We beat the cr*p out of a slimy, engorged eel - Links Awakening
Link should have done the responsible thing and eaten it after, tbqh

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  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Jion Jesk
    Jion Jesk

    25:28 Well, when I'm doing presenting in Mcdonalds, I can't focus and do things properly if I need to go. I don't decide what clothes to wear faster either if I need to go. I just can't focus on deciding anymore.

  • Snugpuppy

    Arin "Dying-on-hills" Hanson

  • starman69

    As a professional game designer - my published, pants for men - no I Arin, don’t agree. Because the reason by hoobastank.

  • synbios16

    Yet again, Arin's wrong. Rufio was played by Dante Basco and Keno was played by Ernie Reyes Jr.

  • OsirisLord

    Palindrome is derived from the Greek word palindromos which means running back again.

  • connor parisou
    connor parisou

    Dan: “so much to do, so much to see…” Legitimately bums me out he didn’t follow up with “so what’s wrong with taking the back streets?”

  • Morrick

    As a game designer, if a quest is required to progress the story, it's not a side quest.

  • Mitch_Universe

    I miss Barry’s editing…

  • redninjakitty14 Neko
    redninjakitty14 Neko

    hey why the fuck is this tagged as food porn

  • Johnny Santana
    Johnny Santana

    they joked about it being in his contract for all Dante Basco's characters names to end in o but it's funnier when you take into account the fact he played zukO and even his last name ends in O. lol

    • Magazine Kirby
      Magazine Kirby

      He also did Iroh in Korra which is just so close

  • junk tae
    junk tae

    Man wait till arin hears about emordnilap

  • Jesse Spinelli
    Jesse Spinelli

    Singing "Veridian City" at the end makes up for the forgetting about the bridge-building monkeys.

  • Railuge

    Arin, You forget that you had to give the money bananas to build the bridge. Also there are secrets that are revealed with the lens.

  • Fated Despair
    Fated Despair


  • TheWitcherWiggle

    Rufio and Keno are NOT played by the same actor.

  • Mordekai Horowitz
    Mordekai Horowitz

    Palindrome comes from 'palindromos', a 17th century Greek formation of _palin_ "again" and _dramein_ "run". So it translates to "rerun" but in context really means "run back (again)".

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • SolaireFlair

    I actually did earn a degree in game design and I disagree with Arin on the basis that this game was made before the established norm of side quests really existed. Credentials: Worked on a team known as Druidic LLC that published Witch of the Woods on Steam as our program project during university.

  • BrazenRain

    If the stalpho thingy stole the hookshot, they could have made it use it as a weapon.

  • Matt Van Gorden
    Matt Van Gorden

    Dante Basco really does have a contract that every character he plays ends in ‘O’.

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions
    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Uh... Dante Basco and Ernie Reyes, Jr. aren't the same person, Arin...

  • Octosimp


  • Nicholas Ziemba
    Nicholas Ziemba

    Yeah I agree with Arin. I thought the fetch quest was going to grab a heart container or something like that.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

    3:35 HFNDJDN I know what he's talking about!! As a little kid whenever I needed a bandaid, I'd always open it as fast as I could in a completely dark room and it would give off a little blue light. I completely forgot about that lol

  • MisterTylerrr

    The fact that the quest gives you an item relevant to the main quest MAKES it relevant. So it wasn't a sidequest at all until after that point.

  • Justin Gregory
    Justin Gregory

    Really disappointed to not see a comment from Harry Gamemaker.

  • youngchristianrecord

    to be fair Dan, you're speaking to the man who spelled eye "ewe"

  • Jack B
    Jack B

    Rufio, Zuko, Jakeo Longo. Danto Basco.

  • Hannah Reed
    Hannah Reed

    This entire game is a fever dream side quest, Arin. So it's kosher. I'm a game designer I designed uhhhh mario

  • ExplodingJellyfish

    Who the hell said "Last time on game grumps" I need to highfive them

  • Malaika P.
    Malaika P.

    the fact that palindrome comes from the greek word 'palindromos' that literally means 'a running back'

  • Bunny

    "I don't really pay attention when you play games". We can tell, Arin. We can tell.

