ARIN HANSON Incites LARCENY - Links Awakening
And found GUILTY of stealing my heart!

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • GameGrumps

    this was totally scheduled for the correct time you cannot tell us otherwise

    • Frost Giant
      Frost Giant


    • Drunken Meowth
      Drunken Meowth


    • TafferCharles

      Also, when will you finish Hana Montanna.

    • TafferCharles

      Don't do stuff off camera. We love it when u guys enjoy playing games.

    • Sam Portillo
      Sam Portillo

      "I lika the Game Gruimps! Veeery NIICEE!"

  • funkhouzr

    Arin pls don't have some hot dumb take about Junji Ito

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris

    The fact that they didn't make an opportunity to say HQ whoo when speaking as the Owl saddens me

  • Christiane

    the conversation about dads from 27:01 was too real XD also love to see them playing Zelda again

  • Maria Dina Covers
    Maria Dina Covers

    A cello and a double bass is in fact not the same instrument. HOWEVER, you can play some sick bass notes on it, and they both use the F-clef cause they are dëëp

  • Lauren Bee
    Lauren Bee

    18:14 ... Markiplier..? That you, bud?

  • wutdewut

    Ike likes like likes

  • bob themouse666
    bob themouse666

    *Dan starts talking about the like likes that just showed up on screen* Ike Likes like likes: my time has come

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • KeenKiyoshi

    10:43 THEY READ MY MIND. I was so sad they didn’t notice & then they did ahaha

  • Corwyn

    I like how Ike likes Like Likes pops up when they see a Like Like.

  • Nina

    Double Bass and Cellos are very different instruments lol

  • filpaul


  • Olivia Bodily
    Olivia Bodily

    I’m 500% sure I’m not the first one to mention it, but yes, a double bass and a cello are different instruments. A cello is the size of a 8 year old and a bass is the size of an NBA player. You could pluck a cello like a bass but it wouldn’t give you the jazzy “bum thump BA dump” you’re looking for. Thanks!

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm

    i am very upset that dan got the 3 bastards on the same suits on his first try, the sheer bs, he better not repeat that in the future. hehehe lol

  • Equ3strianGam3r

    It's going to sound like I'm bragging but after losing the crane game the very first time I learned how it worked and I never lost again. I was able to get all of the prizes and more rupees from the game each time I played.

  • Alec Willey
    Alec Willey

    I think the "Last time on Game Grumps" for this series, considering the first few moments of the 1st episode, should be done in Dan's dog's voice.

  • CloudsGirl7

    "You can steal from the store?" Wow. 40-odd-year-old Dan is more innocent than I was at 10-12.

  • MaddestMike

    Guess Dan won't evoke the shopkeeper's wrath. He's catching on. :)

  • MrFlyingBicycle


  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    This game might be a little too cartoony for me. I'm not really a fan of the chibi art style

  • Rachel Tackett
    Rachel Tackett

    it's a little hard to steal in the shop in this, but it's kind of funny if you do lol.

  • TheLegless101

    A bass is bigger than a cello.

  • Koho lint
    Koho lint

    Dan is my hero

  • Unity

    I like how Ike likes like likes came on when the lich lich's were introduced

  • Kazimiro Leija
    Kazimiro Leija

    I love how they said “you can play the cello, right?, son you can play 8 diferents instruments at the same time, right?”

  • Max Koeller
    Max Koeller

    dan just steal, don't be fucking boringggggggggggggggggg. people who commit crimes are sexy, just fucking do it

  • Dehrich Isuwiq Chya
    Dehrich Isuwiq Chya

    Okay but like when I binge episodes how do I know which one is next in succession. They’re not always the recommended video

  • Jared Keb
    Jared Keb

    Arin’s voice for the owl sounds like the crow in the demon slayer dub 💀💀💀

  • ShadowZone1996

    Why do they not number the episodes anymore? I can't stand it

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    As a cello player, I can confirm that you can 100% use your asscheeks to play Bach: Cello Suite No.1 in G Major.

  • Sheffi J
    Sheffi J

    arin made a mungus joke

  • Kory Burge
    Kory Burge

    Hootquarters fucking got me, way to go Dan you beautiful bastard

  • Strawberry Kitty
    Strawberry Kitty

    u can shoot the lazers if u get 40 seashells!

