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  • Side Winder
    Side Winder

    Damn, what a disappointment of a game. B+ grade at best.

  • Jessica Swartz
    Jessica Swartz

    Drizzt: is arguably the most famous ranger in D&D lore Arin: "that dudes the paladin"

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey

    The coffin one isn't entirely accurate. You can totally purchase your coffin before you die. My paternal grandparents have their funerals paid for in advance, coffins selected, burial plot purchased and everything. It's a bit of a memento mori, but it's certainly a burden removed from those left behind.

  • Jaccob

    My favourite Zelda game, it's the only one so far that's managed to keep my intention and interest long enough for me to actually beat. I tend to get lost and need to look online for help, which I didn't need to do for this game, which meant a lot to me. I think the only other Zelda game I've beaten is Oracle of Ages, even though I own almost every game.

  • Breden

    Emil macko!

  • M99Production

    #GrumpClips 5:05 - 6:04 So damn funny! I've revisited this series so many times!

  • I_prefer_the_term_antihero .
    I_prefer_the_term_antihero .

    Arin how dare you insult your beautiful hair

  • Katrina Schmidt
    Katrina Schmidt

    you gotta finish uninvited

  • PastelOpal


  • TXF

    I like when they talk about fandoms and furries and shit. They always come up with ideas for characters you really don't ever see. Like, I'm not a furry, but now I kinda wanna make a CLAM themed character that has a lisp.

  • M1K3P

    Does anyone else think that they should play Bug Fables?

  • ctopher909

    I’d love to watch you guys play the whole game. Especially since Arin loves it so.

  • Nicholas Wilson
    Nicholas Wilson

    How about that arcadum dnd campaign tho? 'winky face'

  • Jedi Acevedo
    Jedi Acevedo

    Please come back and finish this one

  • Lonely Ocean
    Lonely Ocean

    Feeling goooood on my toilet.

  • S'wit

    This is exactly what I needed

  • Batabii

    jeez they sure get the same question a lot

  • Fox222able

    what I want but in arin voice: "WANT....MORE...!!!!"

  • JeuxJester

    16:35 Arin: "I can jump pretty far. I don't know what this guy's problem is :)" SO FUCKING JUMP WITH HIM!! AAAAAUUUGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phil Gallant
    Phil Gallant

    Dan is being extra silly in this. He must just be feeling that silly energy being in the room with Arin again finally.

  • MegaCortez69

    Yes please

  • Robert Dunlap
    Robert Dunlap

    Now if we can just get them to play a yakuza game! They would have so much fun with the craziness that is yakuza

  • Opossum Boi
    Opossum Boi

    Grubba only did 2 damage to me on my first playthrough, he kept using buffs and not much else

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack

    Stop dissing my favourite game

  • Kalevipoeg

    I've only played D&D literally one time for maybe 20 minutes so I don't really understand it very well, but I will tell you this about Final Fantasy XI, at least for a while, they were definitely one of the most overpowered job classes in the entire game for a long time, mainly just from dealing stupid high spike damage (as opposed to damage over time). Now they're kind of middle of the pack as damage dealers go, and are badly outclassed by things like Warrior, Samurai, Dark Knight, well geared monks probably...but there was a time when they were that OP class everyone was jumping on the bandwagon for.

  • Matthew Revell
    Matthew Revell

    24:47 YOU BLOODY NAILED IT ARIN (This comment is after they already finished it so I'm not spoiling it for them)

  • ReidHersh

    Please play more!!

  • x Miuna x
    x Miuna x

    Was the Monomono machine the thing they needed to get stuff? I saw something to their left in the store that looked like an actual vending machine but they never used it and got stuff still soo i wasn't sure 🤔

  • FurryMcMemes

    The algorithm keeps bringing me here, send help!

  • Neves7561

    Drizzt is voiced by Crispin Freeman... he literally sounds nothing like Mathew Mercer.

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    Mike Aruuuba 2021-06-22

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    #GrumpClips Mike Aruba

  • Tim Stafford-Walker
    Tim Stafford-Walker

    Does the free "post launch content" include functioning enemy AI?

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    4:57 #GrumpClips

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    2:30 Mike Aruba is strong 2021-06-22

  • Lillian Bjorklund
    Lillian Bjorklund

    Finish it!! I wanna see Arin collect every item😂

  • vincenzo1250

    Asian guys who are good at DDR. Hmmm, could it be Domics? Lol

  • Monksta

    I wish Arin and Dan would play some Run Escape 3

  • Anna Dorian
    Anna Dorian

    I’m going to completely admit That I had no idea FedEx logo has an arrow in it

  • Tennessee Warminster
    Tennessee Warminster

    This playthrough is hilarious! One of my all timr faves 😁💙

  • CJ

    Why is Dan's PC running at like 15fps?

