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  • Alex Landry
    Alex Landry

    22:54 Dan: "Was, uhh, Sonic in Kingdom Hearts? ...just because he became a Nintendo property at some point." So many things... So many things wrong... So many...

  • morgan

    all the glitch videos were just an elaborate ploy by sega to get arin to play a good 3d sonic game

  • SethTheSpy

    "Was Sonic in Kingdom Hearts?" "I thought Sonic was Nintendo property?" Dan, to knowledge, no Sega or Nintendo characters are in Kingdom Hearts, only Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

  • Joey Toscano
    Joey Toscano

    Life is an endless interlocking inclusion with ends only in misery- Woah! Chilli dogs!

  • Esa Kelkka
    Esa Kelkka

    Finland: Domino Norway: Quiklunch LOL

  • Michel van der Linden
    Michel van der Linden

    11:08 I cant be the only one who got serious Unreal Tournament vibes? Eternal Face?

  • Toxicoke

    everyone's talking about these wisp things, ok i have seen this game before but it was chuggaaconroy's let's play like 15 years ago or something. I've seen him pick up these powerup things, like people are saying there's one at 15:47, but i see no on-screen button prompts for how to use them. So how would the player remember to use them, or how would arin know to use them if there's no button prompt? Arin often ignores the button prompts, so we can fault him for that, but we can't fault him if there isn't a prompt to help him remember how to use the powerup.

  • Spinia

    "There's always shit i miss behind the ring" Oh excuse me, I wasn't aware you were TRYING to get anything

  • CouchPotatoCNPB

    *Very obvious satisfying spiral of rings to dash up to end the level* Arin: no

  • ThePickledAuthor

    When they return to the castle: "Oh, there's a treasure in here!" Me: "You'll never find it Dan. I'm missed your chance on that one."

  • BlackRaveBow

    Games probably not breaking Because Arin doesn't know how to boost.

  • OnePolishMoFo

    I was totally with Arin when he couldn't remember the boss he just beat. I was like "there was a boss fight?"

  • Dominic Stevens
    Dominic Stevens

    FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • renan rafael
    renan rafael

    Am i the only one who gera angry when arin doesnt use the wisps?

  • Spherical Cube
    Spherical Cube

    I can't believe Arin watched Pumping iron

  • Big Meat
    Big Meat

    How in the name of god do I power through watching this gameplay. It’s practically impossible.

  • David Ramczyk
    David Ramczyk

    Get the Shiny Stone from Moleville by trading the little Girl Mole Fireworks. You buy the Fireworks in Moleville too. Use the Shiny Stone to open the sealed Door in Monstro Town for a Secret area.

  • Gabe Nuxoll
    Gabe Nuxoll

    Arin not using wisp abilities drives me nuts

  • Leo Sanchez
    Leo Sanchez

    the skull guy riding the eagle IS in smash... he's a mii fighter though

  • Admiral Nova
    Admiral Nova

    I swear the instant flashbacks i had once that intro music played! I never beat this game as a kid but I remember jamming to that intro

  • Cheryl Johnson
    Cheryl Johnson

    hes talking aubout carder

  • Kat Kazuichi
    Kat Kazuichi

    Did you just level up the wrong thing for Toadstool?

  • CouchPotatoCNPB

    "This came out after Black Knight" "Oh, so we're talking like 2004?" Dan worries me sometimes

  • Tim Vermette
    Tim Vermette

    Dan: "Is Sonic in Kingdom Hearts?" Me: Do you, do you mean Smash Bros.?

  • bekss3

    28:59 Whenever Dan does this little laugh he's clearly so proud of how much he made Arin laugh

  • Vaughn Ordakowski
    Vaughn Ordakowski

    Leo wouldn't want to visit Asia because at the time this game takes place in, the Vietnam War was going as well as like 6 other wars all in Asia. Bad time for asia

  • Starfighter

    Arin jokes but he doesn't realize the sonic franchise is specifically made for special needs people.

  • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
    Socially Responsible Xenomorph

    For the glitchiest thing ever it seems to be running fine so far....

  • CouchPotatoCNPB

    "Is Sonic in Kingdom Hearts? He's a Nintendo property, right?" There's a lot to unpack here

  • dragonriderfye1

    Aaaah. The smell of PlayDoh. It INSTANTLY brings back memories of playing at my Grandmothers Kitchen table with my Cousins.

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C

    ….anyone gonna tell them Blinf Squirrel made the Bioshock The Collection Remaster?

  • yamahadrag69

    Arin: Hydrox is better than oreo! Also Arin: I've never had a hydrox cookie!

  • Martin Aguiluz
    Martin Aguiluz

    Wow. Arin has become a full 24/7 grump😂. If he doesn't rage, he gets bored.

