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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Rudasae Orien
    Rudasae Orien

    Watching Arin get the puzzle and then immediately lose it killed me

  • TheUberDork

    Things I know about chicken fingers: they’re like chicky tendies except not at all.

  • Chozo 713
    Chozo 713

    Yo dat tiger shit was tight as af

  • Michael Loewen
    Michael Loewen

    When Dan said, "That's what they want you to think. You should watch Doctor Who." he redpilled me. Another noob.

  • HourGlassD20

    wait what song was arin parody singing, the original song

  • Ray Sullivan
    Ray Sullivan

    But, if Particle Man goes for a swim, does he get wet?

  • T. W. MacKay
    T. W. MacKay

    30:42 What song is Arin singin a parody of here? I like the melody.

  • Tales

    "Well the hookshot can't hit rocks... It's just Zelda logic." I foresee this sentence causing problems.

  • redninjakitty14 Neko
    redninjakitty14 Neko

    does anyone know what the yellow power is

  • Equ3strianGam3r

    I don't think you absolutely have to make them all blue as long as there all the same color the puzzle is solved.

  • Andrew Jenkins
    Andrew Jenkins

    I remember Friendly's when I was a kid, they had these fantastic sundaes shaped like a clown with a cone for a hat and whipped cream hair. I think the eyes were Reese's Pieces. And of course orange juice goes with pancakes, it's breakfast. But that doesn't stop me from getting Dr Pepper anyway.

  • classoforion


  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Mad Link
    Mad Link

    Arin: gets into a heated debate. Also arin: insists he wasn't rude. Ah yes, the friendly greeting known as debate where people politely disagree on opinions.

  • Galaxy Laurels
    Galaxy Laurels

    Freindly's is just an ice cream brand down here in NC. There is a whole chain of friendlymarts here though

  • Mordekai Horowitz
    Mordekai Horowitz

    So many voices for these characters and they're all on point

  • Rathe

    Universe man shows up right after they finish talking about triangle man...

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Denny Fanelli
    Denny Fanelli

    Dan saying "I'm a terrible human being" or whatever is such a permanent mood.

  • Braydon Prevost
    Braydon Prevost

    Can we please have numberd episodes? It is so hard to watch in order because youtube...

  • Yu Rai
    Yu Rai

    6:37 Thought Dan was gonna drop a hard “Stan” rap in Goofy’s voice and i was very disappointed ;(

  • Patricia Clausen
    Patricia Clausen

    When they met the [Blue and Red] Skeletons, I was hoping they would give them Sans' and Papyrus' voices.

  • ScaryWaffles

    I know this is a bit late but the reason why orange juice is commonly associated with breakfast is because of health propaganda in the 40's and 50's. Breakfast foods, especially cereal, has more iron in it. We need the vitamin C in orange juice to help absorb the iron in our intestines. Post war kids needed it, now it's ingrained in pop culture.

  • Chaos Airlines
    Chaos Airlines

    I like the one where they take a long-ass time to solve a switch puzzle!

  • isaiahz100

    7:10 Dan is AMAZING

  • Inko21

    Anyone else notice just as they get done quoting Particle man, Universe man logs on?

  • Reality Helix
    Reality Helix

    Arin being a jerk to minimum wage workers again.

  • Simply Art
    Simply Art

    I was tensing up so much when he was just swinging his sword

  • Alex Sines
    Alex Sines

    “OJ and pizza is a horrible mix” YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT ARIN!! That’s the ideal breakfast for me

  • w00tberrypie

    Almost got it...

  • Fraz

    The amount of times Danny almost had the color changing switches puzzle and then fucks it up KILLS ME

  • Gabe Williams
    Gabe Williams

    So how are we supposed to figure out which video is the first in the series anymore? Besides looking at the gameplay.

  • Maxolotl

    Teapot Arin

  • Over Toasted
    Over Toasted

    I would 100% love for Dan to play more often

  • Shannon Elsom
    Shannon Elsom

    I absolutely love Dan imitating his dog's voice 😂

  • Jericho Fine
    Jericho Fine


  • lordofworldz

    I'm...I'm starting to think that not only does Arin suck at video games....but Dan also sucks at video games...

