it into a series great job guys

  • Buzz The Buzzard
    Buzz The Buzzard

    I feel like this is the type of game that hearing the voice acting is a good this but I also know this channel is for comedy not enjoyment of games.

  • Gaythoven


  • Brady Herwald
    Brady Herwald

    They talk about voices and don’t mention that Roxas is voiced by Jesse McCartney, who signed up to voice act in the game because he fetishized the characters big feet


    i dOnT UNdeRstaND ThE plOT

  • AskewedBlade _
    AskewedBlade _


  • Iceking 2020
    Iceking 2020

    you should've got Ed da wiz to guess star he loves these games

  • FringeBoi

    Arin sounds so funny trying to explain kingdom hearts. It's probably the only way to explain to anybody that doesn't know a single thing about kingdom hearts but you have to explain it in 4 minutes.


    I love this game thank you guys for playing it

  • FirFly1994

    its so nice to hear arin have so much enjoyment out of a game! so sad he's not gonna play more on the show

  • Diamond Johnson
    Diamond Johnson

    Arin just gave every Kingdom Hearts fan an aneurism with that explanation

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree

    The character at the beginning was Xehanort, and the keyblade belonged to the master of masters

  • Ashley

    tfw u were in the hospital the whole time this deal was a thing and now ur sad

  • Chaotic Charlie Gaming
    Chaotic Charlie Gaming

    Arin! Dan said he wants to continue!!! Don't ignore him! Seriously though, I think you guys could play it and get views too.

  • Cameron J. Wallace
    Cameron J. Wallace

    ... I'm so glad my restaurant is empty, because I can't stop screaming at Arin when he tries to explain Kingdom Hearts

  • Liam Neville
    Liam Neville

    Omg Aaron stop talking over ALL of it on top of it just being str8 up annoying if u shut up maybe Dan can hear what's going on ps love u dan xx

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E

    Should we tell Dan about Whomst

  • SwiftStylus

    What song are they singing at 6:32?

  • SwiftStylus

    Arin: "This game is very long" Me: .... I beat the game in a single day just tooling around....nearly 100% too.... Kingdom hearts 3 was stupidly short.

  • Jare 345
    Jare 345

    Time for the simple plot of kingdom hearts (starbomb) (should do kingdom hearts 1 week out of a month)

  • Lucas Bender
    Lucas Bender

    I love listening to Arin get basically everything about kingdom hearts wrong 😂

  • Time Lord
    Time Lord

    Arin: That's aqua me: ah yes she got 'norted

  • Maru Lynn
    Maru Lynn

    Sure is unexpected

  • Charlotte H Preston
    Charlotte H Preston

    Please do an entire series on Kingdom Hearts!

  • eaz54

    Can we just please get this playthrough?!

  • Kiru

    Face My Fears also became my comfort song. Something about Arin crying to it too is kind of nice to know too

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez

    "They can play Danganronpa and fucking Sonic Heroes for months, but can't give us a full kingdom hearts 3 playthrough" - Actual quote from my Wife

  • VeryStrawberry

    Since Arin is such a big Kingdom Hearts fan, I've always wanted to see him play it with Dan and try to explain everything to him. XD I do hope they'll continue this and play one and two as well one day.

  • koopakoop1264

    At 15:13 goofy actually looks dead in the picture

  • only a comentary nothing special
    only a comentary nothing special

    Man I wanted them to react to Toy Story

  • XkidXuglyX

    EPISODE IS SPONSORED Me: that's cool, whatever THIS IS A ONE OFF Me: ... dislike, closes video.

  • isaac meyers
    isaac meyers

    Pweeease finish kingdom heawts twee? 🥺👉👈

  • FallenPup

    Oh wow you guys posted this on my birthday. I missed my gamegrumps present sad. I love Kingsom Hearts lol

  • gatfatf

    Who and whom work as questions with answers of he and him. Who ate the berries? He did. To whom does the car belong to? It belongs to him. Congratulations, you're now one step closer to being less of an uneducated peon. Try not to piss yourself in excitement.

  • JoJo Banks
    JoJo Banks

    "The H-ster" Sora... shut your goddamn mouth

  • Yeriko Williams
    Yeriko Williams

    goofy is just Arin's voice being funny

  • David Lance
    David Lance

    13:47 This coming from the man with elongated thumbs?

  • Brad Huff
    Brad Huff

    dan got the magic aspect right on the nose

  • Brad Huff
    Brad Huff

    young eraqus is drake bell

  • BrutalZombear

    i would actually love watching them play the kingdom hearts series. Seeing arin this jazzed over a game is a bit of a change of pace. I can see this being a lovely adventure for both. Plus having danny's fresh eyes on this game would be *chefs kiss*.