Getting SCHVITZY - Links Awakening
I'm just getting so nervous this dungeon won't have any eagles.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • LunaBit

    To be fair, the pillar puzzle is a doozy. As a kid it took me ages to figure it out. And then when replaying it again shortly before the remake released, it stumped me again.

  • meredyth with a y
    meredyth with a y

    How did Arin replicate Jason Steele's voice so well

  • Asian Beta
    Asian Beta


  • John Cook
    John Cook

    I had to skip 3/4 of this episode because I couldn’t take Dan walking aimlessly around with that ball. I am glad it didn’t take him 5 episodes to figure out like it would have taken Arin

  • Collin Miller
    Collin Miller

    “Not an eagle in sight!” (One moment later) *Dan walks by five eagle statues*

  • Green

    5:04 Someone's playing Golden Eye 007, and I got so excited that there was a way to play it on switch, but I can't find it anywhere :(. Anyone know what's going on here?

    • Dekhay

      It's a running gag

  • Vinel94

    Why is Arin turning Canadian ay?

  • classoforion


  • thesaxman714

    Wow a John McCain and his vegetable friends reference in 2021, I lived through this moment.

  • CuddlyQuinn

    yall should finish super mario 3d world

  • Bryton Guernsey
    Bryton Guernsey

    This episode hurt to watch

  • Unholy Sanctuary
    Unholy Sanctuary

    "51 Buttplug Ln" LMAO

  • imamoose007

    16:19 A Should be on the bottom, on Xbox, and PlayStation the same equivalent button is on the bottom, that's just the standard that everyone follows, and Nintendo doesn't follow that.

  • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    For those not in the know, you can actually kill this boss easier than Dan does here. You can use the Hookshot or Bow on the Eagle while he's higher above you. Also Arin's "this is called Eagle Tower, why is it not Eagle themed"... while failing to note that it the dungeon is called Eagle's Tower, with the possessive. It isn't eagle-themed, it is eagle-owned.

  • Reisen

    wow, Arin asking Dan to let him do it has just given me flashbacks for the first time since Jon left to when Arin and Jon would fight over the controller (and eventually make jokes about how ridiculous it was to "Let me do it")

  • イヤンックIyankku

    The only thing I want from the compilations is for someone to point out that it's EAGLE'S TOWER with a possessive apostrophe S

  • Minnesota the Ghost
    Minnesota the Ghost

    I believe (I don’t actually know) maybe the reason all these Nintendo characters are here is because its all a dream as we have figured out in previous videos.


    no ones gonna point out that arin was literally right next to the last pillar after aquiring bombs to blow it up then deliberately falls through a hole to go back to the start of the Dungun

  • potatomongrel

    Weak sauce Arin here!

  • Clinton McDuff
    Clinton McDuff

    Did Arin really take over this palythrough?

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens

    Is Dan allergic to the boomerang or do you think he actually forgot that he has it?

  • Goose &Fish
    Goose &Fish

    You hear this, game devs? You really gotta go overboard with themes or you'll get this guy named Arin reeeaal riled up. ;p

  • Frozen Eevee
    Frozen Eevee

    He had a much easier time with that dungeon than I thought he would, great job to both of them!

  • Judd71

    Danny really doesnt use his map enough especially in this dungeon

  • Bluesgamer

    Look, everyone, let's just say that Arin never said "Weak Sauce" alright?

  • shredderdude138

    arin "weaksauce" hanson

  • Novice Hammer
    Novice Hammer

    5:19 "not an eagle in sight!" *immediately multiple eagles*

  • Robtastic

    I got lost on the exact part Dan has gotten too. I took a long hiatus on the game and then came back and finally looked up a walk through for this. So I get it.

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan

    5:40 - That was horrible 18:36 - Still like that phrase

  • Mike

    16:20 Dan: "For some reason it feels like A should be on the bottom and I don't know why" Me: *looks at every non-nintendo controller*

  • Greatkhan6

    Why does "Of Goofs and Gaffs" actually sound like a book these two would write?

  • Dylan Down Under
    Dylan Down Under

    This episode, "walking Around and not being productive" game grumps.. "Guess we call it an episode and and not get anywhere and expect praise"... That not a productive episode Assholes

  • Dylan Down Under
    Dylan Down Under

    Thank you for waisting our time. Love me

  • HaydenBlackhawk

    So when is Hyrule Warriors?