  • Lucas

    I remember growing up watching beyblade, and there was a scene where the antagonist was eating pizza with a knife and fork talking about how well it goes with orange juice. I tried it the next day and agreed.

  • Austin K
    Austin K

    Watching Dan fish still gives me froggy PTSD *sonic DX noises*

  • Matthew Harmon
    Matthew Harmon


  • Skye Cutting
    Skye Cutting

    Right before Arin said “oh my foods here” at 17:15 I heard my mail get delivered and it was FREAKY 😳

  • Dinomatrix21

    Hot take, ice cold water or OJ after brushing your teeth is *CRISP* as *FUCK* and it's DELICIOUS.

  • Jake Jordan
    Jake Jordan

    In life, I’ve found that there are three constants; death, taxes, and that Dan will refer to the compass as the “comp-ASS” in every Zelda game

  • Julie Roach
    Julie Roach

    Yeah. Definitely need something other than just color for those that are colorblind. My hubs is red/green colorblind, and if a game has an element that is only based on color, he gets super frustrated. I can't tell you how many games he's put down because of it. It makes my heart sad. :(

  • Ryan Closs
    Ryan Closs

    Anyone else notice the magically appearing shrubs on the left around 1:50

  • Jay Beaverton
    Jay Beaverton

    Shout out to the true folks color blond (blind) for real!

  • The meme bird
    The meme bird

    21:40 the chest really just said 👁👄👁

  • Jordan Snyder
    Jordan Snyder

    Can we get an animated of Dan describing chicken fingers?

  • darkisatari

    Maybe listen to the instructions for fishing

  • BeyondEcho

    16:20 .....I'm going to lose my fucking mind....

  • BeyondEcho

    You know juice with pancakes *IS* something Arin would argue about

  • Lukas Krieger
    Lukas Krieger

    Friendly's is the best. They have the ice cream clown that I have as my icon.

  • BitterSour Llama
    BitterSour Llama

    30:44 I'm just gonna be over here in the "Preeshing Arin's glorious singing" corner...

  • PixelRex

    Is it just me or does it seem like there is way more tension between Dan and Arin? I feel like the conversations they're having are a bit strained and it kinda seems like Arin keeps shutting down Dan.

  • Heath Hostetler
    Heath Hostetler

    ive never had toothpaste make me thirsty before... does arin eat toothpaste?

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    2:00 I can't wait for the Game Grumps Animated for this.

  • XZdemo

    So Tigers actually look like Cringer/Battlecat when they look at each other? That's fucking awesome

  • Dørk Ælf
    Dørk Ælf

    Suddenly I have to eat chicken fingers.

  • LightSkinHommie

    O my gosh you ask who’s your doctor and it has to be the first one you saw so mine nine but I love ten

  • MrStalk

    Chicken nuggies

  • Thomas Dalrymple
    Thomas Dalrymple

    @ 12:58 why is the triangle just off center of the hole or vise versa Like if it was brought up about a centimeter or so its perfect

  • Samantha Casillas
    Samantha Casillas

    Was anyone else like “LIFT THE ROUND GUYS!!!!!!!” I forgot what they’re called but like JESUS

  • Bluesgamer

    OMG, Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson wears underwear on his head, WHAT A WEIRDO!!!

  • Arkainjel

    Took me way too long to realize that the skeleton guards were named "Gar" and "Dion" "Guardian"

  • Nintendo Born
    Nintendo Born

    The room they spent the most time in... there was an owl in there who probably could have given them a hint

  • Nintendo Born
    Nintendo Born

    Dan “arin hansoned” his way in the spiny puzzle, omg how ironic

  • Shayan

    Well I personally liked Dan’s animal facts ARIN.

  • zaglabanth

    Arin taking the controls from Dan only to skip over the solution at 16:20 is peak Arin.

