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  • lara c
    lara c

    I did not know this game exists

  • Cur Capsicum
    Cur Capsicum

    It's so funny when Dan gets worried that Arin is "wasting time" because the lovelies don't care and just want to see them paly the game. Little does Dan know we literally *do not care* what is happening on-screen, we just love hearing you two banter. The video part is just a bonus to give some context to what you guys are talking about.

  • Charlie Schreiber
    Charlie Schreiber


  • Skrub

    this thumbnail reminds me of the old ones, all they need is number of episode it is and they'll be goated

  • Legosi W
    Legosi W

    I cant wait for more cases of this. I want to see how absurd it gets.

  • Random Fox
    Random Fox

    Bowser Jr is Bowser's son but the other Koopalings are adopted children (6 sons & 1 daughter), there is also The Koopa Kids from the Mario Party Games that could be counted as adopted children but they are actually clones of Bowser...then Baby Bowser is just Bowser from the I missing any? lol

  • Pixel Wizard
    Pixel Wizard

    14:17 I like to repeat this.

  • Landon Letterman
    Landon Letterman

    Why they can figure out to get the hidden coin behind the plain brown nondescript blocks that Bowser Jr can break easily, yet don't know what to do with the big blue boxes *WITH BOWSER JR'S FACE PAINTED ON THEM,* is beyond me....

  • GameZedd

    Carly looks like an actress but I cannot for the life of me remembering the actresses name.

  • SoftwareTacoSpeedruns

    Guys I have come up with the best joke in human history that no one has ever made before behold the peek of comedy gay grumps, it`s funny because they`re gay.

  • Doggo Dom
    Doggo Dom

    7:00 I’ve never seen such intense fear and heard such loud screams of terror in all my days

  • DemiTrusdale3

    I just had a nightmare where someone broke Into my home and stole my things, and I was powerless to stop him. I wake up to find that the algorithm has autoplayed this video series while I was sleeping. This guys voice terrifying... how smooth and suggestion inducing it is...

  • Zachary Chick
    Zachary Chick

    "Air Jesus" ?? Is he sponsored by Nike?! loool

  • 044332B

    Dude. I've never seen anyone not pay attention to something this fuckin hard.

  • Partack


  • Magazine Kirby
    Magazine Kirby

    I love how chill this is

  • Delaney Buckelew
    Delaney Buckelew

    I would have loved this game as a child.

  • JamesCPotter13

    40:27....Dan texts MatPat. DAN TEXTS MATPAT!!!!

  • Benjamin Åberg
    Benjamin Åberg

    finally :D

  • Snug

    Damn, that was a really good episode! The boys are on their A-game

  • yeah, sven
    yeah, sven

    wow arin pls for the love of all that is holy get the bell if it shines obviously on the screen pls i will pay you 500.00 US dollars

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro

    Play poke min Unite

  • Zeffre Kobernuss
    Zeffre Kobernuss

    Some part of me needs to know how much this costs

  • ツ

    Can't believe this game is so hard to grasp for them, or that they're not noticing all the dumb cute stuff

  • MalignantSlurpee

    At 25:30 Dan accidentally screwed with Arin's movement and sent him careening way off course but Arin was too busy thinking about the Koopa Kids to complain or be annoyed haha

  • Valiant Warrior
    Valiant Warrior

    A fart in motion tends to stay in motion? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Alex Parmley
    Alex Parmley

    Obama: "mommy milky" *crowd goes wild* Me sitting in the crowd: "simply beautiful" *sheds a single tear and clapping slowly*

  • Harly Jones
    Harly Jones

    It's important to me, too, Arin

  • SelLillianna's Games
    SelLillianna's Games

    *1 second passes* "Hurry up!"

  • Mr Trufax
    Mr Trufax

    Whenever I see Game Grumps playing a game I love, I have a surge of happiness before I start watching and then agony when they actually play it because jesus they are awful at video games aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sam Portillo
    Sam Portillo

    2:10 Dan: "Face down, ass up" Arin: "Dude, his gooch looks weird!" *HOLY CRISS CROSSING COMEDY BATMAN!* lol those comments were like two smoking barrels they came out so quick!

  • IcyPenguin

    Nice game grumps on trending! I'm happy

  • Sam Portillo
    Sam Portillo

    "Oh yeah, remember that one game you guys were about ready to murder each other? Well, here's the expansion pack! Hope you enjoy, we know WE will!" -Yours Truely, The Lovelies

  • Electric Blaster
    Electric Blaster

    The "up dog" thing is why Dan got payback with the Great Spelling Fiasco of 2017.

  • Ghost Li
    Ghost Li

    the only episode i've ever watched with jon and he's just... insufferably annoying.

  • Goatman Brigance
    Goatman Brigance

    Man I can’t get any Grumpage around here

  • husky concert
    husky concert

    His neck is pancake

  • Harlequin Actor
    Harlequin Actor

    If you look closely you’ll see the pointer at the top right of the screen, and then you’ll never unsee it.

