Dan gives a walrus A LITTLE SURPRISE!!!! - Links Awakening
And no, you're totally wrong, it's NOT A HAMBURGER!!!!!!!!!

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  • AJs Videos
    AJs Videos

    Most of the money from Pokémon comes from plushies and anime, the games aren’t really what brings in the bucks so I guess less money goes into them. Plus it’s handled by game freak rather than Nintendo, who are trying to expand out of Pokémon, so they’re paying less attention to it

  • nuncares

    33:04 "...it's the same as always" "fvck your father! fvck your father!"

  • Boliver Shagnasty II
    Boliver Shagnasty II

    isn't arceus supposed to look like a desert land?

  • COnsole_Cross

    "Why are you so whiny?" "I'M NOT WHINY!" said Arin, the whiniest Grump.

  • Rebecca Perry
    Rebecca Perry

    When Arin kept saying "Alexa", my alexa would go off and start playing what Arin said. And i had to keep telling it to stop 🤣

  • Myles Miranda
    Myles Miranda

    “He’s not wearing a name tag dude”😂

  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie

    Aaron got my Alexa, BOTH TIMES!

  • Damian Benham
    Damian Benham

    Arin! Stop telling Alexa to do shit!!! I got shitty music playing in my house now! Lol

  • Shmumpi

    31:56 r2d2 lagging

  • FatNinjaWalrus

    17:48 the fuck did he just say about me?

  • Giovanni Baroneto
    Giovanni Baroneto

    I love how Arin unintentionally goes Sequelitis mode when on ranting. I can clearly see his little cartoony self going ham.

  • Frostie

    Thanks for making my Alexa have an entire hysterical fit for like 5 minutes, Arin 😂

  • Rachel Sallee
    Rachel Sallee

    Jokes on you, I have a Google home!

  • Dark Vendar
    Dark Vendar

    I think Pokemon keeps the same style of looks because if Nessa or any of the Pokemon women looked any hotter itd be a Fap Fest 2022 to last a decade.

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    So according to Arin's lame rant, games with shitty graphics are bad games, that means every single mega man game is shit, gmcause that pixelated graphics look like ass, and so does every other pixelated game, like pokemon firered. His argument is absolutely invalid, cause good graphics don't mean it'll be a good game, and neither does bad graphics mean it'll be a bad game. I don't really like the art style of the Diamond and Pearl games, but I'm not gonna unnecessarily shit on them for no reason.

  • Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall

    I dont care what anyone says, legends Arceus looks awesome, and sword and shield looked awesome. Arin's argument is invalid, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Sword and Shield and I guarantee you Legends Arceus is gonna look awesome as well, it is still in development, so I guarantee you they're gonna make that game look incredible.

  • Justyna Babinska
    Justyna Babinska

    I hate to say it...Arin's right about pokemon >

  • Sarah Weiler
    Sarah Weiler


  • ComXDude

    Link and Marin is the Zelda equivalent of "I Don't Know What We're Talking About (And I Haven't for a While)"

  • classoforion


  • Cash T.
    Cash T.

    Got slightly annoyed by the Alexa shenanigans lol it worked too well

  • Smooth

    as a true pokemon im sick and tired of these graphic babies complaing how the games looks they look great in my opinuion if people dont like it they can just stop play the games and let us real fans enjoy the games the way they are meant to

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Asher Parsley
    Asher Parsley

    To make it easier, and not get killed in the process of trying to steal something from that Shopkeeper,. You should try to get the Pegasus Boots! The way to get them, as far as I know anyways, is to retrieve a smooth gem that was stolen by a thief from a man named Oren

  • AnthicusZithna

    I absolutely agree with Arin about Pokemon. For me, the straw the broke the camel’s back was Pokemon GO. The game looks like shit AND also plays like shit. I gave up on Pokemon years ago. And the only way they will get my attention back is when they finally create a BIG Pokemon game for switch (or their sucesor) with the quality level of a Mario or Zelda game.

  • Steampunk Ninja
    Steampunk Ninja

    I thought SwSh looked good and I actually like the look of the DP remakes...

  • dphamler

    The one time I keep watching when my 3 year old comes in, and it's Arin trying to steal a bow.

  • Luciano Vargas
    Luciano Vargas

    I think you’re missing this episode (uzmilk.info/number/oq5ptYt9oZtoeb0/video.html) between the previous episode and this one on the playlist. You’re doing awesome Dan!

  • McBehrer

    27:00 It's because Pokemon isn't Nintendo, it's Game Freak

  • KrytenKoro

    Wait, they didn't actually fight slime eye last time.

  • WaffleBrothel77

    24:55 Those are two words of the three I really hate. Polish and esthetics. Some of the most overused words out there. Especially when used in some kinds of reviews. If either of them say the word Trope…

  • Electric Blaster
    Electric Blaster

    Was Arin the type of kid who would walk up to other kids and then step on the bugs they were looking at?

