Monokuma's Grand Entrance (by Charles Moss) - Game Grumps Animated
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  • H. Comfy
    H. Comfy

    The “did someone say marinara” Mario and peach cameos killed me

  • Sleeper

    Man I love this animation is so hilarious

  • nexkyrouac

    00:33 Monokuma as Mater is priceless.

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • YokuMasaki

    0:58 what it sounds like when you have a stroke...lmaoo

  • Liz The Goof
    Liz The Goof

    Oh my god he gave monocuma the fucking grubba voice

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    I need more Danny and Arin as Statler and Waldorf

  • Aime Lopez Santucci
    Aime Lopez Santucci

    I believe that the danganronpa fandom and Game grumps fandom were made to be together. Such good comedy holyshit

  • smileyboy2021

    0:34 Look out, its MonoMater

  • VictoryVick

    0:53 When i try to argue with my mon

  • Pmintz

    Wow that was a perfect animation. The muppet guys are the best.

  • Polae

    This is BRILLIANT!!!

  • DeepShadedGlassesGuy

    "Didsomebodysaymarinara" fucking kills me every time XD

  • Jet Jaguar
    Jet Jaguar

    Monokuma's voice made my piss myself

  • Maxolotl

    Wow this is chaotic

  • Linkin Park FanGirl
    Linkin Park FanGirl


  • Hermon 101
    Hermon 101


  • Epee2134

    Also, you just watch; a few months later, they're gonna do a watch of all these Dangan-fanimations lol

  • BeanMan

    "you've cut me deep" :c fuckin love that face XD

  • iianbe

    these are some excellent monokuma visual gags

  • Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin
    Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin

    This is instantly one of my all-time favorite GGAs lmao, incredible

  • San XD
    San XD

    Monokuma is the Game Grumps equivalent of Donald Duck in that you can't understand him without subtitles

  • Evangelia

    The amount of references in this animation is magical

  • husky concert
    husky concert

    The bear sounds like albert

  • Aaron Bellas
    Aaron Bellas

    More please

  • MattiaGamer98

    Wow! First animation video inspired from Danganronpa's playthrought! I'd to see more Game Grumps Danganronpa animations.

  • Justin Chesnut
    Justin Chesnut

    This just reminds me i miss the weekly Dan Gone Rumba

  • Pixel

    So now the main question. When will they play Danganronpa 2?

  • Emma Avery
    Emma Avery

    Materkuma was the best part of this hands down.

  • Randall Randall
    Randall Randall

    This is really excellent. All the style jumps really get me

  • Zebizenette


  • Sedox

    I just lose it every time Arin says: "I'm not a teddy burrrrrrr"

  • Senor Corbuiser
    Senor Corbuiser

    @00:32 killed me. Thats exactly Arins voice inspiration.

  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox

    This is fucking legendary

  • Phillip Miller
    Phillip Miller

    Therapist: Materkuma isn't real, he can't hurt you Materkuma:

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    Someone doesn't know how to properly animate Mukuro disguised and not Junko

  • Amanda S.
    Amanda S.

    Mater-kuma made me legit snort laugh

  • TheOGB

    Mater-kuma is a hilariously cursed being. I am blessed to have lived long enough to see it.

  • Kirbie

    0:21 this frame really got me

  • Noa Edlund
    Noa Edlund


  • Bu Nee
    Bu Nee

    Did someone say marinara?

  • Keira Cross
    Keira Cross

    *HUUUUUH?* Ah yes, the catch phrase I forgot about but haunts my subconscious...

  • Autumn House
    Autumn House

    And thus, the dingdongrumpus animations begin. *Patiently waits for Paizano*

  • Shrkkng55

    I feel old for remembering this.

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C

    0:21 me when I found out that Tik tok is getting banned

  • Eva Lange
    Eva Lange

    Slow clap for Statler and Waldorf tho 👌👌

  • Alyssa Anderson
    Alyssa Anderson

    love the animation!!

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy

    This is one of, if not the best, GG Animateds I've ever seen

  • Bonnie Mairead
    Bonnie Mairead

    I don't why, but when he sticks his hand in his bellybutton and pulls out the lint is so satisfying. The faces and expressions in this were great. Really nailed it.

  • TheCJCarter

    Materkuma broke me

  • CosmicKoffee

    I love the older references because this proves that I wasn't crazy when Arin did Popeyes's laugh, and I had realized I'm one of the few old enough to know who the fuck that is.

  • FrancosBabyGirl


  • Arc Ray
    Arc Ray

    i dont anybody ever expected to see a MonoMater.

  • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    A daily dose of Game Grumps

  • Katie Waters
    Katie Waters

    Yes the ding dong bing bong animateds are starting to come yesssss!

  • Hanbill

    Wholesome and nostalgic animation

  • Snail Man
    Snail Man

    I got hard core aladin genie vibes from the animation and i loved it. you did so many styles in such a short time!

  • Rikk


  • Rikk

    Didn't know I was gonna love muppet Dan so much

  • A Crow
    A Crow

    materkuma is something i didn't know my eyes did not want to see today

  • Rikk

    This was great

  • Елисей Смирнов
    Елисей Смирнов

    Honestly they made dangonronpa into a comedy show

  • The Editor
    The Editor

    Yup, this is a grade-AAA bona fide work of art.

  • Infernal Kiwi
    Infernal Kiwi

    Meh. Also, I dunno why we have to keep saying this. Peach. Isn't. Italian.

  • mageofthestorm1

    This is perfect.

  • Eric Suen
    Eric Suen

    Yay! Danganronpa!

  • herogear

    Materkuma needs to be A Thing.

  • Ashley R
    Ashley R

    I love Arin's voice for the bear.

  • TheVictor2

    alright dude new episode chop chop my food is getting cold peace and love peace and love

    • Kyle Elliott
      Kyle Elliott

      What about me

    • TheVictor2

      it's okay i finished my food you don't need to upload today if you don't wanna

  • Quin somnia
    Quin somnia

    Please play dang gone ran pa 2

  • Señor X
    Señor X

    00:55 honestly that's how I imagined Dan & Arin would look like during the Class Trials

  • Archangel 7
    Archangel 7

    Consume Prilosec

  • lost fire
    lost fire

    New Sonic game coming out 2022 and Sonic colors ultimate coming out there's a chance they could play that

    • lost fire
      lost fire

      @Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生 that's why I said there's a chance

    • Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生
      Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生

      They probably will; at least one of them

  • George Todd
    George Todd


  • aaron kimball
    aaron kimball

    rong thumnale?

    • Ashley R
      Ashley R

      I bet your English teacher is proud of you.

  • Sammy Green
    Sammy Green

    I can't believe they tried to play this game, Love the referenced to the classic Muppets show.

  • Vinel94

    Materkuma kills me

  • Rebel Timelady
    Rebel Timelady

    Arin and Dan as Statler and Waldorf works way too well, hahahaha

  • Mads Johnsen
    Mads Johnsen

    Give this man a bonus, coz this animation was amazing!

  • Elaine Arrow
    Elaine Arrow

    So which style is the new GG animated in? Charles Moss (I guess): Yes.


    What a weird scene choice. So many hillarious moments to chose from.

  • Reuel Lucas
    Reuel Lucas

    The ending fucking got me dude lol 😂.

  • han grube
    han grube

    when he turned into mater

  • Crystal M.
    Crystal M.

    Something about about the quick cuts to th still crazy expressions on the characters KILLLS me

  • Jacobrox5656

    Junko as Butthead was like the most amazing part

  • Steuts

    I never thought to correlate monokuma and mater but now I can’t not see it

  • PK the World
    PK the World

    I love that Dingganglepondan is the new Bendydink Crumbersnitch.

  • Ross Kiger
    Ross Kiger

    Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets really hit it off for me.

  • DylanPlaysSongs

    I love game grumps but I think we’re at the point in the franchise where we want an HD remaster of wind waker or sonic 06

  • Tempo

    Butthead Junko is hella cursed

  • Kaitlin Sebbage
    Kaitlin Sebbage

    Love this. Accurately identified all of the other characters that the voices suggested. Awesome. And Monokuma is an appropriate mix of cute and creepsgusting. Nice work.

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell

    I've started making new videos! Come and check them out if you have the time. All support is appreciated! Cheers!

  • Kat Lambos
    Kat Lambos

    Wow. 👌

  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake

    A lot of this is very cursed.

  • Liz Kratky
    Liz Kratky

    this made me feel uncomfortable and i loved it lol

  • Lelan Keeton
    Lelan Keeton

    i don't know why, but the animation of the bear saying "you cut me deep" makes me laugh.

  • The Naive Vigilante
    The Naive Vigilante

    What a gorgeous style tho. I'd love to see the whole game remade in this style.

  • Alicia B
    Alicia B

    The faces had me snort-laugh. Taka without the eyebrows is cursed somehow

  • Hazey Rogue Lantern
    Hazey Rogue Lantern

    I have no idea what just happened

  • Trev3DGaming

    Why is Monokuma actually just Chris-chan?

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