  • Luna Enserric
    Luna Enserric

    Eagles eagerly exaggerate ending

  • Lonely Ocean
    Lonely Ocean

    Please play "Don't Blink" please? Not now of course but sometime in the near future? I think it'd be a hit on the channel but your gonna have to kill it in one go since there is only like 70 minutes of gameplay so maybe a stream? Idk what kind of limitations the BSBRT would put on that because I know you guys just started this series.

  • Reno Behnken
    Reno Behnken

    Yo, FIlm Cow reference! John McCain and His Vegetable Friends.

  • Lucas Lordani
    Lucas Lordani

    I will never understand why it's so hard for both of them to consider just fucking going right

  • Sunny Hunsta22
    Sunny Hunsta22

    The little turd animation when Danny was making the comment of defending it from the eagle was a nice touch

  • Dane Chabot
    Dane Chabot

    22:43 Dan went MLG

  • mandy

    Eagle's Tower was the dungeon that broke me as a kid when I played this on the Gameboy Color and I finally caved at looking at a guide. It's still one of my fave Zelda games (top 3 tbh) but watching GG play through this brought all my loathing back from the past lol. Well done.

  • Geo Beast
    Geo Beast

    It’s time to get schvitzy up in here

  • Seraph DJ
    Seraph DJ

    Just give the controller to Dan >

  • Gary Curnow II
    Gary Curnow II

    They used the boomerang on the Anti-Fairy one time, and then they just put the boomerang away, never to see the light of day again.

  • Ray Lokison
    Ray Lokison

    I hate to say it because I love them both but as much as I was looking forward to thus playthrough I find myself constantly thinking, "Coukd just shut up for one minute, Arin and let Danny enjoy the game?!"

  • Hunter Hadlock
    Hunter Hadlock

    the least goofy story of all time lol

  • Osmotar ᛉ
    Osmotar ᛉ


  • RomulanMercy


  • Microsuperman 33
    Microsuperman 33

    Just go to 30:02. It’ll be worth your while. Epic fail Dan 😂😂

  • Gp McIvor
    Gp McIvor

    Aaaaa, yes! I too recall various tales were people have encounter unsuspecting ambushes of the goofs ‘n’ gaffs

  • Thilo Kobs
    Thilo Kobs

    03:06 Jokes on you Arin! I always come from the bottom!

  • Jacob Nestingen
    Jacob Nestingen

    Arin: there are no eagles in the Eagles. This is bullshit

  • Crim 5009
    Crim 5009

    I’m going to break into Dan’s house to remind him to use the boomerang

  • Orlando james
    Orlando james

    I swear, Arins voice sounds like Toby Determined from Gravity Falls. The “news” reporter. 24:02

  • Rooster Jangles
    Rooster Jangles


  • DayandNight Radio
    DayandNight Radio

    Dan is lord English???!!;!

  • Gage is Me333
    Gage is Me333


  • Hunter

    "ThaTs LiKe tHrEe OctAveS!!!!" Arin, work on your ear training. That was an octave jump. smh.

  • Johnny Norris, Jr.
    Johnny Norris, Jr.

    29:52 "Good, then I don't feel bad about killing you" SkullGuy: YOU'VE KILLED ME Arin: "Good!" :)

  • Noah Tindell
    Noah Tindell

    Oh my goodness, did Arin Hanson of all people say WEAK SAUCE?! Do I even know you anymore jk 🤣

  • Mariah Smith
    Mariah Smith

    Arin: i dont want anyone to hear my say weak sauce Grumps Editor: okay *leaves weaksauce clip in*

  • Snowkuu

    This dungeon gave me so much trouble when I played the game, so I don't blame you guys for struggling a bit

  • Professor Moh
    Professor Moh

    4:07 please don't remind me of "That hole is mine". Pure nightmare fuel

  • Bynn Rowell
    Bynn Rowell

    for someone who doesn't like videogames, Arin is way too eager to give Dan shit and being a salty little fucking baby just because he's not in control and Dan is having fun, gotta love Arin "doesn't like games" Hanson

  • Obnoxious

    8:08 Did...did Dan just make a Tiny Toons reference?! And I thought I couldn't like him any more than I already do. Silly silly me.