  • Peter A
    Peter A

    I listen to Game Grumps to help me focus while I take notes or finish assignments for my college classes, and Dan's little ASMR shit-talking session was an absolute gift while I was trying to take notes

  • Ricky Miller
    Ricky Miller

    Anyone else think the collar on the dog in the recap was a really distorted smile?

  • Austin Winters
    Austin Winters

    Color blind Lovelies ROLL UP

  • Markus Rüggeberg
    Markus Rüggeberg

    Arin's New Yorker tiger is something I didn't know I needed

  • UnSaxon51

    The color puzzle was giving me mental damage. 😫

  • Rick Daniel
    Rick Daniel

    Ok, I love Dan’d voice for Camilla.

  • Noel Herring
    Noel Herring

    I die a little more inside every time Dan picks up yet another Stone Beak and does NOTHING with it, despite passing the owl statues multiple times in dungeons. Dan, Arin, if you are reading this, please stop forgetting those every time.

  • DagDaWildDog

    16:50 don't worry Dan, I am garbage at those puzzles - I always have to look up a walkthrough for those ones

  • Kiki Nanda
    Kiki Nanda

    im so glad i wasnt the only idiot with the gravestones for the color dungeon

  • sirkreuab

    That tiger thing is so mind blowing I’m acryally going to sit down with my wife and watch that life in color show thanks Danny epic

  • Frozen Eevee
    Frozen Eevee

    Congratulations to Dan for getting that bottle, it can be a real pain in the butt to get.

  • Bailey McMahon
    Bailey McMahon

    Pap pap. Pap. Pap pap

  • Terry Dejaresco
    Terry Dejaresco

    Someday they’ll figure out the fishing mechanic so they stop losing those fish... but it is not this episode...

  • Radicalbeast

    I just realized that the magic powder boss isn't in the dungeon maker.

  • Morbid Doll
    Morbid Doll

    Between Dan equipping things he already has equipped, to mis-numbering the tombstones, now he's hitting creatures into place he can just pick up...

  • Beelzemo Babbity
    Beelzemo Babbity

    Tip for fishing, on bigger fish to avoid them breaking free, don’t reel when they’re resisting, it takes longer but your line won’t break and you won’t lose them.

  • Flurry98

    Anyone else yelling "GO DIAGONALLY" during the red/blue switch 9x9 puzzle?? just me?

  • Macaroni and Cliches
    Macaroni and Cliches

    "We're the Color Guard! Don't get hit by our spinning swords!"

  • Damani Campbell
    Damani Campbell

    damn it Dan you can lift it you R word!

  • Mechanova King
    Mechanova King

    Dan. Your whistle are needles to the ears with headphones.

  • Sum1'z DaD
    Sum1'z DaD

    A Dad thought... 4:28 "RESET!" What's the name of this episode again? Preeminent puzzle what?

  • John Cena
    John Cena

    ARIN IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT HERE WITH ASTERISKS* *If you eat pancakes before or while drinking orange juice, the orange juice will taste terrible. However, if he drinks the orange juice first, the pancakes will be sweeter.

  • NorthErrant

    16:21 He has it! So fast yet so slow.

  • Jordan Wiley
    Jordan Wiley

    30:50 arins singing always has a nice charm to it.

  • Gavin Brown
    Gavin Brown

    Hookshot can most definitely hit rocks arin

  • 23 Rubik
    23 Rubik

    "His name is the Doctor, not Doctor Who"- Dr.Hu

  • DarkPlague20

    at 33:01 what is the clip they are listening to at the end card

  • daniel roids
    daniel roids

    “How will I enjoy their grill cheese sandwiches that make me shit orange?” Arin’s tiger voice: I think you mean green

  • daniel roids
    daniel roids

    Dan: “how will I enjoy their grill cheese sandwiches that make me shit orange?” Me: or green in the eyes of an antelope😏

  • Sandalssuck

    5 up. 3 up. Wtf? That Dosent make anything sense. Arin is a Moron

  • RomulanMercy