THE LASAGNA! (by Mangomation) - Game Grumps Animated
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  • Marco Calleja
    Marco Calleja

    Mangomation does such cute animation! I love it so much!!!

  • David Eber
    David Eber

    Why's this one not in the grumps animated playlist?

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Mr. Gaster
    Mr. Gaster

    When are they gonna play Danganronpa 2. I want to know what voices they think everyone should have

  • BubbleRap

    She then murdered me!

  • Meme Daddy Nick
    Meme Daddy Nick

    I wish they’d play another danganronpa game but not play it on easy mode so they can’t shit on it every two seconds for being too easy.

  • Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin
    Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin

    okay but like why the animals though...?

  • Slushee Man
    Slushee Man

    I require a danganronpa 2 playthrough

  • Jay Montgomery
    Jay Montgomery


  • Rikk

    So much care went into the lip-synch

  • Hazama Honoka
    Hazama Honoka

    This one is probably one of the weaker few animations.

  • themoomy

    I would like “ get bigger hands” merch, please! That would be perfect for a shirt and/or bumper sticker

  • Kodered59 [Original]
    Kodered59 [Original]

    When I opened the original episode it was right on the "shoulders are really strange" part...


    We need more Danganranpa animateds. There’s some true potential here

  • T-Posing Shy Guy
    T-Posing Shy Guy

    finally my favorite series getting animated

  • potatofan007

    So heccin cute

  • Ahmed Malaki
    Ahmed Malaki

    I hate game graumps UZmilk stop seriously also holy shit this video so not funny

  • tashimashi

    We need everything animated from this series now

  • KenpaiUwU

    Hampter content best content

  • Film Fangirls
    Film Fangirls

    Yes!! More Dangan GG Animated!!

  • Daphne Tett
    Daphne Tett

    I knew the animations for this series would be amazing.

  • Joey The Ghost
    Joey The Ghost

    Need that small hands animation on loop, STAT!


    Please change the last time on game grumps voice

  • Nailim ixaM
    Nailim ixaM

    i mean .. the lasagna obviously gonna take a lot more than the spaghetti to cook, it's only normal to cook them before

  • Stephendw

    Man, the animator deserves more love. So far, this same video on their account on has 80 likes.

  • Noa Edlund
    Noa Edlund

    yeah, this is a delight

  • Elina Auvinen
    Elina Auvinen

    I... have never watched ANY danganronpa gameplay from ANYONE ever let alone the grumps... but for some reason, when i saw the title, my brain for absolutely no reason, recited the exact "GET BIGGER HANDS" line. I have no idea what about just this videos thumbnail and title made me think of that but i am freaked the fuck out now that they just HAPPENED to make that EXACT SAME JOKE-

  • Charcoal Ore
    Charcoal Ore

    This art style is so cute :3

  • Unmei

    Man, I'm happy I didn't watch this series.

  • Bon_Artz

    This is gonna much funnier when they play the other games... They're gonna have a blast

  • LB Press
    LB Press

    This is very enjoyable

  • Kasch

    nice slideshow

  • ShaOryDow

    Oy audio seems to be compressed weirdly. Fun animation though!

  • derpyturtsIsthewurst

    *The alternative ending we never got:*

  • javlatua

    I really want them to play Danganronpa 2! The other games in the franchise aren’t necessary, I mean I’d actually prefer it if they DIDN’T play V3, but I think they’d have a lot of fun with the characters and joke material in 2, especially since the playthrough of the first game was hilarious.

    • Ryne Neer
      Ryne Neer

      They said they will, but are taking a break from it at the moment

  • WorldEaterZero

    More of Danganronpa animated please

  • Seth Aquauis
    Seth Aquauis

    I don't understand the animal stuff???

  • Christopher Samuel
    Christopher Samuel

    Mangomation you say? Well, my mango is to blow up and act like I don’t know nobody

  • Lightning Point
    Lightning Point

    Gotta love Hamster Grumps.

  • Froedl Metallmann
    Froedl Metallmann

    This video has everything to make it big with the kids: Cute animated animals Great animation Fun voices Murder Game Grumps So wholesome!

  • DearestClaudio

    This is bad. Literally no cohesion or storyline at all, just random clips of characters (inexplicably animals?) saying the lines in sequence.

  • TheDoctorCog

    That was delightful!

  • Geoffrey Winn
    Geoffrey Winn

    Cool animation!

  • Tsing Sum
    Tsing Sum

    The animation is so good!!

  • Vincent Rowell
    Vincent Rowell

  • anime dumpster fire
    anime dumpster fire

    Sayaka being an Italian stereotype was my favourite part of the series.

  • Steven Hill
    Steven Hill

    Out of context, this is very confusing

  • Doktor Vem
    Doktor Vem

    Why are some characters portrayed as mice and cats and whatelse here? What's going on?

  • Kristina Payne
    Kristina Payne

    i really wanna see more phoenix wright

  • Kitteh


  • Graavigala85

    "how many styles you can draw" "yes"

  • David


  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake

    I have no clue what's happening but gosh darn if it wasn't a trip. We need more Danganronpa animations, and apparently more hamsters, I guess!