  • Aaron Bloom
    Aaron Bloom

    Pokemon graphics look like an absolute travesty, and Arin knows he already put money into getting the diamond and pearl remakes and legends arceus.

  • Cerbyboy

    i could not disagree with arin about pokemon more than i do right now

  • Vortex Films
    Vortex Films

    awww. I actually stole the bow. everyone hated me. lol

  • kewpie mayo
    kewpie mayo

    Arin's audio going all screwy when Marin warped away perfectly recreated the sound of someone like, stuck in a Gravitron or something

  • Daniel Partington
    Daniel Partington

    I'm 100% with Arin about Pokemon, it's not just the graphics either...

  • Z4gle

    As a rabid pokemon fanboy, I agree with everything Arin said about pokemon. It's infuriating. When it was spritework it had charm but every since they switched to 3d models the games have looked pretty poor compared to similar hardware.

  • tattoofashionista

    Jokes on me I don't own an Alexa 🤣😜

  • EonWhite

    Mad props to Arin for trying to make Dan react to a thing instead of just telling him. Even when Dan himself asked Arin to just tell him.

  • Tucker Niklas
    Tucker Niklas

    Damnit Arin! You kept setting off Alexa….. I had to keep screaming at her to stop.


    The tilt-shift perspective really adds to the charm of the game's aesthetics!

  • T H
    T H

    I like Arin's shouting and ranting...its so funny to me. Also, stealing in video games is fun...because its just a video game. I don't understand the people acting overly sensitive about that. Its not real life. Also, I would totally swipe my sword at the chickens and the bratty children and other critters just for fun and to see what would happen...cause its funny. Also, to say again...it is just a video game, people. It isnt real life =P

  • xBellaBunny

    the shop music was the most PERFECT thing to be playing as arin struggled to steal the bow, it really sounded like some cartoony hijinks were happening right then xD

  • Matt Van Gorden
    Matt Van Gorden

    I feel like Arin is channeling me when he goes on his Pokémon rant. “It’s the most successful franchise of all time!”

  • GasMaster

    i never expected Arin to rage during this playthrough.

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    22:37 I laughed too much at "pooper man"

  • Autumn Banks
    Autumn Banks


  • BigMhatty

    Arin steals? No dignity.

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor Murphy

    I love that it wasn’t Dan not wanting to steal that stopped them but Arin’s lack of skill.

  • Ranger76


  • Max Koeller
    Max Koeller

    i am LIVID that you didn’t steal

  • Dynamo 02
    Dynamo 02

    I still love game grumps, but I really miss having the episode numbers on the title cards. Makes things a tad confusing if you’re late to the party on a playthrough.

  • The_Real_Goodboy_Link

    THIEF grumps.

  • amiandivh

    Hey if you don't want to play the new game then play a gen 2 game since you beat fire red

  • xgeua xitkw
    xgeua xitkw

    i got to know who they were talking about was it larry lawton like finish it plz

  • Woodstock1297

    I want arin to stop talking crap about Pokémon

  • yaoiobsetion

    I would LOVE to make this map! Make it out of resin and clay, I would so build this!!!

    • T H
      T H

      That would be the cutest and best thing! 🤩

  • Vyserage

    Remember to fire both bomb and arrow at the same time to shoot a bomb arrow

  • MaddestMike

    I can't be the only one who wishes you could stab the shopkeeper. He just comes off as so douchey.

  • Rachel Tackett
    Rachel Tackett

    this entire episode is arin wanting to get upset and then yelling

  • CountdownSmiles

    Thank you for the pokemon rant, the complacent fanbase has allowed that company to succeed on name alone. Pokemon sells every year despite the games getting worse every time

  • StarDragonJP

    Game Freak doesn't want to spend time or money making the games good, they just want to put out something passable that'll make them billions of dollars because the fans will literally buy anything from them.

  • Alejandro del Bosque Calvo
    Alejandro del Bosque Calvo


  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo

    "I was but a child when I stole!" You weren't but a child when you stole Matt's bike.

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith

    OH MY GOD! so beautiful to hear somebody dunk on the trashy remake of Diamond and Pearl. They're lazy and awful remakes.

  • Theshirobutterfly

    Aaron please stop yelling to the amazon spy pod! Its going to wake up everyone in my house!!

  • harrissun

    I vibe with Arin's Pokemon rant SO much. I want Sequelitis to be necromanced just to hear 30 minutes of Arin ranting about bad Pokemon graphics and how the games look like straight garbo. Last games that looked good were Gen 5 CHANGE MY MIND.