  • Abigail Flynn
    Abigail Flynn

    My favorite walk through bit is when they were playing Twilight Princess and they joked that Droopy Dog would say something super depressing, then continue the walk through.

  • Ebonmaw

    If you think Palindrome is a stupid word, check out the word Emordnilap, Which means a word that when spelled backwards spells a different word!

  • Aimee Shigematsu
    Aimee Shigematsu

    Dan: Are you serious, you can't do that in your head? Arin: also can't spell eye

  • TerraHv1

    I guess Dante Basco and Ernie Reyes Jr are the same person now...

  • fiorung

    These thumbnails and titles are not only cringey, but also hard to figure out what game it is from the thumbnail. GG just gave up huh?

  • Reality Helix
    Reality Helix

    Is it me, or is Arin just extra zesty in this playthrough?

  • Rowan LaFleur
    Rowan LaFleur

    It's SO CUTE how Dan is like "You got a heart container dog." Because he's just so used to Arin being the one who plays the games that he literally forgot he was the one who was playing for a second.

  • ScizzorSaurusX99

    The laughter of two men who’ve never had their bu**hole eaten…. Sad

  • Corpseplower

    Arin, true to form, doubled down on his own stupidity for this recording.

  • Queen B
    Queen B

    I love that Arin and Dan both had an overconfident fail moment in this episode! Dan with the watch this hook shot fail and Arin incorrectly correcting Dan about the marimba! 🤣👍

  • Brad Cook
    Brad Cook

    Keno in TMNT 2 is played by Ernie Reyes Jr. Rufio in Hook is played by Dante Basco, who, funnily enough, voiced Zuko in Avatar: TLA

  • Tyler McIntyre
    Tyler McIntyre

    I laughed quite audibly several times in this episode. Two thumbs up

  • Archies Wildlife
    Archies Wildlife


  • amiandivh

    I'm surprised I didn't see a ninja sex party comment "I am a game designer"

  • Brad Hescock
    Brad Hescock

    Why does Arin seem like such a whiny bitch through-out this entire playthrough?

  • Judd71

    23:50 1. its was Peter who called Rufio a rude crude bag of prechewed food dude 2. Keno from TMNT 2 was not Dante Bosco who played Rufio 3. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

  • balbert24

    Ok so I'm not a game designer but I have seen game designers talk about games like this on day9tv during episodes of mostly walking. What Arin is talking about is called "procedural rhetoric" and most games introduce the things they expect you to do to be able to play and beat the game early on and make sure you understand they need to be done before moving forward so they can make puzzle solving more intricate as the game progresses and also knkw that the gamer understands what and how the game is asking them to do it. So yes I would say Arin is correct that the side quest needed to be a bit more explained that it was necessary but I also believe that almost all zelda games have side quests that are for the most part either for heart pieces or for better items that "you want to complete" to have a better experience so the procedural rhetoric is practically built in if you have played a zelda game before.

  • Jared Grindle
    Jared Grindle

    Also there is the word of emordnilap which is a word spelled forward is one word, and spelled another word backwards. Like Reward, and Drawer

  • Sixblazer

    I think Arin just got mad because of the palindrome thing and he's taking it out on something he feels is more rational, like the side quest thing. Wait until he finds entire palindrome phrases. (No X In Nixon, A Toyota's a Toyota, Never Odd or Even)

  • Stefano Dieryckx
    Stefano Dieryckx

    Yo, what's Arin's beef with palindromes??