  • Bowsah Babeh
    Bowsah Babeh

    "A country with no language of its own." You mean like America?

  • Mojophobia

    What's this doing in the Danganronpa playlist xD

  • nikolai waack
    nikolai waack

    This is officially Dungeons and Dragons? But white dragons don't talk... What?

  • Modusiticate

    33:50 "STOP PUTTIN YOUR BABIES IN ME DUDE" -frat boy who's mad cause his boyfriend wont pull out

  • Steven Eckhoff
    Steven Eckhoff

    “ if you watch us for the gameplay…” I listen to a podcast called “Stuff you should know” and they were doing an episode on age ratings for video games. They watched your night trap series to learn about the game and then called y’all the “Grumpy Gamers” . It made me happy.

  • Blaumagier

    "You're playing Drizzt" "you're the paladin type character" "I'm the ranger" ...Drizzt is perhaps the most famous ranger in all of Faerun

  • Some random Shmuck 1122
    Some random Shmuck 1122


  • CJ

    One of the worst D&D games to come out in years, sponsored, vapid compliments that they're literally required to give. This is one of the worst videos on the channel in awhile. Yikes.

  • Dachande Wuffsteiger
    Dachande Wuffsteiger


  • Drunken Meowth
    Drunken Meowth

    Morrowind, right on

  • Victoria

    this game is bad and dan should date women his own age

  • Some random Shmuck 1122
    Some random Shmuck 1122

    0:20 AYO?

  • I am Ben Shapiro ok simp
    I am Ben Shapiro ok simp

    I two cuties recently they have a thing called the Grumps donut it's delicious

  • HipnikDragomir

    1:46 isn't "Lephant" Jon's thing? Arin picked it up, huh

  • Bokoico

    YOU GOTTA DO MORE!!! if you want or whatever.

  • Alex Cloutier
    Alex Cloutier

    "Man every day SUCKS when there's an outbreak." Hah.

  • Fake Bobby Hill
    Fake Bobby Hill

    Ah, Jalaforña.

  • Jared Bridges
    Jared Bridges

    LJN Laughing Joking Numbnuts

  • Nafereus kortex
    Nafereus kortex

    I always forget Dans not 20

  • João Paulo Hengstler
    João Paulo Hengstler

    Can you imagine the stark contrast between Arin and Dan playing d&d? Arin would just complain about EVERY FUCKING THING and find a way to not have fun, while Dan would be like * happy noises *

  • Anubis Hades
    Anubis Hades

    Ooof, some of this didnt age so well XD

  • I'm Trying
    I'm Trying

    it literally says "skip" right on the fucking screen what the fuck

  • Xreyabsolution

    Here's to hoping the ending of It Takes Two is a little nicer than A Way Out.

  • Embre

    i think about this playthrough way more than i should

  • Simon Singh
    Simon Singh

    1:30 Soundtrack to the Game Grumps genocide run

  • Conechiwa7

    I Iove that Dan buys stupid shirts he thinks are funny, but a good enough boy to not wear them in public, lmao

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    This is amazing.

  • Blits Riderfield
    Blits Riderfield

    what if all the pre-fab campaigns wind up as dlc...i could relive my curse of strahd nightmares in real time

  • Nathan Sebastian
    Nathan Sebastian

    Its HFIL, the Home For Infinite Losers....

  • Random_User

    💯 fever dreams

  • Theresa Cherco
    Theresa Cherco

    Matt Mercer it is beautiful voice my Levi

  • Yandere Kun
    Yandere Kun

    I wish I was as easily amused as these two, laughing at fart and poop jokes every episode

  • Flakey

    Please more!! These types of games really fit game grumps well I feel

  • TheeSpongeman

    I love sponsored games that show off how broken they are. Game Grumps saving me money!

  • Dez Crow
    Dez Crow


  • Scathien

    It’s a shame that neither of them know the lore of these characters and the setting but I’m glad to see them having fun with the game.

  • Woodcock

    The "hAH!" at 9:53 sends me into the stratosphere every time.

  • AM - Allied Mastercomputer
    AM - Allied Mastercomputer

    As a Canadian, that lyric is quite infectious. Sung by o' Danny Sexbang, forget about it. 5/5