  • Dakota Queen
    Dakota Queen

    y’all curse the thumbnails, that’s one thing. but doing a minute-long bit messing w my alexa or w/e, gtfo STOP W THE WEIRD THUMNAILS, MATT & RYAN DID YALL MORE JUSTICE

  • DrinkGameRepeat

    Arin literally forcing Dan into doing something he doesn't want to in a game until he cracks under the pressure is legit giving me PTSD and reminding me why I don't like playing games around certain people, or streaming certain games anymore. It's super not cool and honestly made my anxiety spike. This was a nice playthrough, but every time he mentioned he HAS to do this thing, and every time he said no and he just kept whining...I can't. It's not fun. I fucking hate it.

    • DrinkGameRepeat

      @T H Oh yeah and you calling me pathetic really helps with that, thanks. I can't explain why I didn't like this, or why it makes me and possibly others uncomfortable? Or mention it as something Arin can personally work on (as he does this a lot, this one was just especially upsetting)? Lacking empathy like a decent human being. That's pathetic.

    • T H
      T H

      Thats pathetic...then get psychological help.

  • Bunny

    Pokémon looks like shit BECAUSE they're so popular. It'll sell millions of copies no matter what, so why would they put money and effort into it?

  • Raidar Klinkhammer
    Raidar Klinkhammer

    Alexa activated in our house when Arin shouted. My fiancé put her hand over her mouth in surprise.


    the pokemon rant should turn into a sequelitis video.

  • avamarie

    For the love of god put numbers on your series videos

  • Dave Reichert
    Dave Reichert

    This game is a remake based on a Gameboy game from 1993. Pokemon is a remake based on a DS game from 2006 whose details are already fully established. They don't have as much of a leap to perform if they want to stay true to the original game compared to Link's Awakening. Plus, it doesn't look as bad as Arin says, it seems on par with the Lets Go Gen 1 remake. That being said, could the graphics be improved? Of course, but Link's Awakening has minor frame rate issues and has to fade the edges of the screen to compensate. If the Pokemon remaster doesn't need to do that, then maybe they're on to something. The new 3D Pokemon games are inexcusable tho. If Arin focused mostly on SwSh and new Arceus, he'd be 125% correct

  • Nigel Sutton
    Nigel Sutton

    22:45 tell me I'm not the only one who heard "queeny with a peeny huhu"

  • AnitaRook

    Arin complaining about Pokemon is so validating because I feel the same way. Go off King!

  • Beebob Mckjaminn
    Beebob Mckjaminn

    I had to skip the entire beginning o this vid. That bit was getting me grinding my teeth real bad haha

  • MHB

    I just can’t unhear Natsuki when he uses that voice

  • The Invisible Ash
    The Invisible Ash

    Jokes on you Arin, my wakework is Echo.

  • The Worst Pyro Ever
    The Worst Pyro Ever

    Dammit Arin, my Alexa actually listened to you.

  • Gyarretto7

    ...Dan. You gave in. You may have failed to actually steal from the store, but you gave into Arin's temptations. You win no medal.

  • Duskwalker68

    He's so right about pokemon

  • Nat Rose
    Nat Rose

    pokemon doesn't look good bc they're too busy making paid game additions

  • Zwolf_Rx

    Nice try Arin, but I wear headphones.

  • Bailey Sanderson
    Bailey Sanderson

    Joke's on you Arin, I have google 😤😤


    10:58 "How're you supposed to figure that out?" My brain, instantly: "Colonel tells you."

  • rocko7711

    I love this series

  • SakuraWitch

    HAH joke's on you Arin! I have a Google Home lmaooooooo

  • Mackenzie Soltis
    Mackenzie Soltis

    My Alexa went off. I applaud you

  • Ashley Elizabeth
    Ashley Elizabeth

    I was hoping my Alexa would play Rockstar by Nickleback but instead it was Rockstar by DaBaby ft Roddy Ricch. Disappointed.

  • Jonci Aguillard
    Jonci Aguillard

    Arin, stop giving commands to my Alexa!

  • Gensou Ryuu
    Gensou Ryuu

    I absolutely agree about pokemon. They have so much potential and they always fall a little short of the mark.

  • Hyperrealistic Danny
    Hyperrealistic Danny

    24:55 saving this for myself

  • June Thea
    June Thea

    Why is Arin so angry in this playthrough? :/

  • London Thomas
    London Thomas

    I can’t wait for someone to make an animated of Arin yelling about pokemon

  • Brittany Casterline
    Brittany Casterline

    My echo kept going off Arin said "hey alexa" 😅😂

  • jemichan 77
    jemichan 77

    i agree arin i hated how empty and half finished sw/sh is and frankly also the remakes are looking shit as well

  • 2bDetermined

    I really hate how the episode number isn't in the titles anymore it's just so irritating

  • Sunny White
    Sunny White

    Did I miss an episode somewhere? It skipped from 4 to 6.