  • Nick Castell
    Nick Castell

    When Dan mimicked Arins voice, it sounded like Cartman

  • StrawberryPancakes

    Arin: "Hydrox is the better cookie!!" Also Arin: "I've never had a Hydrox cookie."

  • Vaesive Plays
    Vaesive Plays

    Those Shyguys really "dwained" his nuggs.

  • Conker Juega
    Conker Juega

    why is sonic so small on the screen? its really annoying

  • Senor Corbuiser
    Senor Corbuiser

    I hope they make do more vlog streams but I loved watching this again.

  • Eucalypticaz

    Why was this video hidden for 2 days?

  • Spherical Cube
    Spherical Cube

    When Dan mentioned the meow thing I remembered when my roommate would just start mrowing repeatedly but at one point we would both just end up mrowing.

  • Rickimus

    I noticed that arin was having some muscle memory issues with sonic, because the left button is usually the boost, you guys can go to settings and change it if you really want to!

  • windflower

    idk, if you do "comedy" and it all hinges on having some absolute broken video game to bounce off of, maybe you should have a hard look at your comedy abilities...

  • Roz

    I wanna see them actually play rare replay theirs so much possible content for them

    • Roz

      Arin pls took at the bottom left and actually notice the wisp that’s their u ignore it and never use it u only used 3 wisps and u have unlocked 5

  • Scooter Campbell
    Scooter Campbell

    Sushi is not filling at all. I could eat hundreds of dollars of sushi and not be filled. It's tasty, but it's the worst choice if you are looking for satisfaction.

  • Tooties_clout._.862

    It's so sad that every time they do a good newer game they either drop the game series (danganronpa) or the game itself just to go continue playing Zelda or Mario over and over but i can't get mad because I love you guys

  • Brex from the Cretaceous
    Brex from the Cretaceous

    Is arin seriously upset at this game for not being buggy and rushed enough……… I’m starting to think he has issues.

  • Senku

    Dan when Arin plays: *looks up walkthrough* *talks about game* Arin when Dan plays: “ray and kylo ren made tf out” 👁👄👁

  • Glitchy Fox
    Glitchy Fox

    havent watched it yet but have they reached the point where they begin reading the fanfiction yet?

  • DragonBoy4194

    Arin got so close to shitting on Sonic over him constantly running off the edge

  • bossman 420
    bossman 420

    Why did y’all do your friends so wrong? Could’ve just laughed shit off but you had to be a little bitch about it all getting your friends doxed.

  • Örlogskapten

    Chili dog 🌭 obviously

  • Yuuta ITAI
    Yuuta ITAI

    This is a video I’ll always come back to every year, did it last year, definitely not forgetting about it next year

  • Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs
    Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs

    The fact that the tag of the episode says “doinker” gives me a good idea of what to expect from this episode even tho I haven’t even started yet. And I can’t wait

    • RosyKitteh

      I wonder what videos are also under that tag? 🤔

  • Steve Red
    Steve Red

    Love the music on planet wisp

  • Jackle Zone
    Jackle Zone

    so arin claims to like sonic, but this sonic game isn't pissing him off, and he is calling it boring. because its not buggy. so its almost as if, possibly, he doesn't actually like sonic games. he just likes being mad.

  • Mads Dahl
    Mads Dahl

    i hate the "Last time on gamegrumps" super annoying and pointless. I get you guys want people to watch the previous episodes for the funny parts but it feels like you are forcing some parts to be funny ruining the moments imo.

  • Jakdak The 5th
    Jakdak The 5th

    People getting mad at sponsored content, good god get over yourselves, basically all content creators are owned by someone

  • Jake Rieder
    Jake Rieder

    The best part of this is Arin's apparently intentional disregard of the color powers lmao

  • Clown bons
    Clown bons

    IM mAkInG A sEahhnehmhnhe

  • Cyberdemon Cyndi
    Cyberdemon Cyndi

    20:38 I think Arin is talking about outhouses!

  • slightlysweet3

    My hope is that nothing breaks, that way Arin has to admit the fact that he actually played a good Sonic game.

  • Steve Red
    Steve Red

    Arin talking about a cookie he has never had. And being mad about it is why I love this show

  • Argus

    Does arin not remember how horribly Boom glitched out sometimes

  • mc

    yknow, the truth of the matter is i used to have this game, and it scared the piss outta me as a kid. now i want to relive the experience but i cant find the game :(

  • jeremiah lemke
    jeremiah lemke

    in this episode arin rants about wanting terrible games over boring games, this rant sounds oddly like pain by three days grace

  • windflower

    15:17 It sounds like Sonic is yelling "EWWW!!!!!"