  • Katherine Pulliam
    Katherine Pulliam

    Just opening this playthrough for the first time and hearing the groans of despair, music to my ears because this run is fuuuucked XD

  • - sollarz
    - sollarz

    i'de love it if Mario said " a fuck a you son of gay Bowser".

  • Malcolm Britton
    Malcolm Britton

    The fact arin just walks away from the giant cat power up is painful to watch

  • Tepikatenroar

    Well that was infuriating

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora

    Heathcliff was 1973, Garfield was 1978, for the comics. Though the Garfield comics were also Called Jon from 1976 to 78. But yes, Arin was, in fact correct, which is kind of hilarious since Dan knew the song and he didn't even watch the show.

  • Natasha Lewis
    Natasha Lewis

    A million comments

  • Natasha Lewis
    Natasha Lewis

    A million comments

  • SnowconeGames

    Me when Dan didn't remember the villain's name from The Hunchback of Norte Dame: "Wow, I can't believe he forgot his name, that villain is so iconic!" Also me: Can't remember the villain's name.

  • SusanTheBea

    This has to be my favorite gg animated by far. Completely wholesome and masterfully done in all ways!! Fantastic job to everyone involved!!!

  • Cory Miller
    Cory Miller

    They should play the ps4 remake of this

  • Surayaa

    Very excited to see Dan play Bowser's Furry

  • Nico _
    Nico _

    This game was so fun to watch, I hope they make a chapter 2 one day

  • Jakori

    No joke i cant understand Nintendo and their addiction on adding shi**y "coop" mechanics

  • Mr. Unfinished
    Mr. Unfinished

    "oooooooooh, its a littlebitofafucke youuuuuuuuu"

  • Ninnu

    A million comments aaaaaa

  • Arctic Gorilla
    Arctic Gorilla

    It’s not a Game Grumps episode until Arin IM THE VIDEO GAME BOI Hanson ignores his surroundings, especially the VERY LARGE OBVIOUS Giga Bell.

  • Little Death
    Little Death

    Kelda legend of kink

  • Adam Block
    Adam Block

    The only series Dan gets more upset than Arin in

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora

    This little cat of mine, I'm gonna let it shine~

  • Sherwin

    I get that you might miss stuff when you're trying to be funny while recording but jesus

  • Declan Handley-Byrne
    Declan Handley-Byrne


  • DDConnor

    Ohhh thas aged well it did not

  • SmileySandvich

    Arin's complete leak of direction is infuriating.

  • Leah Goodall
    Leah Goodall

    please father, please spoon feed some the finale of grim legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

  • CouchPotatoCNPB

    "Oh man, Dan's gonna freak over the giant super saiyan cat...or Arin could ignore it completely, cool, cool Okay, 2nd chance, Dan is calling attention to the giant bell, suggesting we go to it...and gotta get those cat coins, cool, cool, super cool and fun."

  • Mr Same
    Mr Same

    Bowsers furry

  • Livvy Paget-Kent
    Livvy Paget-Kent

    Game grumps in the extremely slim chance u r seeing this GRAB THE GIANT CAT BELL!!!! xD

  • rom ram
    rom ram

    Also I always figured Hiro's crystal ball was made of lightweight material since he overpayed for something cheap, that and to be fair it's supposed to make it so their ultimate talents have a play in hiw they murder. I honestly always thought the blackened were dumb that way since you give it away pretty much but it makes sense in context with the game

  • Kannon

    Contribution to a million comments.

  • snipelfritz

    I love these games so much

  • Mystogan McVoyage
    Mystogan McVoyage

    Plz play legends of equestria its the funniest shit ive ever played 😂 its a pc game

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    4:50 I don’t want any part with bsb again. Backstreet Boys reference #GrumpClips

  • Daniel Loves Art
    Daniel Loves Art

    Jesus Christ Arin, pick up the giant bell when Bowser is roaming/when the bell is clearly active and ringing!! XD

  • Hiroshu

    Dan is being very generous with that, “we”

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    1:50 a let’s pump video #GrumpClips

  • EdinMike

    I actually preferred watching Heathcliff, but it reminds me of how old I am…

  • Jordan G.
    Jordan G.

    I love how everything has cat ears, even the seagulls.

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza

    0:05 isn’t that what Grumps is all about 1:50 let’s pump 2021-07-24

  • Tamayo_the_Saiyan _
    Tamayo_the_Saiyan _

    This is better than the og to me just makes me feel more

  • Lochrine -8
    Lochrine -8

    *”THE ONLY WAY TO SALVATION!-…”* ….. and? 😂

  • rom ram
    rom ram

    I think arin forgets that this is basically like a jury meeting to decide their verdict, you have to convince everyone who doesn't feel right about sacrificing a friend and getting it wrong, but also the idea of sacrificing people probably isn't a good feeling either. That's why they repeat alot about stuff that seems insignificant, it also doesn't help they figured out about the 11037 secret at the beginning so arin basically is rushing through due to knowing who is the criminal without knowing the how and why