  • Strawberry Kitty
    Strawberry Kitty

    when fishing, u dont wanna press A when the fish is actively pulling on the line!

  • BeepleBot

    26:40 and here I was, curious, thinking "... There's a switch game called Proctology Study Guide 2?" and proceeded to google it... Sigh... I gotta look at edits clearer... Also not google that ever again

  • Alex Bottom
    Alex Bottom

    Not quite the same, but PatStaresAt calls them "(fucking) chomp chomps". Just missing the 'y' bit!

  • sirkreuab

    Am I the only one that jumps around all the time just because I can in this one kind of like rolling and running lol

  • Marie Reincarnate
    Marie Reincarnate

    11:37 got me lol

  • Young_Old_Man052

    The boys in person is a welcome revelation amongst the masses of Grumpitude

  • Danston Murphy
    Danston Murphy

    Yes. You can Pizzicato a cello like a base.

  • BLUE

    How is everything Arin says about every Zelda game 100% wrong?

  • Josiah Bostic
    Josiah Bostic

    I like that Dan's a Junji Ito man lol

  • HellsFait

    26:41 I see you editor, and I like what you're doin. :D

  • Malte Almroth
    Malte Almroth

    You won't think that when im dea- "TWOOMP" That was an arrow.

  • Malte Almroth
    Malte Almroth

    I feel like Arin and Dan have no idea how fishing work...

  • Officer Hotpants
    Officer Hotpants

    _"You got one of the eight Siren's instruments! With those you an awaken the Wind Fish! Welp! Gotta go!"_ *_*Flies away*_* _"Hmm. He can play eight wildly different instruments simultaneously, right? ... ... ahhhh, I'm sure it'll be fine."_


    I love how this game looks like miniatures. This is something I would of loved to play as a kid. And the fact that Link looks like a play mobile, makes me want to play this even more.

  • Menace Art
    Menace Art

    IKE LIKES LIKE LIKES - PROCTOLOGY STUDY GUIDE 2!!!! LOL!!! Well Done, Editor!! @26:40

  • Cassandra Teal
    Cassandra Teal

    The fact that there's no possessive apostrophe in "Links" has caused me to sink deeper into my depressive stupor.

  • Master of the Access
    Master of the Access

    Get the conch shells, and you can shoot the lasers

  • Annemarie Chaney
    Annemarie Chaney

    Wile Arin was voicing the distressed village boy, I was in the kitchen making waffles and listening. My Mom, hearing Arin, asked, "Are you watching Sesame Street?" Thought I would share😂

  • Micah Revenant
    Micah Revenant

    Since Dan is playing Link's Awakening, I thought I'd follow up from Arin's Mario "Denim Denim Denim" joke. Every time Dan opens a chest in this playthrough: Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan ❤

  • Casey DeWitt
    Casey DeWitt

    8:47 UZmilk captions was just a little off

  • N Rod
    N Rod

    Cello and Bass are in fact very different. Cellos are big yes, and they have a giant spike to help the lean, but Bass tend to be girthier to allow the deep notes to resonate, hence why you stand rather than sit while playing one. They're both really heavy though.

  • Steuts

    What is that hashtag

  • tsuchi _
    tsuchi _

    the pegaSUS boots! Reality is collapsing. Evacuate immediately.

  • Collin Miller
    Collin Miller

    *sniffle sniffle* *cough* um… (with a lisp) The Tin Man wanted a heart. *wipes nose*

  • Brayden Wilkinson
    Brayden Wilkinson

    “Chuck ‘er in thereee” Best Aus impression I’ve heard from an American 👌🏼 well done Arin, soon you’ll be chuckin a uey in your ute to get to the bottle-o for some grog and a pack of winnies.

  • 큰놈

    I love how Marin's voice becomes more and more like Natsuki in Doki doki literature club

  • Christopher Andersen
    Christopher Andersen

    I love it when Dan asks Arin what on Earth he is saying, but Arin just continues with his shenanigans, causing both of them to burst into laughter ^_^

  • Zucchinna

    'say your name at the sound of the hoooooooot"

  • RomulanMercy

    Episode starts at 1:02.