  • Golly God
    Golly God

    Honestly i think one thing that drove Sayaka to try and kill someone was the fact that Arin and Dan kept saying her name wrong /lh

  • Devilman666312

    As soon as I saw the title I knew it was going to be this game

  • FanOfAllThingsAwesom

    More Danganrompa Game Grumps animated please!

  • Pixelman546

    I adore the get bigger hands quote. Also, this was fantastic! Hope there’s more danganronpa animations in our future

  • Leah Topilow
    Leah Topilow

    I love how Makoto and Sayaka are drawn, but at the same time, I’m confused as to why Junko and Chihiro don’t look like they normally do?

  • agoodname 98
    agoodname 98

    I’m have lasagna right now

  • Justin Flores
    Justin Flores

    Did Dan do the “get bigger hands” lol

  • The vice master
    The vice master

    I’m waiting on that “I bet you won’t win this next bet” animated

  • Hobo Sapiens
    Hobo Sapiens

    The way this animator animated those facial expressions is truly impressive!

  • David J Thomson
    David J Thomson

    *Sakura Speaks* *Sees Chihiro* Uh... Scuse me?

  • MegaCortez69

    Mama mia! murdered! just lika grandma use to make

  • James Enochs
    James Enochs

    What a delightful animation. Really the cutest thing I've seen all week.

  • RB Fyller
    RB Fyller

    I love it. Adorable.

  • Hem Rainsford
    Hem Rainsford

    I loved the Grumps' playthrough of Danganronpa, and I'm even more excited to see these animations. The animation style is just so cute for a game so dark and I'm all for it!

  • Misshowzat

    The volume is really quiet then loud a number of times. It makes it very difficult to know what's going on, could someone subtitle?

  • Nicolás Cabello
    Nicolás Cabello

    Here we go, guys. Dangonrimples Game Grumps animations are finally here.

  • 3 l
    3 l

    this was excellent

  • Rachel Steiner
    Rachel Steiner

    The pink blood at the end is a very nice touch!

  • Spleakism

    Wow! This animation is so adorable and amusing to watch! Well done Mangomation!

  • jbwarner86 2
    jbwarner86 2

    I'm so relieved Sayaka died first, because I don't think I could've taken Arin beating that "I randomly decided she's a stereotypical Italian" joke into the ground for 73 episodes.

  • The2378AlpacaMan

    i read that in a celtic legend, daisies were sprinkled on the ground when infants died. hidden symbolism???

  • Tails41347


  • Ashley R
    Ashley R

    Get bigger hands ~Danny 2021

  • Rendrat van Donkereschrijver
    Rendrat van Donkereschrijver

    that was by far the strangest GG animated I have ever seen

  • Herowebcomics

    OMG! They are so cute and sassy!

  • Sky flame art
    Sky flame art


  • Courtney Thornton
    Courtney Thornton

    She's got a case of Whopper hands!

  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores

    I wanna see Dan and Arin play Persona 5 royal

  • aWebtoon reader
    aWebtoon reader

    Cannot wait for them to play Danganronpa 2

  • Kholdstare

    Hey look, an actual animation, and not a pile of ugly mess. Great job, Mango.

  • Austin Reed
    Austin Reed

    Funny animation. Also, today’s my birthday! :D

  • Carmine Knight
    Carmine Knight

    Oh my god, yes. This puts a giant smile on my face.

  • SevenMillionHobbies

    Our vicious pasta princess 👸💖

  • Keith _o
    Keith _o

    Hey I was wondering what should I do if I’m interested in making animations for game grumps is the near future?

  • TheUnholyOne

    I have absolutely no freaking idea what's happening. But this dialogue with this animation made me laugh so hard. Great work.

  • Noah Nesbitt
    Noah Nesbitt

    I didn't watch the DGR playthrough, so I have no idea what's going on in this clip.

  • Mo Williams
    Mo Williams


  • Big McLargehuge
    Big McLargehuge

    Those hamster/gerbil/whatever things are adorable

  • SageBoshi

    “We’ll be back tomorrow” *And Punch Out was never seen again for 6 years*

  • OW WO
    OW WO

    I will never get tired of Maizano, Arin killed it with this stupid connection and its funny EVERY time

  • Gyano Van Straaten
    Gyano Van Straaten


  • Breanne Goby
    Breanne Goby

    so cute :D

  • Shindo Versus
    Shindo Versus

    “Get bigger hands!” Will never not be funny lol

  • The_Slasher_PL

    "Get bigger hands" is such a great Doki Doki recall

  • Lulu Sobel
    Lulu Sobel

    I kinda love the designs for the characters here!

  • Kronyum Smoke
    Kronyum Smoke

    We animators say, its not skill is the timming that counts and this is one of those cases; not the most skilled art, not the most smoot animation but great timming and creativity! Has to be one my fav gg animated.

  • Xavier Rosas
    Xavier Rosas

    I’m waiting for more Danganronpa animations