  • raekuul

    But the trading quest was important to completing the game even without the magnifying glass - you can't get to Kanalet Castle to get the gold leaves to get the key to the third dungeon without doing the trading sequence up to Bananas (the monkeys rebuild the bridge to Kanalet's back entrance in exchange for the bananas and you get a leftover stick in response)

  • June Thea
    June Thea

    holy shit Arin... he's so whiny this playthrough

  • OskeoSmartical

    This is Peter Molyneaux, designer programmer and main protagonist of Fable. I love that the fetch quests are important to the game's progression. In fact, if you trade effectively enough, you can aquire Ganon's prized acorn and negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict for returning it to him.

  • euphoria _
    euphoria _

    These two are obviously not as funny as they used to be, but I got a couple chuckles this episode!

  • Mackenzie H
    Mackenzie H

    they need a new voice over for the last time on gamegrumps because it reminds me too much of dangorompa and fear

  • Mathew Kelly
    Mathew Kelly

    can we get an NSP song called Take A Number pls

  • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    "Dude you're not stupid..." [ *Dan proceeds to reenter the Stalfos Knight Room #2 for the eighteenth time.* ]

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Vore the Eel.

  • US Government
    US Government

    "It's all coming back to me now" said the blind man to his deaf wife, as he peed into the wind.

  • Asylum Sixx
    Asylum Sixx

    Poor rain gets worked up over nothing rants realizing he’s acting overly absurd then makes a terrible joke

  • Jase Poag
    Jase Poag

    My name is John Halo, creator of the Halo series, and I just want Arin to know that I disagree.

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788

    thank you for censoring crap in the video title that was a little too PG-13 for my liking

  • NaptimeGaming

    Everything has to end in "o", me thinking of him as zuko. 0_o

  • Max Power Crafts
    Max Power Crafts

    17 year game dev (QA, Animator), Ghost recon 2 (QA) Star Trek Bridge Crew(Animator), Werewolves Within (Animator), Many others. Arin is calling it a sidequest, the game is not calling it a side quest. As others have pointed out, KiddCandyGaming, "The beginning of the game gives you the magic powder encouraging you to do other things like it" There isn't a quest system in this game, you go through dungeons and you explore the world and talk to people and you happen to find things people need, and from. You have an object and the object has a purpose and it gives you new objects with new purposes. Love Arin to death, good dude, he just has a knee jerk reaction to what something is at the time because that's what he's paying the most attention to it at the time, not stepped back from it and looking at the thing as a whole, especially when he's not the one in the seat playing. And he's doing a show. AND YES IT BAITED ME INTO COMMENTING.

  • triforceshard

    Arin you wouldn’t be able to get past the bridge that the monkey built without the bananas that you get from the fetch quest so that’s the first earliest stage where the fetch quest is COMPULSORY. So therefore by this point you do know the fetch quest is important but ya know I’m not a game designer so you don’t wanna know my thoughts on this... 😒🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Joel Aponte
    Joel Aponte

    Goddammit Arin...Keno was played by Ernie Reyes Jr. and Rufio was played by Dante Basco

  • Shinimako

    arin has literally said palindrome on the supermega podcast before. he was wrong and though episode 113 was palindrical

  • Mo Kohlbeck
    Mo Kohlbeck

    I love listening to Arin learn about palindromes XD

  • Timothy Walsh
    Timothy Walsh


  • TheRPGenius

    The amount of ways that Arin finds to be wrong about a single subject is amazing. Most people content themselves to just be dead wrong once over about a given subject; Arin's not satisfied until he's stated something factually incorrect, AND misunderstood the topic at hand as a whole, AND contradicted his own previous statements multiple times.


    WOAH! Rufio and Keno where not the same actors.

  • Tom Bosley Experience
    Tom Bosley Experience

    In the original Gameboy Link's Awakening, the sword and shield were both subweapons, and you could equip whatever on both A and B. As a result of this interesting mechanic, I hardly ever actually used either the sword or shield, because I'd need to have the roc's feather and whichever weapon was optimal for the current monsters. The power bracelet also did not have a dedicated button and had to be swapped in as a weapon.