  • Jonathon ramirez
    Jonathon ramirez

    10:56 nice joke Arin

  • Paul Jewson
    Paul Jewson

    Cello and double bass are definitely different instruments, but you can play a cello like a bass and vice versa. The main issue is cellos are tuned in fifths and basses in fourths, alongside the cello being an octave higher than a double bass. But there are many people who double them once they get past that register and string tuning difference. I am not one of them though. I can play double bass arco and pizz and studied it in college, but my cello playing with a bow is barely existent (I play German for bass, and there isn't a German bow for cello because it wouldn't make sense with the size of the instrument, so French bow feels very awkward for me) with fingers gets thrown off by the string tuning difference.

  • Zackapo

    Fuck its cold

  • zelos1826

    17:11 OMG Dan is fucking precious and I love him PLEASE PROTEC HIM AT ALL COSTS

  • zelos1826

    Check out these guns

  • euphoria _
    euphoria _

    My dad doesn't work at Nintendo, but I do. Unfortunately, it's nowhere as cool as it sounds!

  • David Gaffe
    David Gaffe

    Papahl is the best. His wife is right there. "I'M GETTING LOST IN THE HILLS LATER..." Papahl is the best.

  • One Noeneo
    One Noeneo

    Please number the episodes again :(

  • Abdul Sadiq
    Abdul Sadiq

    Dan wasn’t ready for that jelly

  • Sam Portillo
    Sam Portillo

    30:09 "Gotta chuker in the Yute, eh?" "What?" "Yeah, chucker indeeaahh!"

  • Rasta BananaMan
    Rasta BananaMan

    We need a Camila’s voice compilation

  • Fail X
    Fail X

    I wish you guys would at least put episode numbers somewhere

  • Lord Alzorn
    Lord Alzorn

    I don't know why... but I read "LARCENY" and comprehended "ARSONY". I thought Arin was gonna convince Dan to burn down the town

  • Jeffrey Rawlings
    Jeffrey Rawlings

    Someone better get on that Pulsating Sphincter animated.

  • Faron Silverfang
    Faron Silverfang

    Ike Likes Like Likes... Was that really just wonderful timing? XD

  • Toby The Oracle
    Toby The Oracle

    I... HATE... THE RECAPS! Please, why even do this? If I want to watch the last episode, I'll go watch the last episode! What do you think this is? Cable TV?

  • Rachael Hardee
    Rachael Hardee

    Oh my god...that full moon cello bit, 06:44 , had me crying! I didn't know I could wheeze like that either!

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia

    OH MY god!!! as soon as they found like likes a notification appeared mentioning them at 26:38

  • goatcurd

    Does it make it hard for anyone else that the episodes aren’t numbered?

  • Logan X10
    Logan X10

    The claw is our master, the claw decides who will go and who will stay lol

  • Tatsumaki7

    Make sure you use the green chicken to get the heart piece before you give the chicken away. I never was able to get that heart piece because you never get the chicken back

  • Chris Tucholske
    Chris Tucholske

    Fun fact: they talked to a man named Papahi briefly. In Lakota, that means "Jerky Tooth."

  • Steuts

    Why does dan say tarin like tearin but marin like marine

  • crabbycrown

    The number of times I said “I fell in the toilet” under my breath. I feel so liberated knowing that I’m not the only one who remembers it.

  • TheDustyLocket

    A double bass is like twice the size of the cello, as to let the thiccer strings CLAP their soundwave cheeks.

  • Cody Bailey
    Cody Bailey

    In case nobody brought it up, when the fish start swimming away if you tap the button too much the line breaks, you need to mash the button when the fish is facing you!

  • Spook Show1993
    Spook Show1993

    The houses remind me of those little 90s Polly Pocket houses.

  • Raven The zombie comedian
    Raven The zombie comedian

    Oh no it's Big Mac

  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox

    A bass is a bigger and deeper cello, much like a viola is to a violin

  • Miranda Kanoy
    Miranda Kanoy

    Its basically an upright bass. If you know you know.

  • Jordan Hulsey
    Jordan Hulsey

    “With his big disgusting ears” As I’m cleaning my ears

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Man, those boys sure didn't get them

  • BrokenP1ank

    Papalh looks like markiplier

  • Mr12Relic

    the bananas has gone bad

  • Dex Antares
    Dex Antares

    17:42 - Uhh, it's pronounced "bamboof."

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis

    There’s a trick to the fishing game, you don’t just mash the button, you gotta wait for the fish to stop struggling. If you mash while the is swimming away the line will break

  • onegenericman

    My favorite website is Piranhub