  • Hanna Booklover
    Hanna Booklover

    That song at the very end was a BOP, it should be on the next starbomb album

  • Cronus Metentis
    Cronus Metentis

    I hated the Eagle Tower when I was playing the original, I think it's better in this one and I still hate it

  • dude1313225

    Arin "weak sauce" Hanson

  • * JoyStaR
    * JoyStaR

    I hate that every time Dan says "Well, this is a pickle" my brain just goes "No Dan, this is a temple 😌"

  • B-WR3CKS

    Day 637 of asking who the editor is and why they aren't as personal as previous editors

  • BigBoyBlaster

    The fact that one of the hashtags is #SweatingToTheOldies immediately peaked my interest

  • Blake Tracy
    Blake Tracy

    Do we like the last time on game grumps? I don't know how I feel about it. It seems a little childish and I never felt that way about GG before. I'm 23 and it's the only "gaming" comedy channel I watch anymore. I love these guys it's never gotten old for me like the others. I don't know if they already did research on if it's a benefit or not or if the general viewership likes it. It's seems great for watching right when the episodes come out but anytime after that viewers will most likely be watching in series and have to watch a last time bit of goofs and gaffs that they just watched but with goofy noises and transitions. I can understand a last time on GG if it was about the gameplay however, and not just the funny bits. I think that could be funny as well if it was in an anime style/voice of how they progressed or knowing Arin, the occasional no progression. Just thinking out loud because discussion is good for the best content we can be provided. It's hard to run a business when you don't know what your fans like. Peace and love peace and love.

  • King Krelly
    King Krelly


  • TeZoKi

    One of my favorite between Grumps.

  • Narad39

    The Dan Playstyle is my favorite. He goes out of his way and sometime will sabotage himself all in the name of comedy. Its so wholesome. I love it so much.

  • winniethepiglet -
    winniethepiglet -

    Very cultured junji ito reference arin

  • NorthErrant

    11:35 sounds like the box grinding makes a slurp sound

  • BlackMage Felix
    BlackMage Felix

    I love when Danny actually plays games. But Arin is so annoying when he isn't playing.

  • annelora

    Arin taking over to help Dan is such a "dad helps his son to get through a difficult part of the level" moment and I just love it

  • Eddie De Jesus
    Eddie De Jesus

    Love Game Gramps… but man.. Arin is such a backseat gamer… leave Dan alone and let him play

  • maria


  • Sloppy Phart
    Sloppy Phart

    I'm not usually the type to say stuff like this, but this game specifically hurts: how are they SO fucking bad at this game? They fail to see obvious solutions and just sit around getting hurt instead of shielding or attacking or literally anything. They don't use the boomerang at all and I just don't understand how someone can be so terrible at videogames. It's like they're old men.

  • Dmitry 'Motorbreath' Vovnyah
    Dmitry 'Motorbreath' Vovnyah

    9:53 Dan walks out of the dungeon and resets the ball he was carrying all that time. Arin: Why did you leave anyway? Dan: Uh... Just to make a jape. I didn't mean to leave I just was walking in the sunlight to make a halarious jape... Whoops. Arin: That's what happens with goofs and gaffs, dude. Yeah, we all know the saying: "It's all goofs and gaffs until somebody loses a ball."

  • frank6loves6you6

    Damn dude "Plucky go down the hole." unlocked my childhood

  • Epic Potato
    Epic Potato

    I don't think there's anything wrong with saying "weak sauce"...

  • Dalen Saltzman
    Dalen Saltzman

    my favorite sussy bakas

  • João Paulo Hengstler
    João Paulo Hengstler

    Why are they putting ep numbers as hashtags and not in the title nowadays?

  • Ergonomics of Flatulence
    Ergonomics of Flatulence


  • Sam Portillo
    Sam Portillo

    Arin Hanson! You're a grown ass man! You can say weak sauce if YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE!!! Also I love you guys, keep up the great work!!! lol

  • seamonster4554

    Kirby lives in dreamland...

  • Kiflaam


  • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
    Socially Responsible Xenomorph

    "how many hits does he take? This takes forever!" they say, as it would take him like 32 hits to kill them and they are not even full health.

  • Sleepy

    Goofs and gaffs are but riffs and raffs

  • Tutzz

    When Dan was finally realizing what he should do, Arin picks up the controller... Fuck me.

  • Cameron Clendaniel
    Cameron Clendaniel

    The keyboard does only play one octave, not 3 like Arin said. Although the octave it played was definitely not playable on the keyboard shown

  • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
    Socially Responsible Xenomorph

    I have seen those lovely vegetable friends Arin!

  • BingoClamshell

    That end card song was smooth.

  • Pokerface

    28:20 Once again, the editing is on point!

    • Katie Grandgenett
      Katie Grandgenett

      I thought it was real ahaha

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    1:44 ..."weak sauce"... Arin Handsome