  • FellaWithTheFelt

    Oh my god that is so fucking weird. I literally watched Hook for the first time last night and here they are talking about it. If I had watched this episode right when it came out I wouldn’t have understood what they were referencing but since I watched this after I watched that movie it makes sense. Geez, sorry if that story was just toooo riveting for you.

  • mustlovebooknerd

    Etymology of the word palindrome, literally the first thing when you Google it: early 17th century: from Greek palindromos ‘running back again’, from palin ‘again’ + drom- (from dramein ‘to run’).

  • Umbra

    Arin is always so critical of the games they play when most of the time he forgets everything about them while playing even the controls

  • JLHawk1

    We here at Totally Real Games agree with Arin on his sidequest design nitpick. Sincerely, Stevie Developer.

  • Terratrin JD
    Terratrin JD

    I’m mean... I’m technically a game designer. I made a game on Itch.io named Red Storm. I do kind of agree with Arin on this. For people who have played many other games. It would be odd that the side quest, that seems optional, would be partly required to finish the game.

  • Panorotic

    Arin is slowly turning into Larry the Cable Guy

  • Frank Holden
    Frank Holden

    Please upload the rest of It Takes Two..and play Psychonauts!

  • VGlauren

    Re: Are there any creatures in nature that have a sideways mouth? Answer: Yes, mostly insects and other invertebrates. Ants, caterpillars, beetles, etc are examples. Re: What kind of word is palindrome? The word comes from the Greek word palindromos, which means 'to run back again.' Palin means 'again', and drom comes from dramein which means 'to run.'

  • Tobia

    I'd join the game grumps game guide help hotline just to listen to them bumble like idiots tbh

  • A Familiar Sword
    A Familiar Sword

    Hi, lying game designer here. You sound like a lunatic but sure.

  • Theresa Cherco
    Theresa Cherco

    You’re gay wizard

  • MegamanPrime

    Ernie Reyes Jr. is Keno. Dante Basco was Rufio.

  • Homsar Probably
    Homsar Probably

    The palindrome conversation up to james woods needs to be animated immediately.

  • Demi Viral
    Demi Viral

    blah blah blah sidequests game design sucks. Hey aaaarin, it's not a side quest, it's needed to beat the game it's part of the main quest. This entire game and all the content within is part of the main quest, it is all meant to be completed (aside from the color dungeon since that was added in the DX version,and all the stupid padding out that was added into the remake for the switch)

  • sinfulltears

    It's frustrating that Dan is collecting the seashells but we all know he's never going to go back to the place to deposit the shells even though there's incremental rewards which he's seen because he went there already.

  • Gachasibplayzxxx

    Chex Quest, Mr Chex. The WHOLE game is a side quest

  • sp33dzer0

    Hi Arin, I was the lead game designer for a mobile game known as The Climb (available on on the play store). Giving a player a fetch quest as part of the main quest is fine, but like you said there should be clear indications that its mandatory by giving the player some sort of tool that progresses the main story.

  • Striker

    You have to trade bananas to the monkeys in order for them to make a bridge to get to the castle. That’s mandatory for the story

  • meganverne

    okay i tried with many tapes that i have and they did not glow at all....

  • Caleb Taylor.
    Caleb Taylor.

    The fetch quest does advance the story though, giving chef bear the honey is the reason he tells you how to wake the walrus. If you don’t you won’t know to use Marin for that

  • Andrés Irigoyen
    Andrés Irigoyen

    To be fair, it also annoys me that the word for words spelled the same forward and backward (palindrome) is not itself a word spelled the same forward and backward.

  • heatherton1919


  • BearTyger Evil Laugh
    BearTyger Evil Laugh

    Umm Ernie Reyes jr and Dante Basco aren’t the same person 😕

  • Christian J
    Christian J

    am i crazy or have they done the dungeons super out of order? like. they already know whats on the relief, the next one should be the face shrine after that.

  • Lizz Keiper
    Lizz Keiper

    "calm down! you're both stupid!" As a therapist, wrote this down for couples therapy stored in the folder of "things grumps say that just might work"

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